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This page is still being researched. It has NOT yet been launched formally into the Database but is shown here TEMPORARILY (albeit for an uncertain length of time pending further research), partly to record connections that we fear we might otherwise lose sight of and partly in the hope that one or more visitors to the site will contribute information that will enable us to develop our information on the families covered in this page to a standard that would support release of a dedicated page in the Database.
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This section first uploaded 24.04.13.
We hope to find more about the following Sir Richard in due course, not least when HoP releases its article on him.
Sir Richard Sergeaux or Sergeux or Cergeaux of Colquite, Cornwall
m. Margaret Senescal (dau/heir of Sir John Seneschal of Predarwolas)
1. Sir Richard Sergeaux or Sergeux or Cergeaux of Colquite, Sheriff of Cornwall (d 1393, MP)
  m1. (before 1362) Elizabeth Bodrugan (dau/heir of Sir William Bodrugan of Bodrugan)
  A. daughter possibly (this is highly speculative!!) the Laura who married ....
  m. John de Trelawny
HoP ('Sir Richard Cergeaux (Sergeux)') suggests that Richard's 2nd wife Philippa was "da. and coh. of Sir Edmund Arundel, e. but bastardized s. of Richard Fitzalan, earl of Arundel (d. 1376)". Provisionally we follow those sources that suggest that she was sister rather than daughter of that Sir Edmund.
  m2. Philippa FitzAlan or Arundel (d 13.09.1399, dau of Richard FitzAlan, Earl of Arundel)
  The children of this marriage are as reported in Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1887), Cornwall, 1530+1573+1620+additions, St. Aubyn of Clowance and St. Michael's Mount).
  B. Richard Sergeaux (b c1374, dsp 24.06.1395)
  C. Elizabeth Sergeaux (b c1373)
  m. Sir William Marney (d 1414)
  D. Philippa Sergeaux (b c1377?)
  m1. Robert Passele (Pashley of Kent)
  m2. William Swynborne
  E. Alice Sergeaux (b c1381, d 18.05.1452)
  m1. Guy de St.Aubyn
  m2. (1406/7) Richard de Vere, 11th Earl of Oxford (b c1386, 1417)
  m3. (before 13.10.1421) Nicholas Thorley (d 05.05.1442)
  F. Johanna Sergeaux (b c1388, d 28.06.1400) possibly the Jane/Jone who married (twice?) ....
  m1/2. John Arundell
  m2/1. Sir John Trevanion (dsp)



This section first uploaded 24.04.13.
William Fynamore
m. Julyan Lovel (dau/heir of Walter Lovel by Edyth, dau/heir of Richard Cadow)
1. Philip Finamore (heir)
  A. Philip Finamore (heir)
  i. Thomas Finamore (heir)
  a. William Finamore (heir)
  (1) Thomas Finamore (dsp?)
  (2) John Finamore
  m. Jone Woulfe (dau/heir of _ FitzWoulfe)
  (A) William Finamore or Finamour
  m. Cicely FitzStevin (dau/heir of Nicholas FitzStevin son/heir of Gilbert son/heir of Richard son/heir of William)
  (i) Jone Finamore or Finamour (heir)
  m. Nicholas Small
  (a) John Small (heir)
  ((1)) John Small (heir)
  m. Jane Holway (dau/heir of William Holway)
  ((A)) Mabell Small (heir)
  m. William Stebbing @1@ just below



This section first uploaded 24.04.13.
Walter Stebbing
m. Christian Bodrugan (dau/heir of John Bodrugan)
1. William Stebbing (heir)
  m. Mabell Small (dau/heir of John Small) @1@ just above
  A. John Stebbing (heir)
  HoP ('Nicholas Adams alias Bodrugan') identifies John as "John Stebbing alias Bodrugan of Dartmouth".
  i. Katherin Stebbing (heir)
  m. John Adams of Fenne
  Their son Nicholas was born by 1521.



This section first uploaded 25.04.13.
Richard FitzTurold of Cardinham, Cornwall (a 1086)
m. ?? (dau of Robert FitzIvo 'the Constable' of Hatch Beauchamp)
1. William FitzRichard of Cardinham (b c1085, d 1130)
  m. ?? de Montaigne (dau of Robert de Montaigne, Earl of Cornwall, by Almodis)
  A. Robert FitzWilliam of Cardinham (a 1186)
m. Agnes de La Haye (dau of Richard de La Haye of Brattleby) @2@ below
  i. Robert de Cardinham of Cardinham & Restormel Castle, Cornwall (d 1225)
  m. Isabelle (dau of Robert FitzWilliam)
  a. Andrew de Cardinham of Restormel Castle (d c1252)
  m. Ela or Isolde
  (1) Isolda de Cardinham
  m1. Thomas de Tracey of Restormel Castle
  m2. William Ferrers of Bere Ferrers
  b. Johanna de Cardinham
  m. Henry Bodrugan
  B. Beatrice (or Mabel)
  m. (1140) Reginald (FitzRoy) de Dunstanville, Earl of Cornwall



This section first uploaded 25.04.13.
Richard FitzThurston de La Haye du Pois, Normandy (d before 1080)
We have seen two different ancestries given for Richard. We give precedence to one of them over the other somewhat arbitrarily. The other makes him a (probably illegitimate) son of Neil, Vcte de St. Sauveur, as shown here.
m. Anne
1. Ralph de La Haye of Halnaker, Sussex (a 1123)
  m. Olivia d'Aubigny (dau of William d'Aubigny of Contentin)
A. Robert de La Haye of Halnaker (d 1134-5)
  m. Muriel de Lincoln (dau of Colswegen de Lincoln of Brattelby)
  i. Richard de La Haye of Brattelby, Lincolnshire
  m. Maude de Vernon (dau of William de Vernon of Sherbrook by Lucy)
  a. Lucy de La Haye
  m. William du Hommet, Constable of Normandy
  (1) Agnes du Hommet (a 1224)
  m. Baldwin Wake of Bourne
  b. Nicola de La Haye (d 1231)
  m. (c1171) Gerard de Camville
  c. Agnes de La Haye
  m. Robert de Cardinham @2@ above
2. Aubrey de La Haye possibly fits here
  m. Humphrey, Sn de Vielles & Pont Audemer



This section first uploaded 09.05.13.
_ Kirkby
1. John Kirkby, Bishop of Ely, 'Vice-Chancellor of England' (d 26.03.1290) date from Wikipedia
2. Sir William Kirkby (dsp)
3. Maud Kirkby
  m. Sir Gilbert de Howby @3@ below
4. Maud Kirkby (2nd of the name)
  m. Sir Robert Grymbold
5. Ciceley Kirkby
  m. Sir William Dosvile
6. Anne Kirkby
  m. William Purle



This section first uploaded 09.05.13.
Sir Gilbert de Howby
m. Maud Kirkby (sister/coheir of Sir William Kirkby) @3@ above
1. Sir Walter Howby
  A. Sir Anthony Howby
  i. (Sir) Anthony Howby
  a. Alice Howby
  m. Thomas Sutton
  (1) Anthony Sutton alias Howby (page to Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
  (A) Elizabeth Sutton
  m. John Bellers of Kirkby
  b.+ other issue (dsp) - Anthony, John



This section first uploaded 10.05.13, updated 28.08.15.
John Payne
m. Beatrix Skorlage (dau/heir of Simon Skorlage)
1. Robert Payne (heir)
  m. Elizabeth Lovy (dau of John Lovy by Susan, dau/heir of William Flory)
  A. Stephen Payne of Payne's Place, Motcombe, Dorset (heir)
  i. Anna Payne (heir)
  m1. Walter Tourney
  a. George Tourney of Paines Place
  m. Jane (m2. Robert Eyre, Mayor of New Sarum)
  (1) Catherine Tourney (d before 28.11.1607, heir)
  m. William Webb of Sarum (d before 06.07.1585)
  (2) Alice Tourney
  b. Joan Tourney
  m.Edward Dean of New Sarum (d by 1537)
  m2. John Stone of New Sarum



This section first uploaded 21.05.13.
William Vyse (b 1710, d 1770, Canon & Treasurer of Lichfield)
m. Catherine Smalbrooke (dau of Richard Smalbrooke, Bishop of Lichfield)
1. William Vyse (b 1741, d 1816, Canon & Chancellor of Lichfield)
2. Richard Vyse (b 11.07.1746, d 30.5.1825, General, MP)
  m1. (sp) Anne Susanna Spearman (dau of Rev. George Spearman of Bishop Middleham)
  m2. (20.05.1780) Anne Howard (dau of Field Marshal Sir George Howard by Lucy Wentworth)
  A. Sir Richard William Vyse, later Howard-Vyse of Boughton & Pitsford (Northamptonshire) & Stoke Place (Buckinghamshire), Sheriff of Buckinghamshire (b 25.07.1784, d 08.06.1853, Major General, MP, Egyptologist) had issue
  m. (13.11.1810) Frances Hesketh (dau of Henry Hesketh of Newton)
  B. daughter
3. Catherine Vyse (dsp 21.02.1786) possibly of this generation
  m. (23.02.1768) Sir George Smith, later Bromley, 1st Bart of East Stoke (d 05.09.1760)



This section first uploaded 25.05.13, reviewed 25.08.16.
Whilst Metcalfe spells the family name as 'Caythorpe', Hunter spells it as 'Cawthroppe". It appears that it was also sometimes spelt 'Calthorp'. We have yet to see if there is a connection between it and the family shown on Calthorp1.
Sir Walter Caythorpe or Cawthroppe
1. Thomas Caythorpe
  A. Robert Caythorpe
  i. William Caythorpe
  a. (Sir) William Caythorpe
(1) Thomas Caythorpe
  (A) John Caythorpe 'of Argum or Ergum'
  Whilst both Metcalfe and Hunter show that John married twice, Hunter shows only one child - Elizabeth, being daughter of the first wife (Elizabeth) - whilst Metcalfe shows as follows.
  m1. Elizabeth
  (i) Eustace (sic) Caythorpe
  m. Richard Fairfax
  m2. Alice Hungate (dau of William Hungate)
  (ii) Elizabeth Caythorpe
  m. Sir William Ascough (a 1444, judge)



This section first uploaded 25.05.13.
Sir Robert Channell
m. Ann Bollingbroke (dau/heir of Henry Bollingbroke of Stallingborough by Anne, sister of Thomas Moigne)
1. Sir Robert Channell
  m. Isabell Alors (dau of Thomas Alors)
  A. Cicely Channell (heir)
  m. Robert Cockfield (Cockfeild)
  i. Agnes Cockfield
  m. John Talboyes

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