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Families covered: Sherburne of Stonyhurst, Sherborn (Sherburne) of Wiswell

The book on the family (in Main Sources below) reports uncertainty on whether the following Robert was grandson of Geoffroy l'Arbalastier or nephew of that Geoffroy, possibly son of Geoffroy's brother John (by Arabilla).
Robert de Sherborn (d 1260/1)
m. Marilda (dau of Adam son of Swarius of Carlton Magna)
1. John de Sherborn
A. Robert de Sherborn of Wiswell
  m. (before 1323) Alivia (dau of John de Blackburne of Wiswell by Margaret, sister of Robert de Holland)
  i. John de Sherborn 'of Stonihurst'
  m. Margaret
  a. Robert de Sherborn (dvp)
  m. Emma de Plumpton (dau of Sir William de Plumpton)
  b. Sir Richard de Sherborn of Wiswell
  m. (1351) Alice de Plumpton (dau of Sir William de Plumpton of Plumpton)
  (1) Margaret de Sherborn
  m. (c1377) Richard de Bayly of Stonyhurst @@ below
(2) Johanna de Sherborn (d unm)
  ii. William de Sherborn
  m. Ynayre de Bradkirke (a 1354)
  iii. Robert de Sherborn
  iv. Catharine de Sherborn
  m1. Sir John Harrington of Carlton (Farleton) (d 1360)
  m2. John Tempest of Bracewell (a 1379)
  v. Margaret de Sherborn not mentioned by the family book, possibly of this generation
  m. Sir William de Clifton (d 1365)



Richard de Bayly of Stonyhurst (son of John de Bayly)
m. (c1377) Margaret de Sherborn (dau of Sir Richard de Sherborn of Wiswell) @@ above
1. Richard de Bayly, later Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b 12.10.1381, d 29.05.1441)
  The family book used as a source for this page identifies Richard's wife as Agnes (bur 03.11.1444), dau of William Stanley of Hooton. Thanks to a contributor (SK, 17.03.17) for advising us that this was probably following a 19th century researcher who "misinterpreted Agnes Shireburn's will" and that Richard's wife was in fact ...
  m. Agnes Harrington (dau of Sir Nicholas Harrington of Farleton by Isabel English)
  A. Richard Sherburne (dvp 25.05.1441)
  m. Alice Hamerton (dau of Lawrence Hamerton of Wicklesworth)
  i. Robert Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b 1431-2, d 29.08.1492)
  m. (by 1445) Joan Radclyffe (dau of Thomas Radclyffe of Winnersley who d 1440)
  a. Sir Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b by 1492, d 03.08.1513) - continued below
  m. Johanna Langton (dau of Henry Langton of Walton)
  b. Thomas Sherburne
c. Roger Sherburne of Wolfhouse
  m. Isabella Knoll (dau of John Knoll of Chippindale and Wolfhouse)
  d. Katharine Sherburne
  m. John Mallom (son of Richard of Carlton and Mallom)
  e. Elizabeth Sherburne
  m. (1460) Sir Thomas Fairfax of Walton (d 1505)
  ii. Agnes Sherburne
  m. Henry Rushton, younger of Rushton (son of Richard Rushton of Rushton)
  iii. daughter
  m. (Robert) Charnock
  B. Alice Sherburne
  m. Sir John Tempest of Bracewell, Sheriff of Yorkshire & Lincolnshire (a 1455)
  C. Isabel Sherburne
  m. (after 03.1444) John Towneley of Towneley
  D. Elizabeth Sherburne
  m. Thomas Clitheroe (son of Richard of Alkly)
  E.+ other issue - Robert of Bradhill, John, Janetta, Nicholas, Joanna, Mabel



Sir Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b by 1492, d 03.08.1513) - continued above
m. Johanna Langton (dau of Henry Langton of Walton)
1. Hugh Sherburne of Stonyhurst (d 06.06.1528-9)
  m. Anne Talbot (dau of Sir Thomas Talbot of Bashall)
  A. Thomas Sherburne of Stonyhurst, Sheriff of Lancashire, Governor of the Isle of Man (d 22.09.1536/1539-40)
  m. Jane Townley (dau of Sir John Townley of Townley)
  i. Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b 02.05.1526, d 26.07.1594)
  m1. (1539) Matilda Bold (d 10.11.1568, dau of Richard Bold of Bold)
  a. Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b 1546-7, d before 02.04.1628)
  m1. (1578) Katharine Stourton (dau of Charles Stourton, 8th Lord)
  BEB1844 shows the following as children of the Richard shown below as this Richard's half-brother. We follow the family book.
  (1) Henry Sherburne (dvp 1612)
  m. Anne (dau of Francis, Lord Dacre)
(A) Henry Sherburne (bur 20.04.1613)
  (2) Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst (b 1586, d 11.02.1667)
  m1. Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Sir Richard Molyneux of Sefton)
  (A) Elizabeth Sherburne (d young)
m2. Elizabeth Walmesley (d 12.06.1666, dau of Thomas Walmesley of Dunkenhalgh)
  (B) Richard Sherburne of Stonyhurst (bpt 01.07.1626, d 16.08.1689)
  m. Isabel Ingleby (dau of John Ingleby of Lawkland)
  (i) Sir Nicholas Sherburne, Bart of Stonyhurst (b 29.07.1650? (probably not 1658), d 14.12.1717)
  m. Catherine Charlton (dau of Sir Edward Charlton, Bart of Hesleyside)
  (a) Richard Francis Sherburne (b 1693, dvp 1702)
  (b) Mary Winifred Francisca Sherburne (b 26.11.1692, dsp 24/5.09.1754)
  m1. (26.05.1709) Thomas Howard, 8th Duke of Norfolk (b 11.12.1683, dsp 23.12.1732)
m2. Peregrine Widdrington (b 02.05.1692, dsp 04.02.1748/9)
  (ii) Richard Sherburne of Wrigglesworth (b 29.05.1652, dsp 06.04.1690)
  m. Anne Causefield (dau of John Causefield son of Sir John of Cansfield)
  (iii) Catharine Sherburne (b 1654, d young, 2nd dau)
  (iv) Elizabeth Sherburne (b 17.09.1658, d 1686)
  m. (1672) William Weld of Lulworth (d 1698)
  (C) Anne Sherburne
  m. (17.03.1640/9) Sir Marmaduke Constable, Bart of Everingham (b 1619)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas, Eleanor (d infant)
  (3) Katherine Sherburne (b c1590, d 27.05.1628)
  m. William Pennington of Muncaster (b 14.07.1590, bur 14.08.1652)
(4)+ other issue - Alicia, Ferdinand
  m2. (sp) Anne Kighley (d 1611, dau of Henry Kighley)
  m3. Anne Holden (dau of Holden of Chaighley)
  b. Thomas Sherburne (d young)
  c. Hugh Sherburne
  m. Elizabeth Dyneley (sister of Sir Roger Dyneley)
  d. Margaret Sherburne
  m1. Lawrence Townley of Barnside
  m2. Thomas Whitington
  e. Mary (not Dorothy) Sherburne
  m. Thomas Fleetwood of Calwich
f. Dorothy (not Mary) Sherburne
  m. John Edwards of Cheeke
  p/m2. (1578) Isabel Wood
  g. Richard Sherburne of Dunmow
  m. Dorothy Ashton (dau of Richard Ashton of Downham)
  BEB1844 shows this Richard as father (by Dorothy) of the children we show above as children of his half-brother Richard.
  h. Grace Sherburne
  m. William Houghton of Grimsargh (son of Thomas of Lea)
  i. Jane Sherburne
  m. John Southworth of Samlesbury
  j. Isabel Sherburne
  ii. John Sherburne of Ribleton
  m. Katherine Browne (dau of Evan Browne)
  iii. Robert Sherburne of Little Mitton
  m. Dorothy Cotteral (dau of Thomas Cotteral of Little Mitton)
iv. Grace Sherburne
  m. Roger Sherburne of Westcoat
  B. Robert or Richard Sherburne
  m. Anne Brown (dau of Evan Brown of Ribbleton)
  C. Grace Sherburne
  m. Thomas Bradly (dau of John Bradly of Thurley)
  D. Anne Sherburne (dsp)
  m. John Talbot of Salesbury (not Salisbury)
  E. Jane Sherburne
  m. Ralph Cliderow of Awkeley
  F. Ellen Sherburne
  m. John Brockholm of Claughton (d 1543-4)
2. Grace Sherburne (bur 21.01.1565) shown by BEB1844 as of a generation later
  m. (1511??) Roger Nowell of Arksey
3. Ann Sherburne
  m. John Baltham (son of Jacob)
4.+ other issue - Elizabeth (dsp 1567), Elena, Thomas

Main source(s):
(1) Upper & middle sections : 'A History of the Family of Sherborn' by Charles Davies Sherborn, printed in London in 1901
(2) Lower section : BEB1844 (Sherburne of Stonyhurst) with input and support from the above-mentioned book
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