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Families covered: Seigneurs of Avesnes, Seigneurs of Beaumont, Seigneurs of Condes, Counts of Hainault, Counts of Holland, Seigneurs of Oisy

Fastre d'Oisy, Vogt of Doornick (b c1050, d 08.06.1093)
m. Ade (b c1054, d c1076, probably dau of Wedric d'Avesnes)
1. Gossuin d'Oisy, Sn d'Avesnes et Conde (a 1126)
  A. Gossuin, Sn d'Avesnes (d 1127)
2. Fastre II d'Oisy, Vogt of Doornick (b c1075, d before 05.08.1111)
  m. Richilde (b c1080)
  A. Wautier I d'Oisy, Sn d'Avesnes, Conde, etc (b c1110)
  m. Ade (dau of Everard I Radulf, Bgve of Doornick, Lord of Mortagne)
i. Thierry d'Avesnes (d c1106)
  m. Richildis of Hainault
  ii. Nicolas, Sn d'Avesnes, Conde, etc (b c1129, d 1169/71)
  m. (before 1150) Mahaut (Matilda) de Laroche (b c1133, dau of Henri of Namur, Count of Laroche)
  a. Jacques, Sn d'Avesnes, Conde, etc (b c1150, d 07.09.1191)
  m. (1180) Adele de Guise (b c1159, dau of Bernard de Guise)
  (1) Wautier II, Count de Blois, Sn d'Avesnes, Conde, etc (d 01.1243/4)
  m. (after 1200) Marguerite de Blois (b c1170, d 12.07.1230, dau of Thibaut V, Count de Blois et Chartres)
  (A) Thibaut d'Avesnes (d young)
  (B) Marie, Dame d'Avesnes, Countess of Blois (d 1241) GHSY
  m. (1226) Hugues V de Chatillon-sur-Marne, Count de Blois et de St. Pol (b by 1196, d 1248) GHSY
(C) Isabelle d'Avesnes
  m. Jean, Sn d'Oisy et de Montreuil
  (2) Jacques d'Avesnes, Sn de Landreches (a 1196)
  m. daughter of Baudoin de Crequi
  (3) Sir Guillaume d'Avesnes (d 1219)
  (4) Bouchard, Sn d'Avesnes, etc (b c1180, d 1244)
  m. (before 23.07.1212, div c1221) Margaret, Countess of Flanders and Hainault (b 02.06.1202, d 10.02.1280, dau of Baldwin, Count, VI of Hainault and IX of Flanders, Emperor of Constantinople)
  (A) Baudoin d'Avesnes (d c1219)
  (B) Jean I d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault (b 01.05.1218, d 24.12.1257)
  m. (09.10.1246) Adelaide of Holland (b c1222, d 1284, dau of Floris IV, Count of Holland)
(i) Jean II d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault and Holland (b 1247, d 22.08.1304)
  m. (1270) Philippa of Luxembourg (b c1252, d 06.04.1311, dau of Henri II 'le Blond', Count of Luxembourg)
  (a) John d'Avesnes, Sn de Beaumont, Count of Ostervant (dvp Kortrijk 11.07.1302)
  (b) Willem III d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault and Holland (b c1286, d 07.06.1337, 4th son)
  m. (19.05.1305) Jeanne de Valois (b c1294, d 07.03.1342, dau of Charles, Count de Valois et d'Alencon)
  ((1)) Willem IV d'Avesnes, Count of Hainault and Holland (b 1307, d Staveren 26.09.1345, 2nd son)
m. (1334) Jeanne, Duchess of Brabant and Limburg (b 1322, d 1406)
  ((A)) John of Hainault (d young)
  ((2)) Marguerite, Countess of Hainault and Holland (b 1311, d 23.06.1356) J
  m. (25.02.1324) Ludvig IV, Duke of Bavaria, Holy Roman Emperor (b 01.04.1282, d 11.10.1347) J
  ((3)) Philippa of Hainault (b 24.06.1311, d 15.08.1369)ancestors line W (part) HJSWY
  m. (24.01.1328) Edward Plantagenet, King Edward III of England (b 13.11.1312, d 21.06.1377) HJSY
  ((4)) Joanna of Hainault (b c1315, d 1374) GJ
  m. (26.02.1334) William, 1st Duke of Julich (b c1315, d 26.02.1362) GJ
  ((5)) Isabella of Hainault (b c1323, d 26.01.1361)
  m. (02.02.1354) Robert de Namur (b 1323, d 1391)
  ((6))+ other issue - John (d 1316), Louis (b 1325, d 1328), Agnes (d after 24.12.1327)
  (c) Jean d'Avesnes, Sn de Beaumont (b c1288, d 1356)
  m. (before 23.01.1317) Marguerite, Countess de Soissons (d 1350)
  ((1)) Jean d'Avesnes
((2)) Jeanne d'Avesnes, Countess de Soissons (b 1323, d 1350)
  m1. (1336) Louis de Chatillon-sur-Marne, Count de Blois et Soissons (d Crecy 1346)
  m2. (before 13.02.1348) Guillaume I, Margrave of Namur (b 1324, d 1391)
  (d) Margaret d'Avesnes (d 18.10.1342)
  m. (1298) Robert II, Count of Artois (d 11.07.1302)
  (e) Alix d'Avesnes (d 26.10.1317)
  m. (1290) Roger Bigod, 5th Earl of Norfolk (dsp 1307)
  (f) Isabelle d'Avesnes (d 1305)
  m. (1296) Raoul de Clermont, Sn de Nesle (d Kortrijk 11.07.1302)
  (g) Marie d'Avesnes (b c1280, d 1354) GHS
  m. (1310) Lous I 'le Bouteux', Duke of Bourbon, Count of Clermont (b 1279, d 29.01.1342) GHS
  (h)+ other issue - Henry (d 1303, a canon), Simon (a 1303), Jeanne (nun), Matilda (Abbess)
  (ii) Florenz d'Avesnes, Stattholder of Seeland, Prince of Achaia (b c1255, d 1297, 6th son)
  m. (1289) Isabelle de Villehardoiun, Princess of Achaia (d 1312)
  (a) Matilda d'Avesnes, Princess of Antioch and Morea (b 29.11.1293, d 1331)
  m1. Guy de Roches, Duke of Athens (d 1308)
  m2. (1313) Louis de Bourgogne, King of Thessaloniki, Prince of Achaia and Morea (b 1297, d 1316)
  m3. (1318, div 1321) Giovanni, Prince of Naples (b 1294, d 1336)
  m4. (div) Hugo de la Palice, Prince of Achaia and Morea
(iii) Marguerite d'Avesnes
  m. Baudoin de Peronne
  (iv)+ other issue - Baldwin (a 1299), Burchard (b 1251, d 1296, Bishop of Metz), Guido (b c1253, d 28.05.1317, Bishop of Utrecht), Guillaume (b c1254, d 1296, Bishop of Cambrai), Jeanne (d 1304, Abbess of Flines)
  (C) Baudoin d'Avesnes, Sn de Beaumont (b 09.1219, d 10.04.1295)
  m1. (1239/40) daughter of Saronicus of Kujavia
  m2. Felicite de Coucy (b before 1241, d 1307, dau of Thomas II de Coucy, Sn de Vervins)
  (i) Jean d'Avesnes, Sn de Beaumont (d 18.02.1283) had issue
  m. (before 1277) Agnes (either de Lusignan or de Valence)
  (ii) Beatrice d'Avesnes (b 03.1256, d 25.02.1321) GHJS
  m. (by 22.05.1265) Henri III, Count of Luxembourg (b c1250, d Woerringen 05.06.1288) GHJS
  (5) Matilda d'Avesnes (b c1170, d after 1236) G
  m1. Nicolas IV, Sire de Rumigny (b c1160, d 1205) G
  m2. Louis IV, Count de Chiny (b c1172, d 1227)
  (6) Alix d'Avesnes(b c1175, a 1237)
  m. Roger de Rosoy (b c1182, d c1246)
  (7) Ida d'Avesnes (b c1180)
  m. Englebert IV d'Enghien (b c1185, d c1242)
  (8) Ade d'Avesnes (b c1168, d after 1249)
  m1. Henri III, Count de Grandpre (b c1150, d 1211)
  m2. (before 1223) Raoul de Nesle, Count de Soissons (d 1235)
  b. Fastre d'Avesnes, Vogt of Le Flamengerie had issue
  c. Ida d'Avesnes
  m1. Enguerrand de St. Pol
  m2. (before 1171) Guillaume IV, chatelain de St. Omer
  d. daughter
  m. _ de Popinelle
  iii. Petronille d'Avesnes
  m1. Johann von Peteghem und Cysoing (d c1154)
  m2. (before 1154) Roger de Landas
  iv.+ other issue - Evrard (a 1173, bishop of Doornick), Gossuin, Fastre

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