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Families covered: Errington of Beaufront, Errington of Errington, Errington of Sandhoe

Gilbert Errington of Errington (a 1504)
1. Nicholas Errington of Errington, Sheriff of Northumberland
  A. Gilbert Errington of Errington
m. Jane Ridley (dau of Sir Nicholas Ridley)
  i. Gilbert Errington of Errington (d 1528)
  a. Nicholas Errington of Errington (dsp before 1568)
  m. Anne Carnaby (dau of Sir Reginald Carnaby of Halton)
  b. Barbara Errington (dsp)
m. Nicholas Carnaby
  ii. John Errington
  m. _ Brandling (dau of John Brandling)
  a. Gilbert Errington of Errington & Beaufront (d 1585)
  m1. Dorothy Carnaby (dau of David Carnaby of Beaufront)
  (1) John Errington of Errington, Wharnby & Beaufront (d before 1626)
  m. Dorothy Widdrington (dau of Edward Widdrington of Great Swinburn)
  (A) Henry Errington of Errington & Beaufront (b c1600, bur 30.12.1695)
  m. Elizabeth Selby (dau of Sir George Selby of Whitchurch)
  (i) John Errington of Beaufront (dsp bur 25.10.1664)
  (ii) William Errington of Errington (dvp 12.06.1691)
  m1. (07.05.1655) Agnes Errington (dau of Edward Errington)
(a) John Errington of Errington & Beaufront (d unm 19.12.1713)
  (b) William Errington of Errington (bur 22.02.1725/6)
  m. _ Girlington (dau of Girlington of Thurland Castle)
  (c) Thomas Errington 'of Beaufront' of Sandhoe (b c1660, d 30.05.1748)
m. (after 10.1700) Mary Douglas (dau of John Douglas of Newcastle & Halton)
  ((1)) John Errington of Beaufront (b c1708, dvp bur 07.02.1740/1)
  m. Maria Levey (b c1709, d 14.08.1795, dau of James Levey of London)
  ((A)) John Errington (d infant)
  ((B)) John Errington of Errington (b c1738, dsp 16.07.1827)
  ((C)) Henry Errington of Sandhoe (b c1738, dsp bur 24.12.1819)
  m. Maria Hill (d 08.01.1813, dau of Thomas Hill of Tern)
  ((D)) Mary Ann Errington
  m. Walter Smyth of Brambridge (d 14.01.1788)
  ((E)) Frances Errington (d 25.06.1787)
  m1. (13.09.1759) William Middleton of Stokeld
  m2 (16.05.1766) William Fermor of Tusmore (d 1806)
  ((2)) William Errington of Sandhoe (b c1709, d unm 25.02.1766)
  ((3)) Alice Errington (b 24.02.1702, bur 22.11.1731)
  m. (05.02.1729/30) John Fenwick of Bywell
  ((4)) Ann Errington (b c1704)
  m. Taylor White of Lincoln's Inn
  ((5)) Mary Errington (b c1705, d 03.1749)
  m. (after 01.01.1747/8) Thomas Bradford of Durham
  (d) daughter
  m. _ Hamilton of Ireland
  (e)+ other issue - Edward (bur 27.07.1699), Henry, Dorothy (a 1737, nun), daughter
  m2. Dorothy (bur 11.1678)
  (iii) Elizabeth Errington
  (B) Jane Errington
m. Thomas Rutherford
  (C) Richard Errington of Beukley, Todridge & Portgate (bur 15.07.1670) probably of this generation
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Errington of Portgate and Widdrington of Colt Park', p213).
  (i) Edward Errington of Beukley (d c1721)
  (ii) Gilbert Errington of Portgate (bur 31.12.1725)
  (iii) Catherine Errington
  m. William Widdrington of Colt Park & Thropton (bur 02.06.1720)
  (iv) Mary Errington
  m. John Blackett of Wylam (b 1635, d 1707)
  (D)+ other issue - William (d before 1643), Dorothy, Ursula of Wharnby
(2) Jane Errington (a 1643)
  m. John Hall of Otterburn
  (3) Mary Errington
  m. William Stockwell of Thornton
  (4)+ other issue - Thomas (of Fawstown ?), Nicholas of Keepwick (b c1559, had issue)
  m2. Grace Rutherford (dau of Gawen Rutherford)
  (6) William Errington of Benwell (youngest son) had issue
  m1. Isabel Heron (dau of George Heron)
  m2. ??
  (7)+ other issue - Michael/Nicholas, Richard, Lancelot, Ralph of Keepwick (a 1643), Gawen
  b. Jane Errington
  m. John Ridley (son of Sir Hugh Ridley)
  c.+ other issue - Nicholas, John, Hugh, Thomas
  iii.+ other issue - Thomas, Hugh

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Errington of Errington and Beaufront', p188+)
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