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Families covered: Montgomery of Arundel, Montgomery of Shrewsbury, Counts of Ponthieu

The ancestry shown for Hugh, progenitor of this family, is given in the 'Ancient & Mythical' section of this database and should not be taken as fully reliable. TCP starts with Roger (the 1st shown below) and reports that his wife was "Josceline, a niece of the duchess Gunnor". If Roger's mother was Sainfrie, which (although we follow various sources in showing that to have been the case) is not certain, that would make Josceline his 1st cousin. If Josceline's mother was not Wevia de Crepon then Gunnor & Wevia's sister Sainfrie may have been her mother which would have made it impossible for her also to have been wife of the following Hugh. Clarity is not helped by the fact that there appears to be some confusion between the following Hugh and his son Roger.
Hugh de Montgomeri (d 1034)
m. (??) Sibell (or Sainfrie) de Crepon (sister of Gunnora, Duchess of Normandy)
1. Roger (not Hugh), Sn de Montgomery (a 1028)
  m. Josceline (niece of Gunnor, Duchess of Normandy) possibly dau of Wevia de Crepon by Osberne de Bolbec or of 'Wevia' (sb Duvelina?) de Crepon by Turulf de Pont-Audemer
  A. Roger de Montgomery, Governor of Normandy, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel (d 27.07.1094, 3rd son)
  m1. (c1052) Mabel de Talvas (d 02.12.1079, dau of William de Talvas, Sn d'Alencon and Belleme)
i. Robert de Belleme de Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel (b c1056, d c1132, 2nd son)
  Robert's younger brother Hugh was the 2nd Earl.
  m1. Almadis de la Marche (b c1058, d 1116, dau of Alberic III, Count de la Marche) not mentioned by TCP
  a. Adelbert III de Montgomery (b 1079)
  (1) Ponce de Montgomery (b 1109)
  m. Wulgrim II Taillefer, Count of Angouleme
  m2. (before 09.09.1087) Agnes of Ponthieu (d before 1103, dau of Guy I, Count of Ponthieu)
  b. William Talvas 'of Shrewsbury', Count of Ponthieu (b c1106, d 30.06.1171)
  m. (1115) Aliss/Helie de Bourgogne 'Ela Borel' (b 1080, d 1142, dau of Eudes I Borel, Duke of Burgundy)
Whilst the parentage of Ala/Ela is well supported, eg. by TCP (Surrey), the following information on the successor Counts of Ponthieu comes from various web sites.
  (1) Guy II, Count of Ponthieu (d 1147)
  m. Ida
  (A) Jean I, Count of Ponthieu (b c1140, d 30.06.1191)
  m. Beatrice de St. Pol (dau of Anselme, Count de St. Pol)
(i) William III Talvas, Count of Ponthieu and Montruil (b c1177, d 1221)
  m. Alix de France, Countess de Vexin (b 1170, dau of Louis VII, King of France)
  (a) Marie of Ponthieu (b 17.04.1199, d 09.1250)
  m. Simon de Dammartin, Count of Ponthieu (d 21.09.1239)
  (ii) Adela of Ponthieu (d 15.11.1251)
  m. (1178) Thomas de St. Valery
  (a) Alienor, Dame de Saint-Valery, etc (b 1192, d 15.11.1250)
  m. (1210) Robert III, Count de Dreux et de Braine (b 1185, d 03.03.1234)
  (2) Ala (Ela) Talvas (d 04.10.1174)
  m1. William de Warrenne, Earl of Warrenne, 3rd Earl of Surrey (a 1147)
  m2. (1152) Patrick FitzWalter, 1st Earl of Salisbury (d c07.04.1168)
c. Rissa de Montgomery
  m. Roger de Berkeley (d 1170)
  ii. Hugh de Montgomery, 2nd Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel (b c1056, d unm c31.07.1098)
  Various web sites show that Hugh had an illegitimate son ...
  a. Ralph Montgomery of Cubley (Derbyshire) & Ecton (Northamptonshire) (a 1086)
  iii. Arnulf de Montgomery, lord of Pembroke, 'Cimbricus' (b c1060, d 1125)
  m. (1101) Lafracoth O'Brien (dau of Murtagh O'Brien, Lord of Munster)
  a. Alice de Montgomery
  m. Maurice FitzGerald, Lord of Maynooth and Naas (b 1100, d 01.09.1176)
  Arnulf is alleged to have been either the father or the grandfather of ....
b. Robert de Montgomerie ('de Mundegumri'), 1st of Eaglesham (d c1179)
  m. Marjory FitzAlan (dau of Walter FitzAlan, 1st Hereditary High Steward)
  iv. Matilda (Maud) de Montgomery
  m. Robert de Burgh, Count of Moreton/Mortain (in Normandy), Earl of Cornwall (a 1068)
  v. Mabel de Montgomery
  m. Hugh 'of Neuf Chattel', lord of Chateauneuf-en-Thimerais
  vi. Sybil de Montgomery
  m. Robert FitzHamon of Gloucester (d 1107)
  vii.+ other issue - Roger (dvp), Roger 'the Poitevin' (d 1123), Philip d 'Grammaticus' (d Antioch 1099), Emma (Abbess of Almeneches)
  m2. Adelaide de Puiset (dau of Everard de Puiset)
  xi. Everard de Montgomery (chaplain to William Rufus and Henry I)
  B. Mabel de Montgomery
  m. Gervase de Chateauneuf
  i. Hugh de Chateauneuf
  C.+ other issue (d before 1064) - Hugh, Robert, William, Gilbert

Main sources:
(1) RoyalData with some support from TCP (Shrewsbury).
(2) "The Origin and History of the Montgomeries" by BG de Montgomery (1948).
(3) 'Genealogy of Grahams' (see 'Graham06').
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