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Families covered: Stourton of Over Moigne, Stourton of Stourton

William Stourton, 7th Lord (b c1505, d 16.09.1548)
m. Elizabeth Dudley (dau of Edmund Dudley, Councillor to King Henry VII)
1. Charles Stourton, 8th Lord (b c1520, d 16.03.1556-7)
  m. (1548) Anne Stanley (dau of Edward Stanley, 3rd Earl of Derby)
  A. John Stourton, 9th Lord (b 01.1552-3, dsp 13.10.1588)
  m. (1580) Frances Brooke (dau of William Brooke, 10th Lord Cobham)
B. Edward Stourton, 10th Lord (b c1556, d 07.05.1633)
  m. (before 1598) Frances Tresham (dau of Sir Thomas Tresham of Rushton)
  i. William Stourton, 11th Lord (b c1594, d 25.04.1672)
  m. (c1616) Frances Moore (d 05.01.1662, dau of Sir Edward More or Moore of Oldham by Frances Brooke, widow of John Stourton, 9th Lord)
  a. Edward Stourton (b 1617, dvp 01.1644)
  m. Mary Petre (d 1672, dau of Robert Petre, 3rd Lord, m2. Sir Thomas Longueville of Bradwell)
(1) William Stourton, 12th Lord (b c1644, d 07.08.1685)
  m. (before 1665) Elizabeth Preston (d 04.1688, dau of Sir John Preston, Bart of Preston Patrick and Nether Leven)
  (A) Edward Stourton, 13th Lord (b 1665, dsp 10.1720)
  m. Teresa Buckingham (dau of Thomas Buckingham)
  (B) Thomas Stourton, 14th Lord (b 1667, dsp 24.03.1743-4, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Stourton (dau of John Stourton of Over Moigne) @@ below
(C) Charles Stourton (b 1669, d 1739, 5th son)
  m. (1699) Katherine Frampton (d 1736, dau of Richard Frampton of Bitson)
  (i) Charles Stourton, 15th Lord (b 02.03.1701-2, dsp 11.03.1753)
  m. (02.04.1733) Catharine Walmesley (d 31.01.1785, sister of Francis Walmesley of Dunkenhalgh)
  (ii) Peter Stourton (d infant)
  (iii) William Stourton, 16th Lord (b 08.1704, d 03.10.1781)
  m. (11.10.1749) Winifred Howard (d 19.07.1753, dau of Philip Howard of Buckenham)
Through this marriage eventually came the baronies of Howard, Mowbray, Furnivall, Strange, etc. to their descendant the 20th Lord Stourton who also became 23rd Lord Mowbray and 24th Lord Segrave.
  (a) Charles Philip Stourton, 17th Lord (b 22.08.1752, d 29.04.1816)
  m. (12.07.1775) Mary Langdale (d 12.04.1841, dau of Marmaduke Langdale, 5th Lord)
  ((1)) William Joseph Stourton, 18th Lord (b 06.06.1776, d 04.12.1846) had issue
  m. (01.10.1800) Catherine Winifred Weld (d 27.12.1862, dau of Thomas Weld of Lulworth Castle)
((2)) Sir Edward Marmaduke Joseph Stourton, later Vavasour, 1st Bart of Hazlewood (b 06.05.1786, d 15.03.1847, 3rd son) had issue
  Edward inherited estates from his cousin Sir Thomas Vavasour of Hazlewood and changed his surname to Vavasour.
  m. (06.08.1813) Marcia Bridget Fox (d 10.06.1826, dau of James Lane Fox of Bramham Park)
  ((3)) Charles Joseph Stourton, later Langdale (b 19.09.1787, d 01.12.1868) had issue
  Charles inherited estates from his cousin Philip Langdale of Houghton and changed his surname to Langdale.
m1. (27.01.1817) Charlote Mary Clifford (d 31.03.1819, dau of Charles Clifford, 6th Lord of Chudleigh)
  m2. (01.05.1821) Mary Constable-Maxwell (d 25.09.1857, dau of Marmaduke William Constable-Maxwell of Everingham Park)
  ((4)) Philip Henry Joseph Stourton of Holme Hall (b 14.01.1793, d 03.08.1860) had issue
  m. (28.07.1829) Catherine Howard (d 27.01.1874, dau of Henry Howard of Corby)
  ((5)) Charlotte Mary Stourton (b 07.03.1782, d 16.01.1864)
  m. (22.11.1802) Joseph Weld of Lulworth Castle (b 27.01.1777, d 19.10.1863)
  ((6)) Apollonia Mary Stourton (b 04.01.1785, d 02.11.1868)
  m. (20.01.1812) Thomas Davison Bland of Kippax Park (d 06.12.1847)
  ((7)) Juliana Mary Stourton (b 12.05.1789, d 27.11.1861)
  m. (23.07.1812) Peter Middleton of Stockeld Park and Myddleton Lodge (d 03.06.1866)
((8))+ other issue - Charles (b/d 1778), Robert Joseph (b 06.12.1790, bur 02.08.1797), Constantia Maria (b 30.06.1777, d unm 06.12.1826), Mary (b 11.02.1780, d 27.12.1850, canoness), Elizabeth (b 1781, d unm 25.03.1836), Mary Catherine (b 1783, d 15.05.1784)
  (b) Catherine Stourton (b 16.08.1750, d 02.09.1768)
  (c) Charlotte Mary Stourton (b 02.09.1751, d 02.11.1775, nun)
  (iv) Mary Stourton (d 21.11.1764)
  m. (before 1721) Jordan Langdale of Cliffe
  (v) Jane Stourton (b 17.01.1708, dsp 21.12.1769)
  m. Anthony Kemp of Slyndon
(vi)+ other issue - Richard (d infant), Thomas (d infant), Thomas (d young 1713), James (b 1715, d unm), Katherine (d 29.07.1777, nun), Elizabeth (b 05.1711, d 07.04.1741, nun), Dorothy (d infant)
  (D)+ other issue - Thomas (d infant), William (d infant), Botolph (b 1672, dsp), William (b 1673, dsp 1728), John (b 1673, d 1748, prior of Winchester), Peter (d infant)
  (2) Mary Stourton (d unm)
  b. William Stourton (dsp)
  m. Margaret Morgan (dau of George Morgan of Penrith)
c. Mary Stourton (d 1650)
  m. (1648/9) Sir John Weld of Compton Bassett (d 11.07.1674)
  d.+ other issue - John (dvp unm), Thomas (d 1684, monk), Frances (nun)
  ii. Francis Stourton (b 1599, d 1638, 3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth Norton (dau of Henry Norton)
  a. Frances Stourton
  iii. Margaret Stourton
  BP1934 reports that Margaret married Sir Thomas Sulyard of Wetherden but Visitation (Suffolk, 1664-8, Sulyard of Haughley) shows that her husband was ...
  m. Sir Edward Sulyard of Haughley (a 1664)
iv. Mary Stourton (d 1650)
  m. Walter Norton of Sibsay
  v.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp 20.08.1669), Edward (b 1605, d unm), Mary (d infant 1591), Bridget (b 1607)
  C. Charles Stourton
  D. Mary Stourton
  m. Thomas Tregian
  E. Anne Stourton
  m. Edward Rogers
  F. Catherine Stourton
  m. (1578) Richard Sherborne of Stonihurst (b 1546-7, d before 02.04.1628)
2. Andrew Stourton (dsp)
3. Arthur Stourton of Over Moigne (a 1555, MP)
  m. Anne Mackwilliams (dau of Henry Mackwilliams)
A. Edward Stourton of Over Moigne
  i. daughter
  B. Philip Stourton of Over Moigne
  m. Joan St. John
  i. William Stourton of Over Moigne
  m. Margaret Crope (dau of George Crope)
  a.+ issue - Philip, Charles, Thomas, 5 daughters
  ii. Henry Stourton of Over Moigne
  m. Frances Best (dau of John Best of Alington Castle)
  a. Matthew Stourton
  m. Bridget Blount (dau of Francis Blount of Richards Castle)
(1) Mary Stourton
  m. Francis Bliss
  (2)+ other issue - Henry (b 1659), Francis (b 1667), Thomas, Matthew (d Luzara 08.1702), Charles (d c1724, chevalier), Elizabeth
  b. John Stourton
  m. _ Bennett (dau of John Bennett of Abingdon)
  (1) Elizabeth Stourton
  m. Thomas Stourton, 14th Lord (b 1667, dsp 24.03.1743-4) @@ above
  (2)+ other issue - James, Thomas, John
  c. Anna Stourton
  m. John Culliford
d. Frances Stourton
  m. _ Wall
  e. Margaret Stourton
  m. _ Watson
  f. Mabel Stourton
  m. _ Lockyer
  iii.+ other issue - Edward (d 1604), Grisester
4. Ursula Stourton (d 04.09.1551)
  m. (before 15.06.1541) Edward Clinton, 1st Earl of Lincoln (b 1512, d 16.01.1585, Admiral)
5. Dorothy Stourton
  m. Sir Richard Brent
6.+ William of Warminster (dsp), John, George, Giles

Main source(s): BP1934 (Mowbray, Segrave and Stourton)
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