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Families covered: Webb of Canford, Webb of Hatherop, Webb(e) of New Sarum, Webb of Motcombe, Webb of Odstock, Webb of Pain's Place

(1) BLG1894 reports that "This family is paternally descended from the ancient family of Caillow or Killohie, which is said to be of Celtic origin. ... The earliest known member of the family was John Webbe, a wealthy merchant in Wiltshire, b. about 1400."
(2) For several years we left the top section (and the descendants of William's son John) on a Draft page as we were not convinced that the William who is the first mentioned by BLG1952 was the same person as the William shown just below as son of John & Johan. A review of the position in 2015, when the other marriages of William's wife Joan were confirmed, has given us confidence that they were probably the same person although we remain suspicious of some of the dates shown in the upper section.
Sir Henry Webb (b 15.05.1350)
1. Geofrey Webb (b 12.04.1372)
  m. (before 1404) Julian
  A. John Webb (b 05.06.1405)
  m. (before 1424) Johan
  i. William Webb (b 16.03.1424, d 13.07.1523) - continued below
  m. 'Joan Stone'
  B. Alice Webb
2. Alice Webb



William Webbe alias Killikoe or Kellowe, Mayor of New Sarum (a 1488, d 1523, Constable of New Sarum) - continued above
m1. Joan (widow of (Thomas) Stone)
1. William Webbe alias Killihoe of Odstock, Mayor of New Sarum (d 1553) the first mentioned by Visitation
  m. Catherine Abarrow (dau/heir of John Abarrow, Mayor of New Sarum)
A. John Webbe of Odstock Manor, Mayor of New Sarum (d 04.02.1570/1)
  m1. _ Towerson (dau of William Towerson of London)
  i. John Webb (dsp)
  m2. Anne Wilford of New Sarum (dau of Nicholas Wilford of New Sarum, m2. Gabriel son of Sir Thomas White of Swanborne)
ii. Sir John Webb of Odstock & Canford (Dorset) (b 1556, d 05.1625)
  m1. Editha Faulconer (dau/coheir of William Faulconer of Laverstoke by Jane, dau of Henry Uvedale of Morecritchill)
  m2. Catherine Tresham (dau of Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton by Muriel Throgmorton)
  a. Sir John Webb, 1st Bart of Odstock & Canford (d 1680, General)
  m. Mary Carrell (dau of Sir John Carrell of Hartling by Mary Dormer)
(1) Sir John Webb, 2nd Bart of Odstock & Canford (d 29.10.1700)
  m(2). Mary Blomer (dau of John Blomer of Hatherop Castle by Frances Browne)
  (A) Sir John Webb, 3rd Bart of Odstock, Canford & Hatherop (d 10.1745)
  m1. (by 1700) Barbara Belasyse (d 28.03.1740, dau of John (not Henry) Belasyse, 1st Lord of Worlaby, by Anne Paulet)
  (i) John Webb (b c1700, dvp 09.03.1744/5)
  m1. Mabella Tichborne (d 09.1727, dau of Sir Henry Joseph Tichborne, 4th Bart)
  (a) Mary Webb
(b) Barbara Mabella Webb (d 1770)
  m. (09.1747) Sir Edward Hales, 5th Bart of Woodchurch (d 08.1802)
  m2. Anne Roper (dsp, dau of 8th Baron Teynham)
  (ii) Sir Thomas Webb, 4th Bart of Odstock, Canford & Hatherop (b 1703, d 29.06.1763)
  m. (04.1732 or c1738) Anne Gibson (d 07.10.1777, dau of Thomas or William Gibson of Welford)
(a) Sir John Webb, 5th Bart of Odstock, Canford & Hatherop (d 04.1797)
  m1. (by 1760) Mary Salvin (dau of Thomas Salvin or Salvain of Easingwold by Mary, dau of Edward Talbot)
  ((1)) Barbara Webb (b c1762, d 05.10.1819)
  m. (17.07.1786) Anthony Ashley Cooper, 5th Earl of Shaftesbury (b 17.09.1761, d 14.05.1811)
  ((2)+) other issue (d young)
  m2. Helen Moore (dau of Sir Richard Moore of Fawley, 3rd Bart)
(b) Joseph Webb of Welford
  m. Mary White (d 17.03.1770, dau of John White of Canford)
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Webb, 6th Bart of Odstock (b c1775, d 26.03.1823)
  m1. (14.03.1799) Frances Charlotte Dillon (b 17.02.1780, d 17.04.1819, dau of Charles Dillon, 12th Viscount)
  ((A)) Sir Henry Webb, 7th Bart of Odstock (b 27.04.1806, d unm 19.08.1874)
m2. (11.07.1821) Martha Matilda Somerville (d 16.09.1826, dau of Sir Quaile Somerville, 2nd Bart of Brownstown, widow of Gustavus, 5th Viscount Boyne)
  ((2)) Joseph Webb (d unm)
  ((3)) Anne Webb (b 1762, d 03.08.1861)
  m. (30.06.1789) Anthony James Livingstone, 5th Earl of Newburgh (b 20.06.1757, dsp 29.11.1814)
  (iii) Anna Maria Webb (b c1692, d 19/30.08.1723)
  m. (10.07.1712/3) James Radclyffe, 3rd Earl of Derwentwater (b 28.06.1689, d 24.02.1715-6)
  (iv) Mary Webb (b c1695, d 22.01.1719)
  m. (c20.05.1714) James Waldegrave, 1st Earl Waldegrave (b 1684, d 11.04.1741)
(v) Barbara Webb (d 07.04/24.09.1779)
  m. (28.07.1720) Anthony Browne, 6th Viscount Montagu (b 1686, d 23.04.1767)
  (vi) Winifred Webb
  m. William Frankland of Richmond
  (vii) Bridget Webb (d unm 1727)
  (B) Mary Webb
  m. Charles Gerard, 6th Lord of Gerards Bromley (dsp 1707)
  (2) Marina Webb
  m. William Ireland of Crofton
(3)+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), William (d unm bur 11.09.1668), Peter (d unm), Catherine (nun), Frances (nun), Elizabeth (nun), Anne (nun)
  b. William Webb (Major General, 4th son)
  Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Fawconer', p16) shows this as the Major General Sir William of Motcombe whose dau/heir Rachel m. Sir John Croke of Chilton. We follow BLG1952 in showing that Sir William & Rachel below.
  c. Frances Webb
  m. Philip Kemp, younger of Slindon (son of Sir Garret of Slindon by Elizabeth Carrell)
  d.+ other issue - Thomas of Bagrage (d unm), Edward (d unm bur 28.10.1616), Mary (bur 02.03.1656)
  iii. William Webb of Tytpit (b 1557, bur 27.01.1632)
  m. Joan White (dau of _ White of Swanbourne)
  iv. John Webb of St. Giles-in-the Fields, Middlesex
  m. Mary Bruen (dau of Sir John Bruen of Athalhampton by Bridget, dau of Sir Edward Seymour, Bart)
  a. John Webb of Clerkenwell (bur 17.01.1680)
  m. Elizabeth Dormer (dau of Robert Dormer of Peterley)
  b. Anne Webb
  m. William Fortescue of Husbands Bosworth (son of Sir Francis of Salden)
c. Margaret Webb
  m. Thomas Howes of Burton
  v. Elizabeth Webb
  m. (01.11.1580) Thomas Seymour
vi. Anne Webb (d 10.06.1632)
  m. Robert Cage of London & Cambridge (cousin of Sir John of Kent)
  B. William Webbe of Pain's Place & Motcombe, Mayor of New Sarum (d after 08.07.1584, before 06.07.1585)
  m. Catherine Tournay (d before 28.11.1607, dau/heir of George Tournay of Motcombe & Pain's Place)
  i. John Webbe of Mageston, King's Somborne & Stockbridge (b 1556, a 1585)
  ii. Sir William Webbe of Pain's Place & Motcombe (d before 26.04.1627)
  m. Elizabeth Brainthwaite (dau of John Brainthwaite of Norwich, sister of William, Sergeant-at-law)
  a. Rachel Webb
  m. Sir John Croke of Chilton (d 10.04.1640)
b.+ other issue - William (d infant), William (d young 27.06.1613)
  iii. Catherine Webbe (d before 1584)
  m. Geoffrey Newman of Fifeild
  iv. Elizabeth Webbe
  m. William Paulet of Cottles or Cockles (grandson of William, 1st Marquis of Winchester)
v. Melior Webbe
  m. John Bampfylde of Haddington or Hardington
  vi. Rebecca Webbe
  m1. Barnable Lewes of Wincanton
  m2. Charles Howard of Dorset (brother of Lord Howard of Bindon)
  C. Alice Webbe
  m. Thomas Bingley, Mayor of Poole
  D. Elizabeth Webbe see ## just below
m1. Robert Rogers 'of Poole' (son of Sir John of Stockbridge & Houghton)
  m2. Gyles Estcourt (MP)
  E. Jane Webbe
  m. Matthew de Havelande (rector in Poole)
  F. Jane Webbe (2nd)
  m. _ White
  G. Anne Webbe
  ## BLG1952 shows Anne as married to Gyles Estcourt but the Estcourt records, including HoP ("Giles Estcourt"), support the view that he was the 2nd husband of her sister Elizabeth (just above).
  H. Catherine Webbe
m. Anthony Abarrow (son of John of North Charford)
2. Sir John (Alexander) Webbe of New Sarum (a 09.1556)
  As mentioned at the top of the page, the following was initially shown on a Draft page. It was taken from various web sites although we suspect that this John was father rather than grandfather (with a son John shown by some web sites as being the father) of the 4 shown below. We hope to review this in due course.
  A. William Webb
B. Sir Henry Alexander Webb (b 11.05.1510, d c1544)
  m. Grace Arden (b 1512, d 03.12.1539, dau of Thomas Arden)
  i. Sir Alexander Webb (b 24.12.1534, d 1573)
  m. Margaret Arden (b 1538/9, dau of Robert Arden of Wilmcote and Snitterfield)
  a. Sir Alexander Webb (b 20.08.1559, d after 1629, to Massachusetts, US, 2nd son) had issue
  m. (c1579) Mary Wilson (b 1561)
  b.+ other issue - Robert (b 05.03.1555), Margaret (b 09.06.1558)
  ii. Henry Webb (b 15.05.1537)
  iii. Agnes Webb
  m1. John Hill
  m2. Robert Arden
  C. Mary Webb (b 1512)
  m. Robert Arden of Wilmcote & Snitterfield (d 16.12.1556)
  D. Agnes Webb (b 06.01.1515, d 1595)
m. (c1532) Richard Shakespeare (b 1512, d 1561)
3. Hugh Webbe
  A. John Webbe of Wokingham
  i. Sir William Webbe, Lord Mayor of London (d 1599)
  m1. Bennet Draper (dau of Sir Christopher Draper, Lord Mayor of London)
  Visitation (London, 1598 (on 1568), 'Draper') as children of Wir William by Bennett are ...
  a. Christopher Webb
  b. Margaret Webb probably the Margaret who married ...
  m. Henry Hewet of London (d 1597)
  m2. Anne Lytton (d 1612, dau of Sir Rowland Lytton of Knebworth)
  ii. John Webbe of Reading probably of this generation
  a. daughter
  m. Richard Aldworth of Stanlake (bpt 1557, d 1623)
iii. Lucy Webbe
  m1. John Robinson of Reading
  m2. William Laud of Reading
  a. William Laud, Archbishop of Canterbury (b 07.10.1573, d 10.01.1645, 10th son) apparently of this generation
  B. John Webbe
  C. Hugh Webbe (rector of Bromham)
  i. Hugh Webbe of Bowood
  ii. William Webbe of Bromham
  iii. George Webbe, Bishop of Limerick (b 1581, d 1641, chaplain to King Charles I)
  a. Elizabeth Webbe (d 28.0.1673)
  m. Ambrose Jones, Bishop of Kildare (d 1678)
  b.+ other issue - Theophilus (d 1639, rector), Abraham, Hugh, George, Dorcas
  D. Cecily Webb
  m. Thomas White of Fittleforde, Mayor of Poole
4. Cecily Webbe
  m. Thomas Whyte of Fittleford, Mayor of Poole (a 1504)
m2. Edith (widow of _ Long and _ Morgan)
m3. Joan Willington (d after 1523)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (first uploaded on a draft page on 29.08.04, moved here 28.08.15) : various web sites
(2) For lower section (uploaded 21.11.03) : BLG1952 (Webb formerly of Odstock), BLG1894 (Webb of Odstock) with a little support from Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Webb), TCB (vol 2, Webb of Odstock)
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