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The following identifies some but not all of the branches covered by the Families Database so far. For more details, see the 'M' sub-index page. The family starts in England (on Montgomery01), albeit with a Viking root, but most of the other pages in the Families Database relate to branches in Scotland & Ireland.


Montgomery01 Shrewsbury, Arundel & Ponthieu
- Montgomery09 (draft) Ecton & Cubley
- Montgomery02 Eaglesham & Ardrossan
- Montgomery03 Eglinton-1 & Brigend-1
- Montgomery10 Lainshaw, Cockilbie & Brigend-2
- Montgomery11 Greenfield, Bowhouse, Broomland & The Hall
- Montgomery07 Braidstone & Mount Alexander
- Montgomery12 Blackhouse & Grey Abbey
- Montgomery06(1) Hessilhead
- Montgomery06(2) Skelmorlie
- Montgomery05 Giffen & Macbie Hill

Shown separately:
- Montgomery08 Ballyleck & Beaulieu
- Montgomery13(1) Killee
- Montgomery13(2) Glenarm
- Montgomery14 Bogston & Craighouse
- Tmp17 Prestwickshaws

Descended from the Seton family: Montgomery04 Eglinton-2
Descended from the Molyneux family: Montgomery13(3) Garboldisham

PCBG note on the Status of The 2015 & 2019 Reviews
My review of The Montgomerys was started in early 2015 but was halted near the end of that year. It was picked up and completed in December 2019.

Note on the sources.
The decision to include the Montgomerys within this series of reviews arose because in February 2015 I obtained a copy of 'A Genealogical History of The Family of Montgomery', compiled by Thomas Harrison Montgomery, published in 1863. My impressions of it are reasonably positive although it appears that Mr. Montgomery did not find anything that throws new light on the early generations.