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Families covered: Strangewayes (Strangways) of Melbury (Milbury Sampford), Strangways of Ormesby (Ormsby), Strangways of South House, Strangwayes of Sneaton, Robinson of Welburn
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James Strangwayes of (Southhouse & Pickering and) Ormesby (d 01.1547-8)
m. Agnes Danby (dau/coheir of Ralph Danby of Yafforth (Yafford))
1. Sir Richard Strangwayes of Ormesby & Sneaton (d c1558)
  m1. Jane Metham (dau of Sir Thomas Metham of Metham)
  A. James Strangwayes of Ormesby (Ormsby) & Sneaton (a 1584)
  m. Margaret Cholmeley (dau of Sir Richard Cholmeley of Whitby)
  i. Jane Strangwayes (dsp(s))
  m. Ralph Crathorne (Crathorn of Crathorn)
  B. Elizabeth Strangwayes
  m1. _ Tristram
  i. Dorothy Tristram
  m. Christopher Fulthorpe of Ryall Hill (Royal Hill)
m2. James Bradshaw of Gisburne, Cleveland
  ii. Strangwayes Bradshaw of Upsal, Cleveland (a 1612)
  m. Elizabeth Pennyman (dau of James Pennyman of Ormesby)
  a.+ issue (a 1612) - James (b c1601), John, Thomas, Henry, Mary, Elizabeth, Muriel
  iii. Jane Bradshaw
  m. Ralph Johnson of Long Preston
  iv.+ other issue - Roger, John
  m2. Isabel Thwaites (dau of ?? Thwaites of Lound)
  C. William Strangwayes of Middlesburgh (dsp)
  m. Mary Tocketts (dau of Roger Tocketts of Tocketts)
  D. Edward Strangwayes of Middlesbrough, Yorkshire named Richard by Ord
  m. Phillis (Phelice) Ratcliffe (dau of William Ratcliffe of Lancashire)
  E. Henry Strangways of South House in Whitby Strand, Yorkshire (d c1615)
m. _ Millet of the Bishoprick of Durham
  i. James Strangways of South House (d c1647)
  The above is supported by FMG (vol 2, MS261, 'Strangways', p631).
  m. Alice Key of Oldstede
  a. Thomas Strangways of South House, Pickering (b 1619-20, bur 10.1669)
  m. (1654) Jane Robinson (dau of Luke Robinson of Thorneton Risebrough)
  The following is supported by FMG (vol 2, MS260, 'Robinson-Strangways', p628+) & MGH (NS1, vol 1 (1874), 'The Strangways Pedigree from Glover and Dugdale', p132+).
(1) Thomas Strangways of Pickering (b 19.01.1656, d 10.1702)
  m1. Penelope Etherington (dau of Richard Etherington of Rillington (recorder of York))
  (A) Thomas Strangways, later Robinson of Pickering (b 12.1677, 3rd son?)
m. Elizabeth Gibson (b c1688, d 1751, dau of James Gibson of Welburn (Town Clerk of London))
  (i) Thomas Strangways Robinson of Welburn
  m. Dorothy Bowes (dau of George Bowes of York (son of George of Bootham))
  (a) George Robinson of Welburn (d unm 1777, 3rd son?)
  (b) John Robinson of Welburn (youngest son?)
  (c) Elizabeth Robinson
  m. Digby Cayley (b c1745, d 14.01.1798, rector of Thormanby)
  (d)+ other issue - Thomas (b c1742, dsp 10.1762), James (b 1746-7, d 02.1763), Luke (b 21.03.1750, rector of Kirkby Misperton), Frances (d young), Dorothy (d young), Delia (d young)
  (ii) Elizabeth Strangways or Robinson
  m. John Bell of Scarborough
  (iii) Penelope Strangways or Robinson
  (iv) Judith Strangways or Robinson
  m. William Horncastle of Malton (apothecary)
  (B)+ other issue (d young) - John, Charles, James
m2. Clara Dickenson of Filingdale (widow of _ Hayes of York)
  (E) Elizabeth Strangways
  m1. Anthony Hunter of Picerking (d c12.1705)
  m2. John Adams of Cambleforth
  (2) Jane Strangways (b c1656)
  m. Thomas Potter of Leeds
  (3) Elizabeth Strangways (b c1661, d 29.01.1729-30)
  m. (27.07.1699) Boynton Boynton of Rawcliffe
  (4)+ other issue - James (b 18.11.1660, d 1680-1), Frances (b 03.1667, d yoiung)
  b. Henry Strangways of Sneton, Yorkshire
  m. Margaret Mitford (dau of William Mitford of Kirby Misterton)
  c. James Strangways
  d. Dorothy Strangways
  m. John Moxon of Hull
  e. Isabella Strangways
  m1. James Cosens of Whitby
  m2. Francis Knags of Whtby
  m3. Henry Lisle of Whitby
f. Alice Strangways
  m. William Smith of Swynton
  ii. Margery Strangways
  m. Richard or Robert Jones of Ampleforth
  iii. Thomasine Strangways
  m. Robert Hudson of Whitby Parish
  F. Margaret Strangwayes
  m. William Rabank or Rabankes or Robanks
  G. Ursula Strangwayes
2. Alice Strangwayes
  m1. Christopher Conyers
  m2. Robert Wilberfoss
  m3. Hugh Creyke (Crake)
3. Margaret Strangwayes
  m. William or Philip Bainbridge of Whitley-on-the-Hill (Wheatley Hill)
4.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Jane, Isabel



Sir Giles Strangeways of Melbury
m. Jane Mordaunt (dau of Sir John Mordaunt)
1. Henry Strangeways of Melbury
  m. Margaret Manners (dau of Sir George Manners, Lord Roos)
  A. Sir Giles Strangeways of Melbury
  m. Johanna Wadham (dau of John Wadham, sister of Nicholas of Merefeild)
  i. John Strangeways of Melbury
  m. Dorothy Thynne (dau of Sir John Thynne of Longleate)
a. Giles Strangeways (dsp)
  m. Frances Newton (dau of Henry Newton of Barr's Court)
  b. Sir John Strangways of Melbury or Milbury Sampford (b c1584, d 30.12.1666, MP, 3rd son)
  m1. Grace Trenchard (dau of Sir Thomas or George Trenchard of Woolveton)
  (1) Giles Strangways of Milbury Sampford (d before 02.11.1675, 2nd son)
  m. Susan Edwards (dau of Thomas Edwards of London)
  (A) John Strangways of Milbury Sandford (d 1676)
m. Anne Capel (dau of Arthur Capel, Lord Capel)
  (B) Wadham Strangways of Milbury Sandford (d 15.06.1685)
  m. Elizabeth Radford (d 14.09.1683, dau of Arthur Radford of Dewlish)
  (C) Thomas Strangways of Milbury Sandford (b c1633, d 21.12.1713)
  m. (19.01.1674) Susan Ridout (b c1661, d 19.08.1718, dau of John Ridout of Bistol)
(i) Susannah Strangways (d 11.02.1758)
  m. Thomas Horner, later Strangways-Horner of Mells
  (ii) Elizabeth Strangways (dsp 03.11.1729)
  m. (1727) James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Hamilton, 2nd Duke of Brandon (b 1702-3, d 1742-3)
  (iii)+ other issue - Giles (b 25.10.1677, d 01.06.1698), Thomas (b c1682, d 23.09.1726), John (b c1687, d 05.05.1716), Wadham (b 25.01.1691/2, d 25.06.1694), Henry (b 05.05.1697, d 27.06.1706), Susan (b 15.02.1675/6, d 05.11.1678), Anne (d infant)
(D) Grace Strangways
  m. Francis Dyves
  (E) Judith Strangways
  m. George Ayliffe of Grittenham
  (F) Susan Strangways
  m. James Long of Draycott
  (G)+ other issue (d infant) - Giles, Rowland
  (2) Howarda Strangways
  m1. Edward Rogers of Bryanston
m2. (14.08.1624) Sir Lewis Dives of Bromham
  (3)+ other issue (d unm) - Wadham (d infant), James (b c1616), Jane (b c1611), Elizabeth (b c1613)
  m2. (08.06.1653, sp) Judith Throckmorton (dau of Francis Throckmorton of Wootton Wawen, widow of Thomas Edwards of London & Wadhurst)
  c. Nicholas Strangways of Abbotsbury
  m. Anne Trenchard (dau of Sir George Trenchard of Woolverton)
  (1) George Strangways of Melcombe Regis (b c1617, d before 06.10.1695)
  m. Elizabeth Chaffin (dau of Thomas Chaffin of Chettell)
  (2)+ other issue - John (b c1619), Nicholas (b c1620, a 1676), Grace (b c1614), Elizabeth (b c1618)
  d. Dorothy Strangeways
  m. John Manning of Collumpton and/or Hackland
  (1) Joan Manninge apparently of this generation
  m. John Huysh of Doniford (b c1592, d 02.11.1626/7)
  e. Grace Strangeways (d before 08.05.1634)
  m. Edmund Chamberlayne of Mangersbury (d 1634)
  f. Anne Strangeways
  m. George Norton of Abbot's Leigh
  g.+ other issue - Henry (dsp), Thomas (dsp)
  ii. Nicholas Strangeways (dsp)
  m. Elizabeth Berkely
  iii. George Strangeways (dsp)
m. _ Sidenham (dau of _ Sidenham of Wanford)
  iv. Anna Strangeways
  m. _ Bridgman
  a. Judith Bridgman
  m. Edward Bliss
  v. Elizabeth Strangeways
  m. Jo. Buller of Lillesdon
  B. Elizabeth Strangeways probably of this family, of this generation
  m. William Wright of Winchester
Mentioned in Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Strangeways) were ...
2. Elsabeth Strangeways
3. Elenor Strangeways
  m1. Thomas Trenchard (son of Sir Thomas)
  m2. Thomas Carew (son of John of Anthony)
Identified by various sources as a natural son of Sir Giles was ...
4. Thomas Symondes of Woodford Castle (d before 17.05.1566)
  m. Alice Bond (a 1566, dau of John Bond of Fleet)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Strangeways), Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1574/5+1612, Strangwayes of Ormesby) with some input from Visitation (Dugdale, Yorkshire, 1665, Strangways of South House) and a little support from VCH (Yorkshire, North Riding, Volume 2, Parishes - Ormesby), 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Ord, 1846, 'Pedigree of Conyers and Strangwayes of Ormesby', p555)
(2) For lower section : Visitation (Dorsetshire, 1623+1677 as amended, Strangways)
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