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Families covered: Southworth of Croft, Southworth of Samlesbury, Southworth of Southworth

The family web site mentioned under Main Sources below shows the following Roger de Croft as son of Orm (b c1085) son of Roger de Ashton (b c1050). We suspect that there was at least one intervening generation and so start with Roger de Croft. The following shows in italics which generations are taken from that web site.
Roger de Croft (a 1184, d 1225)
1. Gilbert de Croft (a 1219)
  VCH mentions a Gilbert de Croft (also of Dalton in Kendal) who, before 1219, granted Southworth to Gilbert - son of Hugh de Croft, "founder of the Southworth family" and "probably a new kinsman". The family web site suggests that he was the grantee's uncle.
2. Hugh de Croft
  A. Gilbert de Croft of Southworth (a 1219)
  i. Gilbert de Southworth of Southworth (& Croft?) (d c1275)
VCH is not clear exactly which generation of this line obtained the manor of Croft but implies that this was around this time and reports that the family "held the manors of Southworth and Croft until the beginning of the 17th century."
  a. Gilbert de Southworth of Southworth (& Croft) (d c1300)
  m. Emma
  (1) William de Southworth of Southworth (& Croft) (a 1292)
  (A) Gilbert Southworth of Southworth, Sheriff of Lancasgire (a 1326) the first mentioned by Dugdale & VCH
  References above to VCH are to VCH (Lancashire, vol 4, Townships - Southworth). References to VCH for this Gilbert and later generations are to the section of VCH which is identified below as a Main Source for this page.
  m. Cecily (a 1329)
  (i) Sir Gilbert Southworth of Samlesbury (a 1332)
m. (before 08.07.1325) Alice (dau/heir of Nicholas D'Euyas or D'ewias or D'Ewyas of Samlesbury, son of John son (by Alice, dau of Jordan Foliot) of Nicholas)
  (a) (Sir) Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (a 1362, 2nd son) mentioned by VCH, omitted by Dugdale
  ((1)) Sir John Southworth of Samlesbury (d Harfleur 1415)
  m. (by 1386) Margaret Hoghton (dau of Sir Richard de Hoghton of Hoghton)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1392, d 1432) - continued below
  m. (1409) Joan Booth (dau of John Booth of Barton)
  ((B)) Margaret Southworth possibly of this generation
  m. John Morley of Morley
  (ii)+ other issue - Richard, Matthew (possibly ancestor of Southworths of Middleton & Houghton)



Sir Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1392, d 1432) - continued above
m. (1409) Joan Booth (dau of John Booth of Barton)
1. Richard Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1420, d 1472)
  m. (1429) Elizabeth Molyneux (dau of Richard Molyneux of Sefton)
A. Sir Christopher Southworth of Samlesbury (d 1487)
  m. Isabel Dutton (dau of Thomas Dutton of Dutton, brother/coheir of John)
  i. Sir John Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1478, d 1517)
  m. Hellen Langton (dau of Sir Richard Langton of Newton)
a. Sir Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury, Sheriff of Lancashire (b c1497, d 13.01.1546)
  m1. (div) Ann Stanley
  m2. (1518) Margery or Margaret Butler (dau of Thomas Butler of Bewsey)
  (1) Sir John Southworth (of Salford) of Samlesbury, Sheriff of Lancashire (d 1587-8 / 03.11.1595)
  m. (1547) Mary Assheton (dau of Sir Richard Assheton of Middleton)
  (A) Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (d 30.11.1616, younger son)
  m. Rosamund Lister (dau of William (not John) Lister of Thornton-in-Craven)
(i) John Southworth (dvp 1604-5)
  m. Jane Sherborne (a 1612, natural dau of Richard Sherborne of Stonyhurst)
  (a) Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1599, d 1623)
  m. Anne Tildesley (dau of Sir Thomas Tildesley of Ufford or Orford)
  ((1)) John Southworth of Samlesbury (dsp 1635)
  ((2)) Thomas Southworth of Samlesbury (d unm 1641)
  ((3)) John Southworth of Samlesbury (b c1607, d 1676, 2nd John)
  m. Elizabeth Langton (dau of Thomas Langton of Lowe in Hindley)
  ((A)) Edward Southworth, last of Samlesbury (a 1678, 3rd son)
  ((B))+ other issue - John (b c1641, dvp), Thomas (dvp), Richard, Christopher, William, Jane, Elizabeth, Anne, Isabel, Rosamund, Hellen, Bridget, Mary
  ((4)) Elizabeth Southworth
  m1. Richard Walmsley of Showlay
  m2. George Talbot (b 1612)
  ((5)) Jane Southworth
  m. Timothy Somner of Chorley
  (b) John Southworth
(c) Elizabeth Southworth
  m. Thomas Langton of Lowe
  (ii) Helen Southworth
  m. William Dewhurst
(iii)+ other issue - Thomas, William, Richard, Nicholas, Christopher, Edward, Bridget
  (B) Anne Southworth
  m. Robert Singleton
  (C) Mary Southworth
  m. (mcrt 26.10.1573) George Talbot
  (D) Margaret Southworth
  m. Bartholomew Hesketh of Aughton
  (E)+ other issue - John, Richard, Christopher, Gilbert, Leonard. Jane, Stanley
  (2) Elizabeth Southworth
m. Robert Farington (not Harington)
  (3) Ciceley Southworth
  m. John Culceth (d 1593)
  (4) Katherine Southworth
  m1. Thomas Clifton
  m2. John Westby
  (5) Dorothy Southworth
  m. John Rushden of Dunkenhalghe
  (6) Anne Southworth probably of this generation
  m. Richard Barton of Barton (b c1532, d 1572)
  b. James Southworth mentioned by Dugdale
  c. Christopher Southworth
  Christopher is mentioned by VCH as ancestor of the Southworths of Wyke Champflower. The following comes from Visitation (Somersetshire, 1623, Southworth).
  (1) John Southworth (dsp)
(2) Edward Southworth of London
  m. Jane Lloyd (dau of Edward Lloyd of Lloyenmayne)
  (A) Henry Southworth of Weeke Champflowre, Somerset (a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Pellsant (dau of John Pellsant of London)
  (i) Jane Southworth
m. William Bull of Shapwicke
  (ii) Margaret Southworth
  (B) Thomas Southworth of Wells (a 1623, recorder of Wells)
  m. Jane Mynne (dau of Nicholas Mynne of Norfolk)
  ii. Alice or Agnes Southworth
  m. (c12.06.1490) Sir Alexander Osbaldeston of Osbaldeston (b c1481, d 17.01.1544)
  iii. Margaret Southworth
  m. Sir William Hoghton
  iv. Elizabeth or Jane Southworth probably of this generation
  m1. (div) Nicholas Banastre of Altham
  m2. Ralph Langton of Newton
  v.+ other issue - Christopher, Edward
  B. Juliana or Jane Southworth
  m. Sir Richard Towneley (d 1482)
  C. Anne Southworth
  m. Sir Thomas Molyneux
  D. Elizabeth Southworth
  m. Thomas Screven
  E. Margaret Southworth
  m. Richard Vernon
  F. Emma Southworth
  m. _ Cholmley
2. John Southworth

Main source(s): Visitation (Dugdale, Lancashire, 1664-5, Southworth of Samlesbury) with some support/input from VCH (Lancashire, vol 6, 'Townships - Samlesbury') and, for upper section only, from a family web site
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