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Families covered: Counts of Belleme, Counts of Montreuil, Counts of Ponthieu, Sn de Abbeville [This family is still being researched.]

Augilbert or Angilbert 'the Saint' (b c750, d 18.02.814)
m. (787) Bertha (b 779/780, d 826, dau of the Emperor Charlemagne)
1. Nithard 'the Chronicler', Abbot of St. Riquier, Governor of Ponthieu (d 15.05.845)
  A. Helgaud I, Governor of Ponthieu (d c864)
  i. Herlouin I, Count of Ponthieu (d c878)
  m. Helisinde
  a. Helgaud II, Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil (d c926)
  (1) Herlouin II, Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil (d 945)
  m. heiress of Dammartin
(A) Roger (Rotgaire) or William (Guillaume), Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil (d 957)
  Sources disagree over this and the next generation. We think it likely that there has been confusion between brothers.
  (i) Hugh or Hilduin de Ponthieu, Count of Montreuil
  m. Hersende Ramerupt, Countess of Arcies
  (a) Hugues I de Montreuil, Count de Ponthieu, Sn de Abbeville (b c970, d c04.07.1000)
  m. (before 987) Gisele of France, Dame d'Abeville (b c970, d c1000, dau of Hugh Capet, King of France)
  ((1)) Enguerrand, Count of Ponthieu & Montreuil, Sn de Abbeville (d 09.12.1046)
  m1. Adele of Holland (dau of Arnulf, Count of Holland)
((A)) Hugues II, Count of Ponthieu & Montreuil (d 20.11.1052)
  m. Bertha of Aumale
  ((i)) Guy, Count of Ponthieu & Montreuil (d 13.10.1100)
  m. Ada of Amiens
  ((a)) Agnes of Ponthieu (d before 1103) GHJSWY
  m. (before 09.09.1087) Robert de Belleme de Montgomery, 3rd Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel (b c1054, d c1132) GHJSWY
((b))+ pther issue - Enguerrand (d young), Ida, Maud
  ((ii)) Beatrice de Ponthieu
  Thought by some to have been the wife of William, Vicomte d'Arques.
m2. Adelaide de Gand
  ((B)) Piers de Valognes (d c1087) Y
  m. Albreda de Rye Y
  ((2)) Piers de Valognes (d 1087)
  ((3)) Elisenda de Ponthieu GHJSWY
  m. Hugh II, Count of St. Pol GHJSWY
  (b) Hilduin de Creil, Vicomte de Chartres
  m. Emmeline de Chartres
  ((1)) Adele de Breteuil GHJRSWY
  m. (c1020) Raoul de Crepy GHJRSWY
(c) Godchilde of Ponthieu
  m. Ives de Creil, Count de Belleme (son of Fulk de Belesme, Count of Cordoba, who was son of Yves, Sn de Creil)
  ((1)) Guillaume I, Count de Belleme (d c1028)
  m. Mathilde de Gonelon
  ((A)) Guillaume II of Talvas, Count de Belleme, Sn d'Alencon (d c1048)
  m. Hildeburg de Beaumont (dau of Arnulf de Meaumont)
  ((i)) Mabel de Talvas (d 02.12.1079) EGHJRSWY
  m. (c1052) Roger de Montgomery, Governor of Normandy, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury and Arundel (d 27.07.1094) EGHJRSWY
  ((2)) Godebelt dau of Yves, de Belleme, probably fits here HJY
  m. Raoul III (Ralph, Rudolf) de Beaumont, Vicomte de Maine (d c1014) H JY
2. Hartnid (b c800)
3. Berthe de Ponthieu GSY
  m. Hernequin, Count of Boulogne GSY
4. Arsende de Ponthieu EGHJRSWY
  m. Remy de Reims EGHJRSWY

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