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Families covered: Counts of Guisnes (Guines or Guignes), Seigneurs de Coucy, Counts of Soissons

Godefrey the Dane
m. Gisela of Lorraine (b c860/865, a 01.908, dau of Lothar II, King of Lotharingia / Lorraine)
Godfrey is shown by some web sites as a son/grandson of one of the sub-kings of Denmark. This will be investigated further in due course.
1. Siegfried the Dane, 1st Count of Guisnes (d c965)
  m. Elstrude of Flanders (b c932, dau of Arnulf I 'the Great', Count of Flanders and Artois)
  A. Ardolph, 2nd Count of Guisnes
  m. Matilda of Boulogne (dau of Arnold de Boulogne) shown by some web sites as dau of Baudoin de Boulogne
i. Rodolph, 3rd Count of Guisnes (d 1036)
  m. Rosetta
  BE1883 (Blount of Mountjoy and Devon) & Commoners (vol I, Croke of Studley) identify Rosetta as "dau. of the Count de St. Pol". Until a contributor (LEGMD, 08.01.05) kindly pointed out that the dates made it seemingly impossible, we followed various web sites in showing Rosetta as daughter of Hugh II, Compte de St. Pol who died in 1131.
  a. Eustace, 4th Count of Guisnes (d before 1065)
  m. Susanna de Gramins = Suzanne de Ghermines
  (1) Baudoin, Count of Guisnes
  m. Adela (dau of Floris, Count of Holland, by Gertrude)
(A) Manasses, Count of Guisnes
  TCP (vol X, appendix F), supported by appendix J in the same volume, reports the following connection:
  m. Emma of Arques (a 1140, dau of William, Vicomte of Arques, lord of Folkestone)
  (i) Rose or Sibyl de Guisnes (dvp after 1120)
  m. Henry, Constable of Bourbourg (d c1152, son of Theinard, Constable of Bourbourg)
  (a) Beatrice of Guisnes (dsp c1145)
  m1. (by 1139, div by 1146) Aubrey de Vere, 1st Earl of Oxford (b c1110, d 26.12.1194)
  m2. Baldwin, lord of Ardres
  (B) Gisela of Guisnes GSY
  m. Wenemar I, Bargrave of Ghent (b c1088) @@ below GSY
  Their son Arnould became Count of Guisnes.
  b. Robert le Blount of Ixworth or Ixwarth (d after 1066)
  m. Gundreda (dau of Henry de Ferrieres)
  c. Sir William le Blount of Saxlington or Saxingham
  B. Heloise of Guisnes (b c926)
  Some web sites describe Heloise's husband as Godfrey Count of Eu & Brionne but we suspect that this was because his son Gilbert 'Crispin', Count of Brionne, was often confused with Gilbert Crispin of Bec, son of ...
  m. Crispin, Baron de Bec



Wenemar I, Bargrave of Ghent (b c1088)
GenEU reported that Wenemar was "probably son of Bge, Lambert II". We provisionally provide such a connection as it is supported by various web sites.
m1. Lutgarde
m2. Gisela of Guisnes (dau of Baudoin I, Count of Guisnes) @@ above
1. Arnould I, Count of Guisnes (d 1169)
  m. Mahaut (dau of Guillaume de St. Omer)
A. Baudoin (Baldwin) II, Count of Guisnes (b 1135, d 02.01.1205)
  m. Christine (d 02.07.1177, dau of Arnould IV de Marcq, Sn d'Ardres)
  i. Arnould II, Count of Guisnes (d 1220)
  m. (before 03.1200) Beatrix of Bourbourg and Aalst (d 1214, dau of Walter de Bourbourg by Mathilde de Bethune)
  a. Baudoin III, Count of Guisnes (d 1244)
  m. Mahaut (Maud) de Fiennes (dau of Guillaume de Fiennes)
  (1) Arnould III, Count of Guisnes (d after 02.1282)
  m. Alix de Coucy (dau of Enguerrand III, Comte de Coucy et de Perche)
  (A) Baudoin (d Guines (d after 1293, chatelain de Bourbourg)
  m. Jeanne de Montmorency (dau of Mathieu de Montmorency)
(i) Jeanne, Countess de Guines (d 1331)
  m. Jean de Brienne, Count d'Eu (d 1302)
  (ii) Blanche de Guines (d 1341)
  (B) Ingelgram (Enguerrand V) de Guines, Sire de Coucy (b c1243, d after 1321)
  GenEU suggests that Enguerrand's wife was Christine, daughter of Thomas Baliol, but TSP (Crawford) is clear that she was ...
  m. Christine Lindsay (dau of Walter de Lindsay, Lord of Lamberton, by Ada Baliol)
(i) Guillaume de Guines, Sn de Coucy (b c1288, d 1335)
  m. (c05.1311) Isabeau de Chatillon (dau of Gui III de Chatillon, Count of St. Pol)
  (a) Ingelgram (Enguerrand VI), Sn de Coucy (b c1313, d 1344)
  m. (1337/8) Katharina (b 09.02.1320, d 28.09.1349, dau of Leopold I, Duke of Austria)
  ((1)) Ingelgram (Enguerrand VII), Sn de Coucy, Count of Soissons, Earl of Bedford (b 1342, d 1398)
m1. (27.07.1365) Isabella Plantagenet (b 16.06.1332, d by 03.05.1379, dau of King Edward III of England)
  ((A)) Marie de Coucy, Countess of Soissons (b 04.1366, d 1404/5) GS
  m. Henri de Bar (dvp 1396) GS
  ((B)) Philippe de Coucy
  m. (c10.1376, div 1387) Robert de Vere, 9th Earl of Oxford, Duke of Ireland (b 16.01.1361/2, dsp 1392)
  m2. (1381/26.02.1386) Isabelle of Lorraine (d after 1409, dau of John II, Duke of Lorraine)
  ((C)) Isabeau de Coucy, Countess of Soissons (d 1411)
  m. (09.04.1409) Philippe de Bourgogne, Count of Nevers and Rethel (d 1415)
  (b)+ other issue - Jean, Raoul, Aubert, Marie, Isabeau
  (ii)+ other issue - Enguerrand (d 1344, Vcte de Meaux), Robert
  (C) Margaret de Guisnes (d 1304) possibly fits here Y
  m. (before 27.02.1280/1) Richard 'the Red' de Burgh, 2nd Earl of Ulster (b c1259, d 29.07.1326) Y
  (D)+ other issue - Jean (d after 1323, Vcte de Meaux), Alix
  (2)+ other issue - Baudoin, Adelvie, Ide
  b.+ other issue - Robert, Henri, Arnould, Beatrix, Christine, Mahaut, Adelide
  ii.+ other issue - Guillaume, Manasses, Baudoin, Gilles, Siger, Mabile, Adeline, Marguerite, Mahaut
  B. Marguerite de Guisnes (d 1222)
  m1. Eustache II de Fiennes (d c1187)
  m2. Roger I, Bgve of Kortrijk and Ghent
  C.+ other issue - Guillaume, Manasses, Siger, Arnould
2.+ other issue - Siger (a 1122, Bargrave of Ghent, had issue), Wenemar II (a 1135, Bargrave of Ghent), Baudoin, Margareta, Beatrix, Adelide, Euphemia, Lutgarde, Mahaut, Gisela, Agnes

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded 29.12.02) : various web sites
(2) For lower section (originally uploaded 19.07.05 within GZvar02) : GenEU (Guines), GenEU (Coucy2)
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