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Families covered: Frowick of Gunnersbury, Frowick of the Old Fold

Thomas Frowick of the Old Fold, Middlesex
m. _ Adrian (dau of John Adrian, son/heir of John of Brokham)
1. Henry Frowick of Brokham (Surrey) & the Old Fold
  A. Reginald Frowick of the Old Fold
  i. Henry Frowick of the Old Fold
  m. Margaret Pownz (dau/heir of William Pownz)
a. Thomas Frowick
  m. Margaret Derham (dau/heir of John Derham of Derham)
  (1) Henry Frowick of the Old Fold
  m. Alice Cornwall (dau/heir of John Cornwall (by Elizabeth), son of Richard of Wilsden by Joane, dau/heir of Henry Gloster of Finchley, Alice m2. Thomas Carlton)
(A) Thomas Frowick of the Old Fold
  m. Elizabeth Ashe (dau/coheir of William Ashe)
  (i) Henry Frowick of the Old Fold
  m. Elenor Throgmorton (dau of Thomas Throgmorton of Cawghton)
  (a) Thomas Frowick of the Old Fold
  m. Joane Lewknor (dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Lewknor of Sussex)
  ((1)) Henry Frowick of Weld & North Myms, Hertfordshire
  m. Anne Knowles (dau/coheir of Robert Knowles of North Myms)
Mundy ends with this generation.
  ((A)) Elizabeth Frowick possibly of this generation
  m. John Coningsby of North Mimms
  ((2)) Henry Frowick
  ((A))+ issue - Stephen, Thomas
  ((3)) Margaret Frowick
  m. _ Pattent
  ((4)) daughter
  m. _ Shakerley
  ((5)) Alice Frowick
  m. John Goodere of Hadley
  (b) Henry Frowick
  (c) Joan Frowick
  m. _ Slyfeld of Surrey
  (d) Elizabeth Frowick
  m. _ Basset of Essex
  (ii) Alice Frowick
  m. John Raynes of Bedfordshire
  (iii) Agnes Frowick
  m. Thomas Hutford
  (iv) Elizabeth Frowick
  m. Thomas Haselrigg
  (B) Henry Frowick of London & Gonholsbery (Gunnersbury in Middlesex) (a 1330)
  m. Isabel
  (i) (Sir) Thomas Frowick of Gunnersbury (alderman of London)
  m. Jane Sturgeon (dau/heir of John Sturgeon)
  (a) Henry Frowick of Gonoldsbury (Gunnersbury) & Canterbury
  In the main section on this family, Mundy shows Henry as married only to Joane/Jane Danvers, mother of Humfrey, Margaret & Elizabeth. In an earlier section, he shows also the marriage to Margaret Leigh and reference to a manuscript which shows his children (Elizabeth, Thomas, Mary, Henry & Grace) as possibly by Margaret. Visitation (Bedfordshire) mentions only Joan Danvers and her daughter Margaret. Visitation (Sussex, 1530+1633-4, Ford) shows Margaret as mother of Thomas, Henry, Mary & Elizabeth. The following attribution of children is somewhat arbitrary.
m1. Jane Danvers (dau of Thomas Danvers of Oxfordshire)
  ((1)) Humphrey Frowick (dsp)
  m. Agnes Strickland (dau of Humfrey Strickland)
  ((2)) Margaret Frowick
  m. Sir Michael Fisher of Clifton, Bedfordshire
  ((A)) John Fisher
  m. Anne Mordaunt (dau of John Mordaunt, 1st Lord)
((i)) Agnes Fisher
  m. (before 01.1548-9) Oliver St. John, 1st Lord of Bletso (d before 23.05.1582)
  m2. Margaret Leigh (dau of Rafe Leigh of Stockwell, m2. Walter Ford)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Frowick
  m. Sir John Spilman of Narborough
  ((4))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Henry (priest), Mary (dsp), Grace
  (b) Sir Thomas Frowick of Finchley, Middlesex ('Chief Justice')
  m. Joan Bardvill
  ((1)) Friswold (Frideswide) Frowick
  m. Sir Thomas Cheney (d 12.1558)
(c) Eliza (not Isabel) Frowick
  m. Sir Thomas Haute of Kent
  (d) Isabel Frowick
  m. Thomas Bledlowe of London
  ((1)) Thomas Bledlow, Sheriff of London
  m. Elizabeth (not Isabel) Starkey (dau/coheir of Humfrey Starkey)
  ((A)) Elizabeth Bledlow (d 25.10.1556)
  m1. Andrew Edmonds 'of Cressing Temple'
  m2. (before 04.07.1524) John Williams, Lord of Thame
  ((B)) Catherin Bledlow
  m. John Goodwin
  (C) Richard Frowick
  (i) Mary Frowick
  m. Richard Barnett
  partner(s) unknown
  b.+ other issue - Henry, Oliver
  ii.+ other issue - William, Thomas, Steven, Aretinus
2. Roger Frowick of Bechworth
  m. Idonea
  A. John Frowick (dsp)

Main source(s): Mundy's Middlesex Pedigrees (1914, Frowick of the Old Fold), Visitation (Bedfordshire, 1566, St. John (of Bletshoe))
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