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Families covered: Shafto of Little Bavington

Cuthbert Shafto of Little Bavington
m. Isabel Bertram (dau/coheir of Roger Bertram of Brenkley)
1. John Shafto of Little Bavington (a 1552, d by 1565)
  m. Anne Ellerker (dau of Sir William Ellerker of Widdrington)
  A. John Shafto of Little Bavington (dsp by 1583)
  B. Edward Shafto of Little Bavington (d by 1593)
m. Margerie Heron (dau of Sir George Heron of Chipchase Castle)
  i. William Shafto of Little Bavington (b c1576, a 1666, Captain)
  m. Frances Dalston (dau of Thomas Dalston of Cumberland)
  a. Edward Shafto (dvp 1640)
  m. Margaret Errington (dau of Edward Errington)
  (1) John Shafto of Little Bavington (b c1641, d 01.1709)
  m1. (07.1660) Frances Fenwick (d 08.1704, dau of Edward Fenwick of Stanton)
Various web sites (the one in particular that we followed when we first worked on this page, which was before we used 'A History of Northumberland', was no longer available when this page was redone in September 2019) show a George of Little Bavington (d 1679) between the Edward shown above (m. Margerie Heron) and the following William. BLG1886 jumps from the above Cuthbert (m. Isabel Bertran) to the following William.
  (A) William Shafto of Little Bavington (b c1663, d before 17.03.1719)
  William was attainted in 1715 (as was his son John) and Bavington was forfeited. However, Little Bavington was purchased by Admiral George Delaval who later passed it to his nephew George (below).
  m. (after 25.01.1695) Elizabeth Riddell, later in Newcastle (d 11.1747, dau of Thomas Riddell of Swinburn)
  (i) John Shafto of Hexham (a 1715, d 27.06.1773)
  (B) Edward (probably not George) Shafto of Hexham (b 02.1665/6, d by 1735)
  [m1. _ Horsley of Horsley (dsp)]
  m2. (c02.1700) Mary Delaval (a 1735, dau of George Delaval of Dissington, sister of Admiral George of Little Bavington)
(i) George Shafto, later Delaval of Little Bavington, Sheriff of Northumberland (bpt 28.01.1703, d unm 01.1782, MP, 2nd son)
  (ii) Robert Shafto of Hexham, later of Little Bavington (dsp bur 08.01.1788)
  m. Jane (a 03.1788)
  (iii) Delaval Shafto
  m. (before 1743) Mary Hodgson (dau of Philipo Hodgson of Tone)
  (iv) William Shafto of Humsaugh and Highhouse & Edge Green in Halswhistle (d 22.05.1762, younger son?)
  m. (05.12.1734) Phillis or Esther Heron (bpt 01.08.1711, dau of John Heron of Birtley Hall)
  (a) Sir Cuthbert Shafto of Little Bavington, Sheriff of Northumberland (bpt 04.09.1736, d 26.11.1812)
  m1. (31.05.1764) Sarah Ingram of Beverley (bur 04.04.1775)
  ((1)) George Dalston Shafto of Little Bavington (bpt 05.12.1766, dsps bur 19.06.1826)
  m. (30.11.1785) Anne or Hester Charlton (b 1766-7, bur 26.03.1816, dau of William Charklton of Lee Hall & Alnwick)
  ((A))+ issue (dvp) - George John (b 1787-8, d 03.06.1795), William Henry (bur 24.08.1791)
  ((2)) Robert Ingram Shafto of Bishopwearmouth, later of Little Bavington (bpt 03.12.1770, d 13.04.1848, 3rd son) had issue
  (m. (26.06.1827) Ann Brown (d c1870, dau of John Brown of Hexham, m2. William Charlton of Hexham & Greenwich)
  ((3)) John Shafto of Broadwater in Framlingham, Suffolk (bpt 16.04.1772, d 10.04.1839, Captain) had issue
  m1. (19.03.1802, sp?) Ann Warner of Framlingham (b 1778-9, bur 19.03.1819)
  m2. (28.11.1823) Jemima Stannard of Woodbridge (m2. Rev. Humphrey Brown of Kirkheaton)
  ((4)) Edward Shafto of Durham (b 1772-3, d 30.06.1834, brewer) had issue
m1. (23.11.1801, spm) Elizabeth Hodgson (b 1779-80, bur 13.03.1804, dau of Hugh Hodgson of Primrose Hill)
  m2. (15.06.1805) Eliza Crathorne (dau of George Crathorne of London)
  ((5)) Mary Shafto (bpt 21.07.1769)
  m. Rev. Rowland Ingram (master of Giggleswick School)
  ((A)) Sarah Ingram (b c1800, d 30.07.1844, eldest dau) probably of this generation
  m. (26.11.1825) Henry Nicholas Corsellis (b.01.1800, d 1848, Major)
  ((6))+ other issue - Delaval of Morpeth (bpt 11.02.1768, d unm bur 09.12.1824), Harriet (bpt 03.05.1765)
  m2. Mary Swinburn (b 1753-4, d 15.06.1840, dau of William Swinburn of Hexham)
  ((8)) William Henry Shafto of Plymouth (b 27.09.1786, d c1876) had issue
  m. Mary Nield
  ((9)) Charles Cuthbert Shafto of Morpeth, later of Little Bavington (b c1795, bur 28.12.1866, youngest son)
  ((10)) Isabella Eliza Shafto (bpt 21.10.1790)
  m. (17.06.1815) William Clayton of Langcliffe
  ((11)) Sarah Hussey Shafto
  m. (18.05.18**) Rev. Henry Prowse Jones
  ((12))+ other issue - Francis (bur 17.01.1785), Cuthbert (bpt/bur 1789), Cuthbert (bpt 1791, bur 1795), Alexander (bpt/bur 1793), Henry (d 23.07.1786), son (d 22.10.1807), Charlotte (bur 19.12.1787), Eleanor Louisa (b 28.08.1787, bur 22.08.1803), Caroline Mathilda (bpt 14.11.1788, d 23.02.1876), Isabella (bpt 12.07.1797)
  m2. (c02.1750) Elizabeth Coxon (bur 16.08.1799)
  The following comes from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Shafto of Carrycoats', p407).
  (b) William Shafto of Hexham (bpt 16.04.1752, d 23.04.1833)
  ((1)) William Gascoign Shafto of Hexham, later of Carrycoars (b 1789-90, dspms 04.07.1846) had issue
  m. (15.08.1825) Sarah Wicks of Lambeth (bur 14.01.1865)
  (c) Mary Shafto (bpt 02.08.1753, dsp bur 08.11.1832)
  m. James Stack of Newcastle
  (d) Elizabeth Shafto (d infant)
  (v)+ other issue - John (bpt 20.01.1701/2, a 1719, dvpsp?), Jesse (bpt 30.08171, dsp, Captain), Edward (bpt 10.08.1713, bur 17.09.1715)
  (C) John Shafto possibly fits here
  (D) daughter possibly fits here
  m. Jesse Jenkinson
  (i) Jesse Jenkinson of Hexham (d before 08.09.1750)
  m2. (c11.1707) Ann Bates (widow)
  b. George Shafto of Bavington, later of Little Harle (a 1666)
  m. Margaret Goodgin (dau of Robert Goodgin of Skipton)
  (1) Edward Shafto (b c1648, a 1666)
  'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, p425) suggests that this Edward may have been the Edward who was "out in the rebellion of 1715" when he was described as "an old grey-headed gentleman' (when he would have been aged about 67) who was father of ...
  (A) John Shafto (a 1715, d Preston?, Captain)
  m. ?? (possibly dau of Sir William Fenwick of Wallington, sister of Sir John)
  (i) John Shafto of High Farneylaw
  m. (06.05.1730) Mary Joycey of Netherwitton (widow of _ English of Earsdon)
  (a) Isabella Shafto
  m. James America ("emigrated to America in 1800")
  (b) Margaret Shafto (bpt 21.051739)
  m. Thomas Thompson of Wallington Saugh house
  ((1)) Shafto Thompson of West Harle (d 18.04.1833, joiner)
  m. Eleanor Pearson (dau of Andrew Pearson)
  ((A)) Thomas Thompson of South Shields (b c1793, d 07.01.1842)
  (c)+ other issue - John (bpt 04.01.1732, d um), Lancelot (b 01.12.1735, d young)
  (2) Frances Shafto
  m. (by 1666) Roger Preston of Skipton
(3)+ other issue (a 1666) - Margaret, Ann, Katherine
  c. John Shafto (d before 09.01.1695/6, vicar of Warden)
  m. Margaret Errington
  (1) Daniel Shafto of Hexham (bur 08.11.1718)
  (2)+ other issue (d young)
  d. Dalson Shafto in Shatto (a 1663)
  e. Charles Shafto of Kirkheaton (d before 24.03.1696/7, 5th son)
  m. Isabel Addison (dau of John Addison of Ovingham)
  f. Mary Shafto
  m. Cuthbert Fenwick of Great Bavington
  g. Catherine Shafto
  m. John Heron of Chipchase
  h. Frances Shafto
  m. John Aynsley
  j. Jane Shafto
  m. Ephraim Cresswell
  j. Margery Shafto
m. John Darlington of Tanfield
  k. Grace Shafto
  m. Cuthbert Ramsay of Beukley
  ii. Thomas Shafto of Thockrington
  m. Anne Heron (dau of Henry Heron)
  iii. Grace Shafto
  m. Guy Aynsley of Shafto
  iv.+ other issue - Marmaduke (a 1607), Isabella, Ann, Barbara, Fortune
  C. William Shafto of Little Bavington (a 10.1599, youngest son)
  Johnson shows William (will dated 06.10.1599) m. Eleanor but this is possibly the William (shown by some web sites as d 06.10.1599 and father of Margery) who married ...
  m. Ann Swinburne (b 1546, dau of Roger Swinburne of Edlingham) possibly mother of ...
  i. Margery Shafto
m. Edward Shafto (son of Reynold of Throckington)
  D.+ other issue - Luke, Jane, Mary, Dorothy, Grace
  One of the daughters married ...
  m. (by 1571) John Fenwick of Brenkney
2. Agnes Shafto
  m1. Thomas Carnaby
  m2. Martin Turpin
3. Barbara Shafto
  m. George Errington (of the Denton family)
4. Fortune Shafto
  m. Thomas Errington
5. Grace Shafto
  m. Cuthbert Musgrave
6. Mally Shafto
  m. Roger Heron of Birtley
7.+ other issue - George, Ambrose, Edward

Main source(s) (reviewed, revised & expanded on 10.09.19) : 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Shafto of Little Bavington', p417+) with some support from BLG1886 ('Shafto of Bavington Hall')
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