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Families covered: Frampton of Buckland, Frampton of Moreton, Frampton of Potterne

Commoners identifies the arms of the folowing family as "Argent, a bend gules, cotized sable".
John de Frampton (a 1358, MP for Dorchester)
1. Sir John de Frampton (a 1372, MP for Weymouth then Dorchester)
A. Sir Henry Frampton (dsp after 1383, MP for Melcombe Regis)
2. Walter de Frampton of Buckland Ripers (d 14.10.1389, MP for Melcombe Regis)
  m. (by 1386) Margaret, heiress of Moreton (probably dau of John Husee of Moreton)
  A. John Frampton of Moreton (b c1365, d 26.05.1426)
  m1. Isabel Prouse (dau of Robert Prouse)
  i. Margaret Frampton
  m. Robert Bingham of Binghams Melcombe
  m2. Edith Stawell (dau of Sir Matthew Stawell of Catherston)
  ii. Robert Frampton of Moreton (b by1400, d 04.02.1465)
  m1. Alice Deverell (dau of Hugh Deverell)
  a.+ issue (dvpsp)
  m2. Alianor Browning (dau of William Browning of Melbury Sampford and Upton Lovell)
  b. James Frampton of Moreton (b 1452, dspl 05.06.1523)
  m. Anastasia Newborough (dau of Sir John Newborough of Lullworth)
  partner unknown
  (1) James Frampton of Moreton (dsp 22.08.1525)
  m. Avice de la Lynde (dau of Sir Thomas de la Lynde of Winterborn Clenston)
  iii. John Frampton (MP for Lyme Regis)
  a. John Frampton of Potterne and Echilhampton
  m. Johanna Mareschall (dau of Edward Mareschall of Woodcote)
(1) Roger Frampton of Potterne, later of Moreton (b 1495, dsp 03.05.1530)
  m. Alice Trenchard
  (2) Edward Frampton (d before 1530)
  m. _ Hunsell (dau of _ Hunsell of Symondsbury)
  (A) John Frampton of Moreton (b 1516, d 14.11.1557)
  m. Elizabeth Willoughby (dau of Nicholas Willoughby of Tonerspiddle)
  (i) Robert Frampton of Moreton, Sheriff of Dorset (b c1535, a 1588)
  m. Margery Paulett (dau of Thomas Paulett of Melplash, son of William, Marquis of Winchester)
  (a) Thomas Frampton (dvpsp 1571)
(b) Charles Frampton (dsp?)
  m. Ursula
  (c) Elizabeth Frampton
  m. (1593) William Daccomb (son of James of Iwerne Stepleton)
  (ii) John Frampton of Upway
  m. Anne Willoughby (dau of Henry Willoughby of Upway)
  (a) Robert Frampton
(b) George Frampton of Buckland (a 1623)
  m. Anne Coventry (dau of Thomas Coventry, sister of Lord Coventry)
  ((1))+ issue (a 1623) - Robert (b c1614), Walter, Grace, Mary, Martha, Ursula
  (iii) William Frampton of Moreton (d 28.02.1608, 4th son)
m. Elizabeth Broughton (dau of George Broughton of Sampford Botfield)
  (a) William Frampton of Moreton (b 07.04.1607, d 16.08.1643)
  m. Katharine Tregonwell (d 13.02.1665, dau of John Tregonwell of Milton Abbas)
  ((1)) William Frampton of Moreton, Sheriff (b 17.11.1629, d unm 08.02.1689)
  ((2)) Richard Frampton of Biston or Biddeston (b 1630, d 23.12.1685)
  m. Jane Cottington (d 1711, dau of Sir Francis Cottington of Fonthill)
  ((A)) Katharine Frampton (d 1736)
  m. (1699) Charles Stourton (b 1669, d 1739, son of William, Lord)
  ((B)) Jane Frampton
  m. (1692) Edward Paston of Barmingham
  ((C))+ other issue (d young) - William (bur 1672), , Elizabeth (d 168*), Mary (b 1677, d unm 06.09.1698)
  ((3)) Tregonwell Frampton of Moreton (b 1641, d unm 1728)
  ((4)) George Frampton
  m. _ Dewey (dau of _ Dewey of Wimborn)
  ((A))+ issue (dsp) - William, Elizabeth
  ((5)) Elizabeth Frampton
  m. Thomas Turberville of Wool Bridge
  ((6)) Katharine Frampton (b 1626)
  m. William Hayward
  ((7)) Anne Frampton
  m. (1658) Josiah Ebrall of Balsall
((8)) Dorothy Frampton
  m. William Rose of Rempston
  ((9))+ other issue - John (b 1628, d unm before 20.10.1647), Robert (d by 06.1666) neither mentioned by Commoners
  (b) Elizabeth Frampton (d 26.05.1652)
  m. Edmund Hollis of Monkton
  (c)+ other issue - Robert (bpt1606, d young), Catherine (bpt 1609, bur 1618)
  (iv) James Frampton of Buckland Ripers (d 1631)
  m. Katharine Trenchard (dau of John Trenchard of Warmwell, son of Sir George of Wolveton)
(a) James Frampton of Buckland Ripers (b c1598, d 13.07.1655)
  m1. Katherine Berkeley (dau of _ Berkeley of Pill)
  ((1)) James Frampton of Buckland Ripers (d unm 1676)
  ((2)) Katherine Frampton
  m. George Daubeney of Gorwell
  m2. Elizabeth Samways (dau of Henry Samways of East Thilvington)
((3)) Giles Frampton of Buckland (b 1643, d before 10.1685)
  m. Elizabeth Fulford (d 1706, dau of Amias Fulford, son of Sir Francis of Great Fulford and Toller Porcorum)
  ((A)) James Frampton (bpt 25.05.1676, d young)
  ((B)) Giles Frampton of Buckland (b 1680, d unm after 1689)
  ((C)) William Frampton of Moreton (b 1681, d 1717)
m. Judith Arnold (d 1732, dau of Henry Arnold of Ilsington)
  ((i)) James Frampton of Moreton, Sheriff of Dorset (b 10.1711, d 28.10.1784, 2nd son)
  m1. (20.08.1746, sp) Mary Houlton (d 1762, dau of Joseph Houlton of Farley Castle)
  m2. Phillis Byam (d 02.1829, dau of Samuel Byam of Antigua)
  ((a)) James Frampton of Moreton, Sheriff of Dorset (b 04.09.1769) had issue
  m. (09.09.1799) Harriot Fox-Strangways (d 06.08.1844, dau of Henry Thomas Fox-Strangways, 2nd Earl of Ilchester)
  ((b)) Mary Frampton
  ((ii))+ other issue (d young) - William, Judith
  ((D)) Robert Frampton (b 1683)
  m. Katharine White (dau of Giles White of Athelhampton)
  ((i)) Robert Frampton (dsp, Captain)
  m. _ Hickson of London
  ((ii)) Katharine Frampton (dsp)
  m. John Swattridge
  ((iii)) Elizabeth Frampton (dsp)
  m. _ Asshe
  ((iv))+ other issue (d unm) - Anne, Elizabeth
  ((E)) Elizabeth Frampton (bpt 13.07.1677)
(b) Anne Frampton
  m. Edmund Clarke (son of Sir Edward of Stoneham)
  (c)+ other issue (a 1623) - John, Richard, Jane, Elizabeth
  (v) Anne Frampton (d 1607)
  m. (1567) Thomas Dirdoe (son of Sir William of Gillingham)
(vi) Margery Frampton
  m. John Hayward of Dorchester
  (vii) Dorothy Frampton
  m. Martin Keyleway of Lillington
  (viii) Mary Frampton
  m. (1575) Gregory Dirdoe (son of Sir William of Gillingham)
  (ix) Joan Frampton
  m. (1571) Guy Lyte
  (x)+ other issue - Francis (dsp 1646, rector of Studland), Rosamond
  iv. William Frampton (a 1450, MP of Dorchester then Weymouth)
  m3. Margaret
  B. Joan Frampton
  m. Sir Thomas Stewell of Catherston (d 1438)



'Wilts' identifies the arms of the folowing family as "Argent, a bend Gules, cottised Sable" which indicates that it is a branch of the family shown above.
Robert Frampton (d 1683, rector of Donhead St. Andrew)
m. Catharine Davies (d 1705, dau of Matthew Davies)
1. Matthew Frampton of Oxford (bur 1742, MD)
  m. Mary Levintz (dau of Baptist Levintz, Bishop of Sodor & Man)
  A. Robert Frampton (dvp)
2. Robert Frampton (b 1673)
  A. Matthew Frampton (d unm 1781, Vicar of Bremhill)
3. Catharine Frampton
  m. (18.07.1686) William Bull of Bridport
  A. William Bull in Sherborne (b 09.02.1689, MD)
  i. Anne Bull (d 13.12.1763)
  m. Wlliam Buckler of Boreham (d 1789)
  B. Thomas Bull (d unm 1742, Rector of Purton)
4. Mary Frampton (bur 1718)
  m. Edward Polhill (d 1732, Vicar of Dinton)
5.+ other issue (d unm) - Christopher, Anne, Honour

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (uploaded **) : Commoners (vol 4, 'Frampton of Moreton', p193+) with a little support from Visitation (Dorsetshire, 1623+1677, 'Frampton')
(2) For lower section (uploaded 10.06.24) : 'Wilts' (vol 4 (1829), 'Pedigree of Frampton, Bull and Polhill', p35/320)
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