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Families covered: Fenwick of Burrow Hall, Fenwick of Bywell, Fenwick of Framlington, Fenwick of Langshaw, Fenwick of Nunriding, Fenwick(e) of Stanton

Sir Roger Fenwicke (of Stanton), Sheriff of Northumberland (Constable of Newcastle Castle)
Visitation (Yorkshire) starts with this Roger, showing him as husband rather than son of a Widdrington. Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) identifies his wife as ...
m. Agnes (Anne) Harbottle (sister of Rafe Harbottle)
1. Sir Raffe Fenwicke of Stanton, Sheriff of Northumberland (d before 1535)
  Visitation (Yorkshire) shows Ralph wife as Margery, dau/heir of Walter Corbet of Stanton. Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) does not name his wife. Hodgson identifies her as ...
  m. Marjory Mitford (a 1535, dau/heir of _ Mitford of Stanton) named Mary by Marshall
A. John Fenwicke of Stanton
  m. Mary Grey (b c1505, d 22.11.1571, dau/coheir of Sir Ralph Grey of Chillingham)
  i. Ralph Fenwick of Stanton (a 1557)
  Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) & Marshall identify his wife as Dorothy, dau of John Ogle of Ogle Castle. Hodgson, supported by Visitation (Yorkshire), identies her as ...
  m. Barbara Ogle (dau of John Ogle of Ogle Castle)
  a. Richard Fenwick of Stanton (a 1575, 1615)
  Hodgson shows that Richard m1. Margaret Mills m2. Dorothy Thornton and mentions only one child, William. Provisionally we follow Marshall in showing the marriages the other way round, largely because Visitation (Northumberland, 1575) shows only 1 marriage (to Dorothy Thornton) and 1 child (William).
  m1. Dorothy Thornton (dau/coheir of Roger Thornton of Witton)
(1) Roger Fenwick (b c1568, a 1575, d before 1615?) not mentioned by Marshall
  (2) Catherine Fenwicke
  m. Lancelot Lisle of Felton
  (3) Jane Fenwick
  m. Thomas Hall of Warkworth
  m2. Margaret Mills (dau of William Mills of Grey's Inn)
(4) William Fenwick of Stanton (b 22.09.1581, d 12.16.1647)
  m. Elizabeth Gargrave (dau of Sir Cotton Grave of Nostell)
  (A) Edward Fenwick of Stanton (b 29.10.1606, d 14.08.1689)
  m. Sarah Neville (d 17.04.1691, dau of Francis Neville of Chete)
  (i) William Fenwick of Irdington & Stanton (b 24.05.1633, d 24.05.1675, 2nd son)
  m. (01.03.1660) Elizabeth Ellison (bpt 19.02.1637, dau of Robert Ellison of Hobburn Hall, m2. William Ramsay of Newcastle)
  (a) Roger Fenwick of Stanton (d before 02.10.1701)
m. Elizabeth Fenwick (dau of George Fenwick of Brinkburn)
  ((1)) John Fenwick of Stanton & Bywell, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 24.02.1698, d 19.12.1747)
  The following is supported by 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 6, John Crawford Hodgson, 1902, 'Fenwick of Bywell', p99+).
  m1. (1719) Margaret Fenwick (bpt 04.04.1702, bur 10.06.1727, dau/coheir of William Fenwick of Bywell)
  ((A)) William Fenwick of Bywell, Sheriff of Northumberland (b 25.01.1722, d 27.08.1782)
  m. (c02.1746/7) Margaret Bacon (bpt 16.04.1716, d 17.03.1769, dau of William Bacon of Staward (by (Margaret) Forster), son of John)
  ((i)) John Fenwick of Bywell (b 02/22.01.1748/9, a 1780, d unm)
  ((ii)) William Fenwick, last of Bywell (b 19.03.1749, dsp 09/11.1802)
  m. (18.02.1792) Frances Daniel (d 21.02.1824, dau of Francis Daniel of Gloucester, m2. Rev. Septimus Hodson of Thrapston)
  ((B)) John Fenwick of Low Framlington & Cleadon (bpt 04.08.1724, d 29.06.1783)
  m. (06.04.1749) Dorothy Lascells (bpt 22.204.1720, d 12.08.1794, dau of William Lascells (Lascelles), sister of Rev. Robert of Durham)
  ((i)) John Fenwick of Framlington (b 26.03.1752, d 10.1807, Captain)
  m. (09.03.1789) Charlotte Maria Powell (a 07.1841, sister of General Powell of Weymouth)
  ((a)) John Peregrine Lascells Fenwick, last of Framlington (b 11.09.1791, d 01.09.1860, rector of Bagborough) had issue
  m. (06.12.1814) Diana Matilda Ann Anstey (d before 31.08.1848, dau of Robert Ansey of Bath (son of Christopher?))
  ((b)) William Fenwick (b 01.03.1795, judge in Bombay) had issue
  m1. (spm) (1819) Myra Lovell (d 1829)
  m2. _ Ladwick (dau of General Ladwick)
  ((c)) Eliza Anne Fenwick (b 28.04.179*, dsp)
m. (10.11.1836) Urias Messiter of Wincanton
  ((d))+ other issue - Franklin (b 28.12.1789, d 15.05.1845), Caroline Peachey (b 02.12.1796, a 1839, d unm?), Charlotte Flora (b 12.12.1789, a 1839, d unm?), Jessy (b 28.08.1798, a 1839, d unm?)
  ((ii))+ other issue - William, Robert (bpt 130.1.1756), Roger in Hexham (a 1807), Margaret (d unm before 1839)
((C)) Roger Fernwick (bpt 27.09.1726, dvm young)
  ((D)) Margaret Fenwick (bpt 03.04.1723, dsp 22.02.1798)
  m. (21.09.1754) William Swinburne of Longwitton
  m2. (c1729) Alice Errington (bur 22.11.1731, dau of Thomas Errington of Beaufront, aunt of John)
  ((E)) Mary Fenwick (bpt 20.09.1731, a 1762)
  m. Ralph Soulesby or Soulsby of Hallington
  ((2)) Elizabeth Fenwick (b 29.12.1694)
  m. William Fenwick of Bywell
  ((3))+ other issue - George (b 22.04.1699?, d 18.05.1706), Roger (b 01.11.1700), Ralph (bur 20.05.1700), Margaret 9b 14.08.1696, bur 19.08.1698)
  (b) Robert Fenwick
  m. Frances Heron (dau of Sir John Heron)
  ((1))+ issue - Elizabeth (a 1761), daughters (dspm)
  (ii) Robert Fenwick (b 08.06.1646, d 23.06.1698, 5th son)
  m. Anne Culceth of Erdington (d 03.02.1732)
  (a) Edward Fenwick (3rd son)
  m. (1718) Elizabeth Frenchfield
  (b)+ other issue - William (dsp), Culceth (dsp), Charles (dsp), Robert (dsp), John (had issue), Roger, Dorothy
  (iii) James Fenwick of Coatyards (b 1645)
  m. (1672) Mary
(a) Cuthbert Fenwick (d 1748) had issue
  m. Catharine Eden (dau of Rev. Laton Eden of Hartburn)
  (iv) Frances Fenwick
  m. John Shaftoe of Little Bavington
  (v)+ other issue - Roger (b 1632, d 1658, Colonel), Peter (dsp), John (dsp), Henry (dsp), Edward (dsp), Thomas of Berwick (a 03.1695), Isabell (dsp)
  (B)+ other issue (a 1615) - Cecilia, Margaret
  (5) Thomas Fenwick
  m. Dorothy Raines (dau of James Raines of Shortflatt)
  (A)+ issue (a 1615) - William (b c1611), Richard
  (6) Margaret Fenwick
m. Abraham Eden of Newcastle
  b.+ other issue - Ralph, Mary
  p. Agnes Collingwood
  d. William Fenwick
ii.+ other issue - Roger, Andrew, George, Maud, Mary
  B. Anthony Fenwick of Langshaws (Langshes) & Crawcrook (a 1568)
  m. Isabell Selby (dau of Perceval Selby of Biddleston)
  The following is partly supported by Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Fenwick', p45).
  i. Stephen Fenwicke of Langshaws
  m. Elizabeth Haggerston (dau of Thomas Haggerston of Haggerston (Haggarston of Haggarston))
a. George Fenwicke of Langshawes (a 1628)
  m. Barbara Mitford (dau of Robert Mitford of Mitford)
  (1) William Fenwick of Nunriding (b c1603, bur 26.02.1676)
  (A) Robert Fenwick of Langshaws (d 06.02.1693)
  m. Isabel Widdrington (a 1693, dau of Robert Widdrington)
  (i) William Fenwick of Nunriding & Langshaws (d 27.11.1732)
  m. (05.02.1687) Jane Tatham, heiress of Burrow Hall
  (a) Robert Fenwick of Burrow Hall (b 05.11.1688, d unm bur 16.02.1749, MP)
  (b) Nicholas Fenwick of Claughton & Burrow Hall (bpt 24.2.1690, d unm bur 30.04.1750)
  (c) Thomas Fenwick
  ((1)) John Fenwick
  (d) Dorothy Fenwick (bpt 26.12.1689)
  m. John Wilson of Kendal & Kentmere
  ((1)) John Wilson, later Fenwick (dsp bur 10.02.1757)
  m. _ Benson of Hirsley
  ((2)) Thomas Wilson, later Fenwick of Nunriding & Kentmere (dsp bur 07.04.1794, MP)
  (e) Isabella Fenwick (bpt 28.03.1694)
  m. (09.02.1718) John Tatham of Cantifield
  ((1)) Nicholas Tatham, later Fenwick (dsp bur 26.07.1801)
  ((2))+ other issue - Francis, John
  (f) Mary Fenwick (bpt 30.10.1694)
  m. Joshua Lambert of Watchfield
  ((1)) Robert Lambert (d 27.07.1779)
  m. (08.02.1760) Mary Govien (dau of John Govien)
  ((A)) Thomas Lambert, later Fenwick of Nunriding, Langshaws & London (b 1774, 4th son)
  ((B))+ other issue - Josiah, John, Stephen, Dorothy, Mary Anne, Elizabeth
  (g)+ other issue - William (bpt 28.03.1693, bur 02.04.1694), Jane (bpt 03.08.1697, bur 07.07.1753), Alicia (bpt 12.1699)
  (ii) Joseph Fenwick (d unm)
  partner unknown
  (a) Robert Fenwick
  (iii) Anne Fenwick
  m. Henry Richardson of Little Tosson
  (iv) Barbara Fenwick
  m. (24.11.1674) Brough Evers of Pigdon
  (v) Philadelphia Fenwick
  m. (31.01.1671) George Harle of Wallington then Corridge
  (vi) Mary Fenwick
  m. Martin Hall
  (vii)+ other issue - Benjamin (b c1668, d 15.11.1752, Captain RN), Jane (d unm), Isabella (d unm bur 08.06.1705)
  (2) Stephen Fenwick (a 1615, 5th son)
  m. Mary
  (3) Anne Fenwick (a 1615)
  m. Christ. Metcalf
  (4)+ other issue - Robert, Anthony, Cuthbert, John, Mary, Frances
  b. Dorothy Fenwicke
  m. Samuel Ogle
  c. Isabell Fenwicke
  m. George Hunter
ii. William Fenwicke (a 1621)
  C. Guiscard (Wygard or Richard) Fenwicke
  m. Isabella
  i.+ issue - John, William, Thomas
  D. Wilgeford or Wilgefrid Fenwicke
  m. Thomas Musgrave of Bewcastell
  E. Barabara Fenwicke
  m. Matthew Whitfield of Whitfield
  F. daughter
  m. Robert Colingwood of Eastlington
  G. daughter possibly of this generation (sb earlier?)
  m. Robert Alder (a 1480)
2. Roger Fenwicke of Leighton (Greenleighton or Lighton)

Main source(s): 'A History of Northumberland' by Rev. John Hodgson (Part 2, Vol 2, 1832, 'Pedigree of Fenwick of Stanton' (pp113-114) & 'Pedigree of Fenwick of Langshaws and Nunriding' (pp75-76)) with input/support from Visitation (Yorkshire, 1563-4, Fenwick), supported by Visitation (Harvey, 'The North', 1552, 'The Pedegre of Raffe Fenwyke of Stanton'), Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Fenwick', p45)
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