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Families covered: Counts & Dukes of Bar, Counts of Mousson

Thibaud of Bar (a 1006)
m. Sconehilde
1. Ludwig 1, Count of Mousson (a 1022)
  m. _ of Lutzelburg
  A. Richwin of Scarpone (a 1028)
  m. Hildegarde of Egisheim
i. Ludwig 1I, Count of Mousson and Altkirch & Pfirt (d by 1076)
  m. (1037) Sophie of Mousson (d 21.06.1093, dau of Frederick II, Duke of Upper Lorraine
  a. Thierry 1 (Dietrich II), Count of Bar and Altkirch & Pfirt (b c1045, d 02.01.1105)
  m. (c1065) Ermentrude of Bourgogne (d after 08.03.1105, dau of Guillaume I 'the Great', Count of Burgundy and Macon)
  (1) Friedrich 1, Count of Mompelgard and Altkirch & Pfirt (d 1160) had issue
  m1. (before 1111) Petrissa of Zahringen (d c1115)
  m2. Stephanie de Vaudemont
(2) Reinald 1, Count of Bar and Mousson (b c1090, d by 06.1150)
  m1. ??
  (A) son (d young)
  m2. (c1120) Gisela de Vaudemont (b 1090, d after 1141)
  (B) Reinald 1I, Count of Bar (b c1115, d 25.07.1170, 3rd son)
  m. (1155) Agnes de Blois (b 1138, d 07.08.1207, dau of Thibaut IV, Count de Blois)
(i) Henry I, Count of Bar (b 1158, d 1190)
  (ii) Theobald 1, Count of Bar (b c1158, d 13.02.1214)
  m1. (1176) Laurette von Looz (d by 1193, dau of Ludwig I, Count of Looz and Rieneck)
  (a) Agnes of Bar (d 1126) G
  m. (c1189) Frederick II, Duke of Lorraine (d 10.10.1213) G
  m2. (1189, div c1195) Ermesinde de Brienne (d after 1211, dau of Guy de Brienne, Count of Bar-sur-Seine)
  (b) Henry II, Count of Bar (b 1190, d 13.11.1239)
  m. (1219) Philippa de Dreux (b 1192, d 17.03.1242, dau of Robert II, Count de Dreux)
((1)) Theobald 1I, Count of Bar (d 1291) - continued below GHS
  m1. (1243) Jeanne de Dampierre (dau of Guillaume II de Dampierre)
  m2. Jeanne de Montmorency, Dame de Toucy (d 1317) GHS
  ((2)) Margaret of Bar (b c1220, d 23.11.1275) GHJSWY
  m. (04.06.1240) Henri 'le Blond', Count of Luxembourg (b 1217, d 24.11.1281) GHJSWY
  ((3))+ other issue - Henry, Reinald, Erard, Joanna
  (c)+ other issue - Agnes, Margaret
  m3. (1197) Ermisinde, heiress of Luxemburg, etc (b 07.1186, d 12.02.1247, dau of Henry I 'the Blind', Count of Namur, Luxemburg, etc)
  (e)+ other issue - Reinald, daughter, Elizabeth, Margaret
  (iii)+ other issue - Reinald, Hugo
  (C) Clementia of Bar (b c1110, d after 20.01.1183) GHJSWY
  m. (c1140) Renaud II, Count de Clermont (d c1162) GHJSWY
  (D)+ other issue - Hugo (dvp 1141), Dietrich, Agnes, daughter, Stephanie
  (3)+ other issue - Dietrich, Ludwig, Stephan, Wilhelm, Hugo, Gunthilde, Agnes, Machtild
  b. Beatrix of Mousson (d 1092)
  m. Berthold 1 von Zahringen, Duke of Carinthia (d 1078)
  c.+ other issue - Bruno, Ludwig, Friedrich (Margrave of Susa, had issue), Sophie, Mathilde



Theobald 1I, Count of Bar (d 1291) - continued above
m1. (1243) Jeanne de Dampierre (dau of Guillaume II de Dampierre)
m2. Jeanne de Montmorency, Dame de Toucy (d 1317)
1. Henry 1II, Count of Bar (d 1302)
  m. (20.09.1293/4) Eleanor Plantagenet of England (b 18.06.1269, d 29.08.1297, dau of King Edward I of England)
  A. Edward 1, Count of Bar (d 1336)
  m. (c1310) Mary of Bourgogne (dau of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy)
i. Henry 1V, Count of Bar (d 1344)
  m. Yolande, heiress of Cassel, Marle, etc (b c1331, d 1395, dau of Robert, Count de Marle)
  a. Edward 1I, Count of Bar (d 1352)
  b. Robert 1, Duke of Bar (b 1342, d 1411)
  m. (1364) Marie of France (b 1344, d 15.10.1404, dau of Jean II 'le Bon', King of France)
  (1) Henry de Bar (b c1362, dvp Nikopolis 1396)
  m. Marie de Coucy, Countess of Soissons (b 04.1366, d 1404/5, dau of Enguerrand VII de Coucy, Count of Soissons, Earl of Bedford)
  (A) Robert de Bar, Count of Marle and Soissons (d Agincourt 1415)
  m. (1409) Jeanne de Bethune (d 1450)
  (i) Jeanne, heiress of Soissons (b 1415, d 1462) GS
  m. (16.07.1435) Louis I, Count of Luxembourg-St. Pol (b 1418, d 19.12.1475) GS
(2) Edward 1II, Duke of Bar (d Agincourt 1415, 5th son)
  (3) Louis, Duke of Bar, Bishop of Verdun and Chalon, Cardinal (d 1431)
  (4) Yolande de Bar (d 1438) G
  m. (1380) Juan I, King of Aragon (b 1350, d 1395) G
  (5)+ other issue - John, Philippe, Charles, Marie, Bonne, Yolande, Joanna
  ii. Eleanor de Bar (d 1332)
  m. (1329/30, sp) Rudolf, Duke of Lorraine (b 1320, d Crecy 1346)
  B. Joanne de Bar (d 30.08.1361)
  m. (25.05.1306) John Plantagenet de Warenne, 8th Earl of Surrey (b 30.06.1286, dsp 30.06.1347)
  C. Eleanor de Bar probably of this generation H
  m. Llewelyn ap Owain, Lord of South Wales (d 1309) H
2.+ other issue - Jean de Puisaye, Theobald, Reinald, Erard de Pierrepont, Philippa, Alix, Marie, Isabelle, Yolande, Margaret

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