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Families covered: Haut of Bishopsborne, Haut (Hawte) of Bourne, Haut of Petham

Sir Symon de Haut
1. William de Haut
  A. Henry de Haut (d 1370)
i. Sir Edmund de Haut (dvp)
  m. Benedicta Shelvyng (dau of John Shelvyng de Shelvingsbourne, m2. Sir Thomas Wendall, m3. John Fitzwilliams)
  a. Nicholas Haut
  m. Alice (d 1399-1400)
  (1) Nicholas Haut of Petham
  (A) Richard Haut of Petham
  (2) William Haut of Bishopysborne, 'of Ightam (Waddenhall), Sheriff of Kent' (d 1462)
  m. (1429) Matilda or Joan Woodville (dau of Richard Woodvill, sister of Richard, Earl Rivers)
Not clear on the order of birth of the children.
  (A) Sir William Haut of Hantesbourne (a 1473)
  m. Johanna Horne (dau of Henry Horne alias Hoorne alias Heron)
(i) Sir Thomas Haut or Hawte
  m. Eliza Frowick (dau of Sir Thomas Frowick)
  (a) Sir William Haut or Hawte of 'Bourne', Shelvingbourne or Bishopsborne (a 1530)
  m. Maria Guildford (dau of Richard Guildford, relict of Christopher Kempe)
  ((1)) Edmund Haut or Hawte
  ((2)) Eliza Haut or Hawte
  m. Thomas Culpeper of Edgebery (son of Sir Alexander)
  ((3)) Jane Haut or Hawte
  m. Thomas Wyatt of Alington (son of Thomas) (d 11.04.1554)
  (b) daughter
  m. _ Isaak
  (c) Johanna Haut or Hawte
  m1. Thomas Godyere of Hadley
  m2. Robert Wroth
(ii) Alice Haut
  m. Sir William Crowmer (son of Sir James)
  (B) Jacob (James) Haut
  (i) Henry Haut
  m. Eliza Walden (dau of Sir Richard Walden of Erith by dau of William Rawlesley)
(ii)+ other issue - Edward, Richard, Alice
  (C) Edward Haut (a 1473)
  (D) Richard Haut
  m. (Elizabeth) Terrell (relict of Robert Darcy)
  (i) Edward Haut (b c1476)
  m. _ Frogenhaule
  (a) Anna Haut
  m. John Fane of Tunbridge (d before 1554)
  (b) Dorothea Haut
  m. John Brynckelowe of London
  (c)+ other issue - Maria, Isabella
  (ii) Anna Haut
  m. Sir John Gainsford (d 1540, son of John of Crowhurst)
(iii) Elizabeth Haut
  m. Ralph St. Leger of Ulcomb
  (E) Johanna Haut
  m. (Sir George) Darell
  (F) daughter
  m. Thomas or William Digges
(G) Eliza or Alice Haut
  m. Sir John Fogg 'of Repton'
  (H) Elizabeth Haut apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Robert Bayntun of Faulston and Bromham (b 1439, d 1473)
  b. Edmund Haut
  (1) John Haut of Plukeley (d c1431)
  m. Johanna de Surrenden (sister/heir of John de Surrenden, 'dau of John by Agnes Pluckley')
  (A) Christiana Haut
  m1. John Dering of Westbrook, later of Surrenden (d 1425)
  m2. Reginald Dreyland
  (B) Alice Haut
  m. William Goldwell
  (C)+ other issue - Margaret (nun), Elizabeth (d 10.06.1424-5)
  ii.+ other issue - William, John
  B. Jacob de Haut (a 1343)

Main source(s): Visitation (Kent, 1619 Additional, De Haut)
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