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Families covered: Counts of Meulan, Counts of Marche, Counts of Perigord

Robert I, Count of Meulan (b c937, d 18.12.967)
1. Robert II, Count of Meulan (b c965, d c997)
  m. (9890 Alix de Vexin (b c970, dau of Gauthier II 'le Blanc', Count of Vexin)
  A. Waleran III, Count of Meulan (b c990, d 08.10.1069)
  m. (c1017) Oda de Conteville (b c994, dau of Jean de Conteville)
  i. Adeliza of Meulan (b c1014, d 1081) HJRY
  m. (1040) Roger de Beaumont, Sn de Beaumont et de Pont-Audomer (d 29.11.1094) HJRY
  ii. Hugh, Count of Meulan (b c1018)



Geoffrey, Count of Charrouz ('of Marche')
1. Sulpice
  A. Boson le Vieux, Count of Marche (a 944)
  i. Boson, Count of Marche
  i.i Adelbert, Count of Haute Marche & Perigord
  a. Bernard, Count of Marche
  (1) Adelbert, Count of Marche & Perigord
  (A) Boson, Count of Marche (d 1091)
  (B) Almodis  
  m. Roger 'the Poitevin' de Montgomery (d 1123) @@ below  
  (C) Agnes probably of this generation
  m. Geoffrey Taillefer (d 1075)



Roger 'the Poitevin' de Montgomery (d 1123)
m. Almodis (d 1116, dau of Adelbert, Count of Marche, sister/heir of Count Boson) @@ above
The Montgomery book suggests that Roger & Almodis had 2 daughters, Ponce & Marquise, but it appears that Ponce (at least) was daughter of their eldest son ...
1. Adelbert, Count of Marche (d c1143)
  m. Avengarde
  A. Bernard, Count of Marche
  i. Adelbert, Count of Marche (d 29.08.1181
  a. Marquise
  m. Guy de Comborn
  B. Ponce EGHJSY
  m. Walgrin, Count of Angouleme EGHJSY
2. Marquise
  m. Guy, Viscount de Limoges
3.+ other issue - Boson (a 1118), Eudes (d 1135)

Main source(s):
(1) For Counts of Meulan (uploaded 19.10.02) : various web sits including 'RoyalData'
(2) For Counts of Marche (both sections, uploaded 16.02.15) : 'A Genealogical History of The Family of Montgomery' (Thomas Harrison Montgomery, 1863, p24+)
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