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Families covered: Macwilliam of Stambourne

Wright reports that "The family of Macwilliam were of Ireland, but the time of their settlement in England is not known". Wright notes that Leland relates that "one MacWilliam, beinge a yonger brother of a gentleman in Yrland, came to Bristowe, and there so increased in ryches, that in continuance he bought lands ...". That note also reports that "Sir James Ware derives this family from the Bourkes of Connaught, who took the name of MacWilliam, and were divided into two principal branches of MacWilliam Eighter, and MacWilliam Oughter." The number of generations shown indicate that the following Milo must have been early in that family.
Milo Macwilliam
1. Roger Macwilliam
  m. Joan Waylonde (dau of Henry Waylonde)
  A. Thomas Macwilliam
  m. Agnes de Peson (dau/heir of Nicholas de Peson by Alice, dau/heir of Sir Geofrey Eston)
  i. Charles Macwilliam
  m. Jane Caunfield (dau/heir of _ Caunfield by Maud, dau of Sir Hugh Hyrton)
  a. Arthur Macwilliam
(1) Edward Macwilliam
  (A) Thomas Macwilliam
  m. Alice Brompton
  (i) William Macwilliam (d 1464)
  (a) (Isabel) Macwilliam
  m. Sir John Seymour of Even Swindon
  Wright identifies Sir John as ancestor by William's daughter, of the Dukes of Somerset.
  (ii) Edward Macwilliam of Stambourne, Essex (d 1479)
  m. Elizabeth Inglosse (heir)
  (a) John Macwilliam
  m. Margaret Gestingthorp
  ((1)) Edward Macwilliam
  m. _ Awkborough
  ((A)) Edward Macwilliam
m. Christian Hartishorn (d 1505, dau/heir of John Hartishorn of Bedfordshire (by _ Nervyt or Nernvit), m2. Robert Tyrell)
  We are concerned that there may be too many generations shown above.
  ((i)) Henry Macwilliam 'of Stambourne' (d 1539)
m1. Anne Spilman (dau of Sir John Spilman)
  ((a)) Elizabeth Macwilliam (d 15.09.1569)
  m. George Colt of Cavendish (d 03.1578)
  m2. Ella Leye (dau/heir of John Leye of Leyes by Anne, dau of Sir Thomas Lucy)
  ((a)) Henry Macwilliam 'of Sambourne' (sic) (d 1586)
  m. Mary Hill (d 1616, dau/coheir of Richard Hill, widow of Sir John Cheke)
  (((1))) Henry Macwilliam (d unm 1599)
  (((2))) Margaret Macwilliam (d 07.04.1640)
m. Sir John Stanhope, 1st Lord of Harrington (d 09.03.1620/1)
  (((3))) Susan Macwilliam
  m1. Edward Sandeys
  m2. Sir Godard Pemberton
  m3. Sir Thomas Ireland
  (((4))) Ambrosia Macwilliam
  m. Sir William Kingsmill
(((5))) Cassandra Macwilliam
  m. Sir George Cotton
  (((6))) Cicely Macwilliam (d 1627)
  m. Sir Thomas Ridgway (treasurer of Ireland)
  ((b)) Edward Macwilliam
  ((c)) Anne Macwilliam
  m. Arthur Stourton
  ((d)) Mary Macwilliam
  m. Arthur Kighley
  ((e)) Frances Macwilliam
  m. Humphrey Shelton
  ((2))+ other issue - Margaret, Elizabeth

Main source(s): 'The History and Topography of the County of Essex' (Thomas Wright, vol 1, 1836, p639+) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 01.11.15) for drawing this to our attention
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