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Families covered: Molins of Dorset, Moleyns (Molines) of Moleyns (Molines), Molines (Molyns or Moleyns) of Mackney, Molyns of Sandhall

This family's name is spelt variously with Moleyns, Molynes, Molines and Molins being common variants.
TCP (Moleyns or Molins) includes a note that reports that this family is thought to have descended from the following William de Falaise. However, it notes that the normally identified ancestor is Robert but that he probably died without (male) issue. BE1883 reports that the family "was of French extraction, assumed its surname from a town so called, in the Bourbonnois", and that its coat of arms was "Paly of six, wavy, or and gules".
William de Falaise
1. William des Moulins (a 1124)
  m1. Aubree (a 1124, dau of Guitmond, castellan of Moulins)
  A. William des Moulins
  B. Robert des Moulins (dsp)
  m. Agnes (dau of Robert de Grandesmil)
  m2. Duda (dau of Waleran de Meulan)
C. Simon des Moulins
  D. Hugh des Moulins (dsp)
TCP starts 'properly' with ...
Vincent de Moleyns
m. Isabel
1. Sir John de Moleyns, 1st Baron (d 10.03.1359/60)
  TCP identifies this John as having been called to a Great Council as if he was a Baron but notes that that assembly is not recognised as a formal Parliament. Accordingly TCP appears not to accept that John and his successors were real parliamentary 'Lords'. However, as TCP does include an article on the family (although this is arguably in support of the fact that the undermentioned Sir Robert Hungerford was summoned to Parliament as Lord Moleyns), we follow BE1883 in identifying him and his successors as though they were. BE1883 shows that he had a second wife, Margaret (daughter of Roger Pogeys of Stoke Pogeys) but TCP identifies his wife as ...
m. (by 1325) Gilles or Egidia Mauduit (d 21.01.1366/7, dau of Sir John Mauduit of Somerford by Margaret, dau/coheir of Sir Robert Pugeys of Stoke Poges)
  A. John de Moleyns (dvpsp 10.1342)
  m. (by 1340) Joan Rokesley (d 06.05.1369, dau of Sir Richard Rokesley)
  B. William de Moleyns, 2nd Baron (d 14.02.1380/1)
  m. (before 12.03.1352) Margery Bacoun (b 1336, d 01.06.1399, dau of Sir Edmund Bacoun of Norfolk by Margery Poynings)
  i. Richard de Moleyns, 3rd Baron (d 14.12.1384)
  m. Eleanor de Beaumont (dau of Henry Beaumont, 3rd Lord) identified by BE1883 (Molines) and BE1883 (Beaumont)
  a. William de Moleyns, 4th Baron (b 07.01.1377/8, d 08.06.1425)
  m. (before 25.12.1405) Margery (d 26.03.1439)
BE1883 only shows one generation of Williams, showing Eleanor (Alianore) as daughter of the 4th baron. We follow TCP.
  (1) William de Moleyns, 5th Baron (bpt 08.12.1405, d Orleans 08.05.1429)
  m1. (1417) Katherine Fauconer (dau of Thomas Fauconer)
m2. (01.05.1423) Anne Whalesborough (a 01.1486, dau of John Whalesborough of Cornwall)
  (A) Eleanor de Moleyns (b 11.06.1426)
  m1. (before 05.11.1440) Robert Hungerford, 3rd Lord Hungerford, Lord Moleyns, (b before 1429, d 1463/4)
  m2. (c24.03.1468/9) Sir Oliver Manyngham
  (i) Friswid Manyngham (heir) apparently of this generation
  m. Sir Thomas Oxenbridge
  (2) Katherine Moleyns (d 03.11.1465)
  m. Sir John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk (d Bosworth Field 22.08.1485)
  C. Isabel de Molines
  m. Robert Morley (dvp before 12.11.1403)



Visitation (Hampshire) spells the family name as Molyns; Visitation (Berkshire), except in the title, as Molines; VCH as Moleyns. This family's coat of arms (excluding quarterings) is shown as "Or, a cross moline Sable, on a chief Azure three talbots' heads of the field".
Sir Richard de Molyns
1. William de Molyns
  m. Allice
  A. Henery Molyns
  i. John Molyns
  a. Nicholas Molyns
  (1) John Molyns of Sandhall, Southamptonshire
  (A) John Molyns
  Visitiation (Berkshire) and VCH start with the next generation, the husband of the heiress of Mackney. Visitation (Berkshire) names him Sir Adam whilst VCH names him Sir Adrian.Visitation (Hampshire), supported by Visitation (Oxfordshire), names him ...
  (i) Richard Molyns of Sandhall & Mackney (Berkshire)
  m. _ Court (dau/heir of Robert Court or Coorte or Cort of Mackney (who d 1509), sister/heir of Robert)
  (a) William Molyns of Sandhall & Mackney (a 1523)
  Visitation (Hampshire) shows that William married 3 times, the order not being clear but possibly _ Mountague (mother of John), Anne Colepeper (mother of William) then Emelyn Waldron (no child shown). Visitation (Berkshire) mentions just Anna Colpepper, showing her as mother of Anthony, Sir Michael & George. Visitation (Oxfordshire) mentions 1 wife, identified as his 3rd, naming her Anne, dau of Sir Anthony Molyns, and following him with Anthony albeit not confirming that William was Anthony's father (or Anne his mother). The following tries to pull this together.
  m1. _ Mountague (dau/heir of William Mountague, son of John son of William son of John (uncle/heir of William, Earl of Salisbury))
  ((1)) Robert Molyns (dvp?)
  Robert is not mentioned by any of the Visitations. However, VCH reports that Robert, son and apparent successor of William, settled the manor "on himself and his direct heirs with remainder to Henry the son and heir of John Moleyns". VCH then reports that Anthony, William's eldest son, "appears to have been living here in 1564 and his brother Michael in 1577-8" but then reports that "Henry Moleyns had come into possession of the manor in 1597 and sold it in 1611".
  ((2)) John Molyns of Sandhall
  m. Elizabeth Hymerford (dau of Henry Hymerford)
  ((A)) Henry Molyns of Sandhall (a 1611)
m. Alice Skilling (dau of Walter Skilling of Wiltshire)
  ((i)) William Molyns
  ((a)) daughter
  m. _ Waterton
  ((b)) daughter
  m. _ Somer
  ((ii))+ other issue - Anne, Jane, Judith, Dorothy, Elizabeth, Joyce
  m2. Anne Colepeper (dau of Sir Alexander Colepeper of Begbery)
  ((3)) Anthony Molines of Mackney (a 1564)
  m. Agnes Cheyne of Wallingford named by Visitation (Oxfordshire)
  ((A)) Anna Molines mentioned by Visitation (Berkshire)
  m. Jo. Symons
  ((B)) Margareta Molines mentioned by Visitation (Berkshire)
  m. Martin Tichburne
  ((C))+ issue - Thomas, Maryanne, Elizabeth mentioned by Visitation (Oxfordshire)
((4)) Sir Michael Molines of Mackney (a 1577)
  m. Frances Hudleston (dau of Anthony Hudleston)
  ((A)) Sir Barentine Molines of Clapcott (b c1576, a 1623)
  m. Elizabeth Sowthwell (sister of Sir Robert Sowthwell (Southwell))
  ((i)) Michael Molines (b c1602, a 1623)
  ((B)) Isabella Molines
  m. Michael Stamp
  ((C)) Anna Molines
  Anna shows Anna as having married Thomas Heliar. It appears that she (also) married ....
  m1. Thomas Bennet of Clapcot
  m2. Thomas Tesdale
  ((5)) George Molines (dsp)
  m3/4. probably Emelyn (dau of William Waldron (Walrond) of Bovey) and/or Anne (dau of Sir Anthony Molyns)
  (B) John Molyns



Visitation suggests that the coat of arms of the following family may have been "Ermine, a mill-rind sable" but adds "quere for the right of this Coate".
Thomas Molins of Westhall in Folke, Dorset (d before 05.02.1593/4)
m. Ann Thornhill (bur 31.07.1589, dau of William Thornhukk of Thornhull)
1. Henry Molins (or Mallins) 'of Dorset' (bur 21.11.1594)
  m. Bridget Pym (bur 20.02.1627/8, dau of Erasmus Pym of Brymore)
  A. Thomas Molins (b c1574, d 16.05.1614)
  i.+ issue - Thomas (d 16.10.1627), Edward, Elizabeth
  B. William Molins (a 1601, of the Middle Temple)
2. William Molins
  m. _ Boteler of Bedfordshire
  A. Thomas Molins
  m. Margerie Goddard of Wiltshire
  i.+ issue (a 1623) - John, Elizabeth, Maria
  B.+ other issue - John, William
3. Thomas Molins
4. Edward Molins
  m. Elizabeth
  A.+ issue - William (bpt 26.12.1587), Ann (bpt 03.07.1577), Elizabeth (b 18.04.1591)
5. Joan Molins
  m. William Winterhay

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