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Families covered: Counts of Holland

Probably either Gerulf, Count of Friesland (per GenEU) or Haghen, Count of Aquitaine (per ROYL) was father of ...
1. Theodoric (Dirk) I, Count in Kennemerland
  ROYL reports that Theodoric married Jenna, allegedly a daughter of Pepin, King of Italy (son of Charlemagne), but this is thought unlikely.
  A. Theodoric (Dirk) (d c947)
  ROYL reports that this Theodoric is "omitted by some" and numbers him the second Count of his name. GenEU reports that he probably existed but does not number him. We adopt the numbering used by GenEU.
  i. Theodoric (Dirk) II, Count of West Friesland (b c930, d 06.05.988)
  m. Hildegard of Flanders (d 10.04.990, dau of Arnulf I 'the Great', Count of Flanders and Artois)
  ROYL suggests that Hildegard was daughter of Louis IV, King of France. We follow GenEU.
  a. Arnulf, Count of West Friesland / Holland (b c955, d 18.09.993)
  m. (05.980) Liutgard of Luxembourg (b c962, d 14.05.1005, dau of Siegfrid, Count of Luxembourg)
  ROYL suggests that Liutgard was daughter of Basilius II, Emperor of Constantinople. We follow GenEU.
(1) Theodoric (Dirk) III, Count of Holland (b c985, d 27.05.1039)
  m. Othelindis (b c993, d 09.03.1044, dau of Bernhard I, Mgve von der Nordmark)
  ROYL suggests that Othelindis was daughter of Emperor Otto II. We follow GenEU.
  (A) Theodoric (Dirk) IV, Count of Holland (d unm 15.05.1048/9)
  (B) Floris I, Count of Holland (b c1017, d 28.06.1061)
  m. (c1050) Gertrud of Saxony (b c1030, d 04.08.1113, dau of Bernhard II / III, Duke of Saxony)
  (i) Theodoric (Dirk) V, Count of Holland (b 1052, d 17.06.1091)
  m. (before 26.07.1083) Othelindis (ROYL suggests she was dau of Frideric, Duke of Saxony)
  (a) Floris II, Count of Holland (b c1085, d 02.03.1121)
m. (1113) Gertrude of Lorraine (b c1086, d 24.05.1144, dau of Dietrich/Thierry II, Duke of Upper Lorraine)
  ROYL suggests that his wife was Petronella, daughter of Emperor Lothar II. We follow GenEU.
  ((1)) Theodoric (Dirk) VI, Count of Holland (b 1114, d 05.08.1157)
  m. (before 1137) Sophie of Luxembourg, heiress of Blenheim (b 1117, d 26.09.1176, dau of Otto von Salm, Count Palatine of the Rhine, etc)
  ((A)) Theodoric (Dirk) of Holland (b 1139, d 1151)
  ((B)) Floris III, Count of Holland (b c1141, d 01.08.1190)
  m. (28.08.1161/2) Ada of Scotland (b c1146, d after 11.01.1204, dau of Henry, Earl of Huntingdon)
  ((i)) Theodoric (Dirk) VII, Count of Holland (d 1203)
  m. (1186) Adelaide of Cleves
  ((a)) Aleidis (Adelheid) of Holland (d c1203)
m. Henry, Count of Geldern (dvp)
  ((b)) Ada of Holland (b 1188, d 1203/7)
  m. (1203) Ludwig von Looz, Count of Holland (d 1218)
  ((ii)) Willem I, Count of Holland (b c1167, d 04.02.1222)
  m1. (1197) Adelaide of Geldern (b c1187, d 04.02.1218, dau of Gerhard, Count of Geldern)
  ((a)) Floris IV, Count of Holland (b 24.06.1210, d 19.07.1234)
  m. (before 06.1214) Mechtild of Brabant (b c1200, d 21.12.1267, dau of Henry I, Duke of Brabant)
(((1))) Willem II, Count of Holland, German King (b 1227, d 1256) had issue
  m. (1252) Elisabeth of Brunswick (d 1266)
  (((2))) Floris of Holland, Regent (d 1258)
  (((3))) Adelaide (Aleide) of Holland, Regent (b c1222, d 1284) GHJSWY
  m. (09.10.1246) Jean I d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault (b 01.05.1218, d 24.12.1257) GHJSWY
  (((4))) Margaret of Holland (d 1277)
  m. (c1249) Hermann I, Count of Henneberg (d 1290)
  (((5))) Mechtild of Holland
  ((b))+ other issue - Otto (d 1249, Bishop of Utrecht, Regent), William (d 1238, Regent), Richarde (d 1262), Ada (d 1258, Abbess)
  m2. (1220) Maria of Brabant (d 1260)
  ((iii)) Ada of Holland (a 1204)
  m. (1176) Otto I, Margrave of Brandenburg (d 1184)
((iv)) Margaret of Holland (a 1202)
  m. (1182) Dietrich IV, Count of Cleves (d 1193)
  ((v))+ other issue - Floris (d 1210, canon), Baldwin (a 1204), Elizabeth, Hedwig, Agnes (d 1228, Abbess)
  ((C)) Otto I, Count of Bentheim had issue
  m. Alveradis von Arnsberg
  ((D))+ other issue - Baldwin (d 1196, Bishop of Utrecht), Dirk (d 1197, Bishop of Utrecht), Robert (d c1190), Sophie (abbess)
  ((2))+ other issue - Floris 'the Black' (d 1132), Simon (a 1146, canon), Hedwig (d 1132, nun)
  (ii) Bertha of Holland (b c1055, d 1094) EGHJSWY
  m. (1072, div 1092) Philippe I, King of France (b 1053, d 29.07.1108) EGHJSWY
  (iii) ?? Adela or Christina (d 1085) GS
  m. Baudoin I, Count of Guines GS
  (iv)+ other issue - Albrecht (canon), Floris (canon), Peter (canon), Mechtild
  (C) Bertrada of Holland
  m. Dietrich I, Count of Katlenburg (d 1056)
  (2) Aleida / Adele of Holland = Ada of Ghent GHJRSWY
  m1. Baudoin, Count of Boulogne GHJRSY
  m2. Enguerrand, Count of Ponthieu and Montreuil (d 09.12.1046) GHJSWY
  b.+ other issue - Egbert (d 993, Chancellor, Archbishop of Trier), Herlinda (abbess)

Main source(s): GenEU (Holland1, 2), ROYL (table CCCLI)
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