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Families covered: Colepeper of Bedgebery, Colepeper of Greenway Court, Colepeper of Hollingbourne, Colepeper of Leeds Castle, Colepeper of Thoresway, Colepeper of Wigsell
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Sir John Colepeper (d 1480)
m. Agnes Bedgebery (dau of John Bedgebery of Bedgebery)
1. Sir Alexander Colepeper of Bedgebery
  m1. Agnes Davy (dau of Roger Davy of Northfleet)
  A. Alice Colepeper
  m. Sir Adam Newington of Withernden Ticehurst
m2. Constantia Chamberlaine (dau of Sir Robert Chamberlaine of Sussex, widow of _ Harper)
  B. Thomas Colepeper of Bedgebery
  m1. Eliza Hawte (dau of Sir William Hawte of Borne by Mary Guildford)
  i. Sir Alexander Colepeper of Bedgebery
  m. Mary Dacre (dau of Sir William Dacre, 3rd Lord of Gillesland, 'the North')
  a. Sir Anthony Colepeper of Bedgebery
  m. Anne Martin (dau of Sir Roger Martin of London)
(1) Sir Alexander Colepeper of Bedgebery
  m1. Elizabeth Roberts (dau of Sir Thomas Roberts of Glassonbery)
  (A) Anne Colepeper (b 1603)
  m. (1624) Thomas Shelgrave
  m2. Jane Burrell (dau of Ninian Burrell of Cuckfield)
  (2) William Colepeper
  m. Elionora Say (dau of Robert Say of Ickenham)
  (A) daughter
  (3) Mary Colepeper
  m. Henry Crispe of Quake (Quex)
(4) Elizabeth Colepeper
  m. John Thorpe of Cudworth
  (5)+ other issue - Henry, Roger, Thomas, Jacob, Anna, Catharine
  ii. Constance Colepeper
  m. Christopher Sackvile
  iii. Margaret Colepeper
  m. Thomas Coulpeper of Aylesford (b c1517, a 1587)
  m2. Helen Hendley (dau/coheir of Sir Walter Hendley)
iv.+ other issue - George, Walter, Poyninges, Elizabeth
  C. John Colepeper
  m. Mary Hales (dau of Sir Chrishoper Hales)
  i. Anne Colepeper
  D. Anne Colepeper
  BE1883 shows the eldest daughter as Jane who m. Richard Molins of Perks (sic) with her having a sister named Joan. Visitation shows an Anne who m. Raulf Mollens. We suspect that this was Anne who married ...
  m. William Molyns of Berkshire
  E. Margaret Colepeper
  m. Philip Choute (Captain)
  F. Catherine Colepeper
  m. Thomas Barrett
G. Joan Colepeper
  m. John FitzJames of Devon
  H. Elizabeth Colepeper (dsp)
  m. John Saint-Cleere
2. Walter Colepeper 'of Bedgebery'
  m. Anne Aucher (dau of John (sb Henry) Aucher of Losnam)
  A. William Colepeper of Losenham & Wigsell
  m. Cecilia Barrett (dau of John or Edward Barrett)
  i. Sir John Colepeper of Wigsell, Sussex
  m. Elizabeth Sedley (dau of William Sedley of Southfleet)
We have been advised by a contributor (MF, 10.05.09) that DNB has an entry for the undermentioned John, 1st Lord, which reports that he was the 2nd but eldest surviving son of Thomas Colepeper (d 1613) and Anne Slaney (d 1602, sister of Mary, Lady Weld). MF notes that Thomas is presumed to have been an intervening generation between Sir John and Lord John and that Anne Slaney was dau of Sir Stephen Slaney, Lord Mayor of London in 1595. PROVISIONALLY, we insert that additional generation but note that the BHO source referred to below (on Colepeper of Leeds Castle) supports TCP in identifying Lord John as "only son of Sir John Culpeper, of Wigsell".
  a. Thomas Colepeper of Wigsell (d 1613)
  m. Ann Slaney (d 1602, dau of Sir Stephen Slaney, Lord Mayor of London)
  (1) John Colepeper of Bedgebery, 1st Lord of Thoresway (b c1600, d 11.07.1660, Chancellor)
  m1. (29.10.1628) Philippa Snelling (bur 16.09.1630, dau of Sir John (sb George?) Snelling of West Grinstead)
  (A) Alexander Colepeper (dvpsp 02.03.1648/9)
  m. (08.09.1648) Catherine Ford (b c1636, dau of Sir Edward Ford of Harting)
(B) Philippa Colepeper
  m. Thomas Harlakenden of Wood Church
  m2. (before 1635) Judith Colepeper (bpt 01.06.1606, dau of Sir Thomas Colepeper of Hollingbourne) @1@ below
  (C) Thomas Colepeper, 2nd Lord of Thoresway (bpt 21.03.1634/5, d 27.01.1688/9)
  m. (before 13.09.1660) Margaret Van Hesse (b c1635, d 10.05.1710, dau of Jan Van Hesse, Herr Van Piershil)
  (i) Catherine Colepeper (d before 23.06.1719)
  m. (c1685) Thomas Fairfax, 5th Lord of Cameron (b 16.04.1657, d 06.01.1709-10)
  The following connection comes from King's Staffordshire Pedigrees (1664-1700, Pershall or Peshall).
  p. Susan Willis
(ii) Charlotte Colepeper
  m. John (Peter?) Peshall or Pershall 'of Great Sugnal' (dvp 1705)
  (D) John Colepeper, 3rd Lord of Thoresway (bpt 04.03.1640, dsp 08.07.1719)
  m. (30.06.1707) Frances Colepeper (b 04.02.1644, d 17.02.1740/1, dau of Sir Thomas Colepeper of Hollingbourne) @2@ below
  (E) Cheney Colepeper, 4th Lord of Thoresway (bpt 06.09.1642, d unm 15.06.1725)
(F) Elizabeth Colepeper (b c1637, d 1709)
  m. (1661) James Hamilton, younger of Donalong (dvp 06.06.1673, Colonel)
  (G) Judith Colepeper
  m. _ Colepeper
  (H)+ other issue - Francis (d unm), Philippa
  b. John Culpeper of Greenway Court probably of this generation
  (1) Frances Culpeper (bur 19.08.1665, "cousin of 1st Lord")
  m. (07.01.1625/6) James Medlicott of Stockwell & Ashtead (d c1664)
c. Cecilia Culpeper probably of this generation
  m. Sir William Steed of Harrietsham (a 1613)
  d. Frances Colepeper (d 16.06.1643) possibly of this generation
  m. Herbert Hay of Glyndebourne (b 1591, d 02.1652)
  ii. Francis Colepeper of Greenway Court (b c1538, d 1591)
  m. Joane Pordage (dau of John Pordage of Rodmersham)
  a. Sir Thomas Colepeper 'of Greenway Court' of Hollingbourne & Leeds Castle, Kent
  m. Elizabeth Cheney (b c1582, d 27.10.1638, dau of John Cheney of Guestling)
The following is parttly supported by BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', Vol 5 (1798), 'Parishes: Leeds').
(1) Cheney Colepeper of Leeds Castle
  (A) Cicely Culpeper (coheir) probably of this generation
  m. William Cage of Milgate (dvp 1676)
  (2) Francis Colepeper (dsp)
  (3) Sir Thomas Colepeper of Hollingbourne
  m. Alice Colepeper (dau of Sir William Colepeper of Aylesford)
  (A) Margaret Colepeper (d 19.10.1736)
  m. William Hamilton of Chilston Park (bur 20.07.1737)
  (B) Frances Colepeper (b 04.02.1644, d 17.02.1740/1)
m. (30.06.1707) John Colepeper, 3rd Lord of Thoresway (bpt 04.03.1640, dsp 08.07.1719) @2@ above
  (C) Alice Colepeper probably of this generation
  m. Dutton Stede of Stede Hill (d c1719)
  (4) Judith Colepeper (bpt 01.06.1606, bur 21.11.1691 ?)
m. (before 1635) Sir John Colepeper of Bedgebery, 1st Lord of Thoresway (b c1600, d 11.07.1660, Chancellor) @1@ above
  (5) Paulina Colepeper (bur 26.11.1625) probably of this generation
  m. (16.06.1617) Walter Harlakenden of Harlakenden (bpt 09.1602, bur 12.1628)
  (6) Cicely Colepeper probably of this generation
  m. Ralph Freke of Hannington (b 1595, d 1683)
  (7) Joane Colepeper probably of this generation
  m. William Cage of Milgate (b c1599, d 04.1677))
  iii. Martin Colepeper (4th son) had issue
  a. Mercy Colepeper possibly fits here (noting the Wilsford-Sandys connection)
  m. Samuel Sandys of Ombersley (d 18.08.1623)
  iv. Anna Colepeper probably of this generation
  m. Simon Edolphe of St. Radigund
  v.+ other issue - Thomas, Walter (had issue), Richard, Edmond
  B. Elizabeth Colepeper
  m. Thomas Wilsford
3. Jocosa (Joyce) Colepeper
  m1. Gerald (or Geratio or Gernet) Hume or Haume or Hame of Apledore, Kent
  A. William Haume
  B. Dorothy Haume
  m. Thomas Pecham
  i. Reynold Pecham
  ii. Lucy Pecham
  m. Sir George Harper
  m2. Reginald Peckham

Main source(s): BE1883 (Colepeper of Thoresway), Visitation (Kent, 1574, Coulpeper), TCP (Colepeper of Thoresway)
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