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Families covered: Burgh of Cornwall, Burgh (Conteville) of Mortain (Moreton)

Jean de Conteville = John 'de Burgh', Earl of Comyn, Baron of Tonsburgh
For its interest value only, we follow Lodge (vol 1, used for the continuation), in showing a descent for John from Charlemagne. Although that appears to be supported without qualification by various web sites, we view the connection with great suspicion and suggest that it not be taken too seriously.
1. Herluin, Viscount de Conteville = Harlowen de Burgh (b c1001, d c1066)
m. (c1033) Herlette/Herleva/Arlette de Falaise (dau of William the tanner, mother of William the Conqueror)
  A. Odo or Eudes de Burgh, Bishop of Bayeux, Earl of Kent (d unm 02.1097)§B
  B. Robert de Burgh, Count of Moreton/Mortain (in Normandy), 1st Earl of Cornwall (b c1031, d 08.12.1090)§B
  m1. (before 1066) Maud de Montgomery (dau of Roger de Montgomery, Governor of Normandy, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, Earl of Arundel)
i. William de Moreton, Count of Mortain, 2nd Earl of Cornwall (b before 1084, dsp?)
  William rebelled against King Henry II and the earldom was confiscated.
  m. Adilidis
  BE1883 ('Burgh of Kent'), supported by BP1870 ('Clanricarde'), reports that William was father of both Adelme (described as ancestor of the house of Clanricarde and numerous families of De Burgh, Burgh, Burke, Bourke, etc) and John and reports that that John was father of Hubert, Earl of Kent. BE1883 ('De Burgh of Ulster') reports that Richard de Burgh 'the Great' was son of William FitzAdelm. Various web sites therefore show Richard 'the Great' as son of William son of Adelm son of William, 2nd Earl of Cornwall. HOWEVER, TCP reports that William (2nd Earl) probably died without issue. The matter is considered further on Burgh02 where the Connaught & Kent lines are shown.
  ii. Agnes (b c1054)
  m. (c1069/79) Andre, Seigneur de Vitre
  a. Hawise de Vitre HJY
  m. Robert de Ferrers, 1st Earl of Derby (d 1139) HJY
iii. Denise
  m. Guy de la Val or Laval
  iv. Emma de Mortain (b c1058)
  m. (before 1080, sp) William IV, Count of Toulouse, etc, Duke of Narbonne (b c1044, d Huesca 1093)
  m2. Almodis
  v. daughter HY
  m. William FitzRichard of Cardinham HY
  C. daughter
  m. William de la Ferte Mace
D. Emma de Conteville GHJRSWY
  m. Richard of Goz, Viscount of Avranches (b 1025, d 1066) GHJRSWY
  E. Muriel de Conteville
  m. Eudo de Capello, Viscount of Contentin
  i. Muriel de Capello probably of this generation HJY
  m. Colswegen de Lincoln of Battleby, Lincolnshire (d before 1110) HJY
  F. Isabella de Conteville
  m. Henry, Count of Seez
  i. St. Osmund, Bishop of Salisbury (d 1099)
2. Eustace de Burgh, lord of Tonsburgh this connection reported by BE1883 (Clavering)
  A. Serlo de Burgh of Knaresborough Castle (a 1066, dsp)
  BE1883 (Clavering) reports the view that Serlo had a brother John who was John 'Monoculus', progenitor of families of Vesci, Lacy and Clavering. However, this is specifically considered and rejected in TCP (Volume XII/2, Appendix B).
3. Oda of Conteville (b c994) HJRY
  m. (c1017) Waleran III, Count of Meulan (b c990, d 08.10.1069) HJRY

Main source(s): BE1883 ('Burgh of Kent'), TCP ('Cornwall'), BP1870 ('Clanricarde', as reported above), 'RoyalData'
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