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Families covered: Rogers of Bryanstone, Rogers of Dowdeswell, Rogers of Haresfield, Rogers of Sandwell

Aaron FitzRoger in Rome
1. Aaron FitzRoger in London
  A. Aaron FitzRoger in London (b c1265, d c1330)
  i. John FitzRoger of Bryanstone, Dorset - continued below
  m. Elizabeth de Ferneux (dau of Sir Symon de Ferneux or Furneaux)



John FitzRoger of Bryanstone, Dorset - continued above
m. Elizabeth de Ferneux (dau of Sir Symon de Ferneux or Furneaux)
1. Sir John FitzRoger of Bryanstone (d 04.10.1441) the first mentioned by Visitation (Gloucestershire)
  m. Agnes
  A. John Rogers of Bryanstone (b c1411, d 08.1450)
  m. Anne Echingham (d 07.05.1498, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Echingham of Echingham, m2. John Tuchet, Lord Audley)
  i. Sir Henry Rogers of Bryanstone (b 01.03.1448, d before 02.1506/7)
m. Amy/Anne Stourton (dau of William Stourton, Lord)
  a. Sir John Rogers of Bryanstone (d before 25.05.1547)
  m1. Elizabeth Courtenay (d 01.10.1518, dau of Sir William Courtenay)
  (1) Sir John Rogers of Bryanstone (d 02.07.1565, Steward of Blandford)
  m. Katherine Weston (d before 04.11.1581, dau of Sir Richard Weston (Under-Treasurer of England) by Anne, dau of Oliver Sands of Cumberland)
(A) Sir Richard Rogers of Bryanstone (b c1527, d 02.03.1604/5)
  m. (c1512) Cecilia (not Margaret) Luttrell (b c1523, d 10.03.1566, dau of Sir Andrew Luttrell of Dunster Castle by Margaret Wyndham)
  (i) Andrew Rogers of Bryanstone (dvpsp 01.12.1602)
  m1. Elizabeth Poynings (b 05.03.1557, dsp 26.02.1574, dau/coheir of Sir Adrian Poynings)
  m2. Mary Seymour (dau of Edward, Duke of Somerset, m2. Sir Henry Peyton)
  (ii) Sir John Rogers of Bryanstone (b c1565, d 22.12.1613)
  m1. Joan Browne (bur 20.11.1605, dau of Sir John Browne of Frampton)
  (a) Edward Rogers of Bryanstone (bpt 12.11.1605, dsp 16.01.1623/4, 3rd son)
m. Howard Strangways (dau of Sir John Strangways of Melbury)
  (b)+ other issue - Hugh (bpt 28.09.1601, bur 30.01.1602), John (bpt 06.11.163, bur 12.11.1605)
  m2. (07.04.1609) Margaret Hopton (dau of Sir Arthur Hopton of Witham)
  (d) John Rogers (bpt 30.01.1609/10, bur 04.12.1610)
  (e) Richard Rogers of Bryanstone (b 05.08.1611, d before 23.09.1645)
  m1. Elizabeth Lewin (b c1616, dau of Sir Justinian Lewin of Ottringden)
  m2. Anne Cheeke (a 1652, dau of Sir Thomas Cheeke of Pirgo, m2. Robert, Lord Rich)
((1)) Elizabeth Rogers (b c1643, d 21.04.1661)
  m1. Charles Cavendish, 'Viscount Mansfield' (dvpsp 06.1659, son of Duke of Newcastle)
  m2. Charles Stuart, 6th Duke of Lennox, Earl of Litchfield (b 07.03.1639, dsps 12.12.1672)
  ((2)) Rogersa Rogers (b posthumous, d 09.1661)
  m. (sp) Sir Henry Belasyse (dvp 1667/8)
  (iii) Richard Rogers of Nutford (Dorset) then Blandford (a 1623)
  m. Frances St. Aubyn (a 1613, dau of Francis St. Aubyn of Alfoxton)
  (a)+ issue - John (b 1607, a 1643), Joan (a 1623)
  (iv) Honora Rogers
  m. (1585) Edward Seymour, Lord Beauchamp (b 21.09.1561, dvp bur 21.07.1612, son/heir of Edward, Earl of Hertford)
  (v) Elizabeth Rogers (dsp)
m. John Robinson of Ryther
  (vi)+ other issue - Eleanor (d unm), Margaret (dsp), daughter (dvm)
  m2. Mary West (dau of Sir Owen West of Harwell (son of Thomas, Lord Delawarre), widow of Sir Adrian Poynings)
  (ix) Thomas Rogers (a 1604)
  (B) Margaret Rogers
  m. William Chaldecott of Quarlston
  (C) Frances Rogers
m. Mathew Ewens of North Cadbury (dsp 23.05.1598, Baron of the Exchequer)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas, George (a 1613), Andrew (a 1580), Nicholas (a 1580), Matthew (d before 1613, had issue), Henry (a 1613), William, Francis, Strangways, 6 other sons, 2 other daus
  (2) Robert Rogers 'of Poole' (d 1555) possibly fits here
Robert is not mentioned by any of our sources for this family but he is identified by BLG1952 ('Webb formerly of Odstock') as son of Sir John of Stockbridge & Houghton and so, as (North) Houghton was a minor holding of Sir John of Bryanstone, was possibly of this family (and, if so, was probably of this generation & marriage). Thanks to a contributor (RS, 28.04.15) for advising us that Robert's family was as follows.
  m. Elizabeth Webbe (dau of William Webbe of Odstock, m2. Giles Estcourt of Salisbury)
  (A) Elizabeth Rogers (bpt 16.11.1549, d 24.12.1612)
  m. Thomas Eyre, Mayor of Salisbury
  (B)+ other issue - John (b 1547-8, dsp c1601), Robert, William, Dorothy, Amy, Jone
  (3) Jane/Joan Rogers
  m. (c1525) Richard la Zouche, 9th Lord of Haryngworth (b 1510, d 22.07.1552)
  (4) Margaret Rogers
  m. Sir Thomas Essex
  (5) Joan/Jane Rogers
  m. Sir William Gifford of Hampshire
  (6)+ other issue - William (dsp), James (a 1535), Anthony
  m2. Mary Finch (dsp, dau of Sir William Finch of the Mote, widow of _ Whitney)
  m3. Dorothy Field (dau/heir of Sir John Field of Standon)
  b. Richard Rogers of Dowdeswell, Gloucestershire (d by 1539, younger son)
  m. Joan Mauncell of Gloucesershire (a 1539)
  (1) William Rogers of Dowdeswell (d 21.10.1558) - continued below
  m. (before 1539) Eleanor Taynton of Worcstershire
  c.+ other issue - James (a 1511, rector of Bryanstone), Thomas (a 1506)



William Rogers of Dowdeswell (d 21.10.1558) - continued above
BLG1952 starts with William "whose will was proved in 1558", identifying him as son of an unnamed Rogers of Dowdeswell by his wife, Joan, having reported that "Owing to the loss or destruction of records, the early part of the pedigree can be traced only with difficulty." BLG1952 reports that William "was probably father of' Richard and then follows Richard's line. The above connection is given by MGH, supported by Visitation (Gloucestershire).
m. (before 1539) Eleanor Taynton of Worcstershire
1. William Rogers of Dowdeswell (b c1534, d 01.09.1593)
  m1. Anne Compton (bur 13.02.1587, dau of Walter Compton of Gloucestershire)
  A. Dorothy Rogers
  m. (19.10.1579) John Higford of Dickston (d 1612)
  m2. (09.09.1591) Katherine Hobby (d 21.06.1593, dau of William Hobby of Hales Abbey)
  B. William Rogers of Dowdeswell (bpt 28.05.1593, d 10.11.1640)
m. (by 1617) Philippa Savage (bur 27.11.1644, dau of Walter Savage of Bradway)
  i. Donne or Don Rogers of Dowdeswell (b 09.08.1623, d unm by 02.1644/5)
  ii. William Rogers of Dowdeswell (bpt 02.09.1627, d 31.08.1678)
  m. (before 1655) Margaret Hawley (bur 11.05.1678)
  a. William Rogers of Dowdeswell (b 21.02.1662, d 09.04.1734)
  VCH reports that William sold what remained of the Dowdeswell estate to "his kinsman and creditor William Rogers" whom we show here.
(1) Margaret Rogers (bur 27.01.1787)
  m. (09.01.1730) William Pace of Paynswick
  b. Philippa Rogers (bpt 28.12.1652, bur 11.04.1733)
  m. John Applegarth of Dowdeswell
  c.+ other issue - Margaret (b 15.03.1651, bur 12.03.1715), Elizabeth (bpt 20.09.1654, bur 09.09.1659), Eleanor (bpt 23.02.1655), Anne (bpt 13.01.1657, bur 16.10.1659), Elizabeth (bpt 07.08.1660, bur 25.03.1664), Elizabeth (bpt 29.12.1664, bur 17.09.1686)
  iii. Philippa Rogers
  m. (20.10.1649) George Hawkins
  iv.+ other issue - John (bpt 15.03.1628), Francis (bpt 2010.1630, bur 14.12.1630), Elizabeth (b 12.03.1613), Mary (bpt 01.04.1619), Frances (bpt 28.04.1632)
2. Richard Rogers of Dowdeswell (d 05.05.1609)
  m. Alice Fulton (bur 28.09.1614)
  A. William Rogers of Dowdeswell (b c1565, bur 02.06.1649)
  m. Ellen Pulton (bur 02.02.1648/9, dau of James Pulton of Hartpury & Eldersfield)
  B. Anthony Rogers (bpt 09.09.1576, bur 30.03.1601)
  C. John Rogers of Hasleton, Gloucestershire (b c1582, d 15.03.1639)
  m. (21.10.1612) Sibilla Pulton (b 1582-3, d 20.04.1643, dau of Richard Pulton of Hartpury & Eldersfield)
  i. John Rogers of Haresfield, Gloucestershire (b c1617, d 07.01.1670)
  m. Anne Surman (b c1621, d 16.10.1668, dau of Thomas Surman or Sermon of Tredington)
  a. John Rogers of Haresfield (b c1640, d 1698)
  m. (08.06.1671) Mary Pauncefott (d 1697, dau of Poole Pauncefott of Newent)
  (1)+ issue (d young) - John (b 09.08.1672, d 19.08.1683), Richard, William, Eleanor
  b. William Rogers of Compton Abdale (b 1647-8, d 16.08.1673)
  m. Joan Hodges (dau of Christopher Hodges of Gloucestershire)
  (1) John Rogers (bur 04.08.1675)
  c. Anne Rogers (b 1651-2, d 05.05.1724)
  m. Richard Pulton of Hartpury (b c1644, d 17.07.1701)
  d.+ other issue - Richard (d 07.05.1672), Elizabeth (b c1643, d unm 20.03.1669), Eleanor (a 1683)
  ii. Anne Rogers
  m1. (sp?) John Lord of Haselton
  m2. William Stewart of Birch Norton
  iii. Alice Rogers (d 24.05.1688)
  m. John Murray of Swindon (d 11.05.1650)
  iv. Mary Rogers (bur 04.07.1717)
  m. Robert Lawrence of Sevenhampton (bpt 17.09.1628, bur 19.06.1700)
  v.+ other issue (d unm) - Richard (d young), William of Haselton (d 20.04.1651), Sibell
  D. Robert Rogers of Painswick, Gloucestershire had issue
  E. Dorothy Rogers (bpt 29.11.1579, d 06.05.1654)
  m. (29.11.1604) Richard Pulton of Hartbury
  F. Elizabeth Rogers (bpt 16.03.1581)
  m. (09.01.1603) RIchard Pope of the Lye
. Robert Rogers of Sandwell, Gloucestershire (bur 09.01.1627/8) named John by Visitation
  m. (18.05.1591) Blanche Fletcher (dau of Robert Fletcher of Lancashire) father named Roger by Visitation
  A. William Rogers of Sandwell (bpt 27.11.1597, d 11.01.1663)
  m. (19.01.1631) Elizabeth Lawrence (bur 22.07.1670, dau of Anthony Lawrence of Painswick & Sevenhampton)
  i. Elizabeth Rogers
  m1. Sir Walter Raleigh of Sandiwell (bpt 01.11.1593, bur 15.08.1660)
  m2. Paul Dodwell of Sevenhamptoni (b c1627, d 22.02.1690)
  B. Dorothy Rogers (bpt 21.05.1592, a 1627)
  m. (20.02.1613) Henry Machen of Crickley (a 1627)
  C.+ other issue - Robert (bpt 15.03.1600, a 1627), Richard (bpt 29.12.1605, a 1627), Thomas (bpt 08.09.1611, a 1627), Elizabeth (bpt 14.02.1594, bur 31.03.1595)
3. Alice Rogers
  m. (09.02.1578) Walter Sharpe

Main source(s):
(1) For the upper section (uploaded 30.04.15) : the RogersDNA web site shown here
(2) For the middle section (uploaded 10.05.13, based on a section first shown on a Temporary page on 18.03.07, reviewed 29.04.15) : The Barons of Dudley' by H. Sydney Grazebrook (within 'Collections for a History of Staffordshire' by the William Salt Archaelogical Society, 1888, vol ix, pt2) with some support/input from Visitation (Dorset, 1623, Rogers) and cross-references from elsewhere in the database with major support later added from MGH (vol 1, 1868, 'Rogers Genealogy', p258+) and partial support from Visitation (Gloucestershire, 1623, Rogers)
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