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Families covered: Tesdale of Abingdon, Tesdale of Sandford Deanley

John Tesdale "of the North"
1. John Tesdale, later Cliffe (bur 28.04.1540, prior of Abingdon)
2. Thomas Tesdale, later of Sandford Deanley (parson of Hanney, Berkshire)
  m. (c1500) Elizabeth Sharpe of Hanney
  A. John Tesdale (b c1505, d 1578, "held an office in Abingdon Abbey")
  m. Joan Prince (dau of Richard Prince of Nunenham Courtenay)
  i. Anthony Tesdale, Mayor of Abingdon, Oxfordshire (b 1539, d 1610, Governor then Master of Christ's Hospital, younger son)
  m. (1563) Margaret Hall of Abingdon
  a. Elias Tesdale of Abingdon (d 1615, younger son)
  m. Priscilla Cotes (dau of William Cotes of Abingdon)
  (1)+ issue - Thomas (d 1641, of Gray's Inn), Anthony
  b. Elizabeth Tesdale
  m. Lawrence Stevenson of Abingdon
  (1)+ issue - Robert, Martha, Elizabeth
  c. Mary Tesdale
  m. John (Lye?)
  (1)+ issue - William, John, Thomas, Anthony, Mary, Margaret
  d.+ other issue - Thomas of Middlesex (d 1632, recorder of Abingdon), Anthony, Sarah, Lidia, Joan, Dionis, Margery
  ii. Richard Tesdale (d 1597)
  m. Margaret Castleton (sister of William Castleton (Calten or Catton))
  a. Elizabeth Tesdale (b after 1580)
  m. John Prince (d 1635)
  iii. Christopher Tesdale, Mayor of Abingdon (b 1541, d 1631, Governor then Master of Christ's Hospital)
  m. Elizabeth Stevenson (dau of Lionard Stevenson of Hanney)
  a. John Tesdale, Mayor of Abingdon (b 1581, d 1670)
  m. Elizabeth Kent of Abingdon
  (1) Richard Tesdale of Oxford (d 1670, 2nd son?)
  (A) John Tesdale of Abingdon (b 1660)
  m. Jane Alder (dau of Mark Alder of Drayton)
  (i) John Tesdale
  (B) Richard Tesdale of London (silkman)
  m. Elizabeth Gray (dsp)
  (C) Joseph Tesdale of Abingdon (b 1665)
  m. Mary Spencer of London
  (D) Benjamin Tesdale of London
  m. Sarah Penniman (dau of Thomas Penniman of Yorkshire)
(E) Elizabeth Tesdale (a 1695)
  (2) Elizabeth Tesdale
  m. Francis Payne, Mayor of Abingdon
  (3) Catherine Tesdale
  m. Edward Brooks
  (4) Martha Tesdale
  m. Anthony Hearne
  (5) Frances Tesdale
  m. Philip Lockton ## see here ##
  (6) Dorothy Tesdale
  m. William Elkes (rector of Frilsham)
  (7)+ other issue - John (b 1616, a 1695, d unm, Chaplain to King Charles I), Thomas of Oxford, Christopher (d young)
  b. Christopher Tesdale (b 1591, canon of Winchester and Wells, younger son)
  (1) Christopher Tesdale (b 1641, d 1675, rector of Hurstbourne Tarrant)
  m. Susanna Bunny (b 1652, d 1692)
  (A) Susannah Tesdale
  m. William Sly of Newbury
  (B)+ Christopher Tesdale (b 1672, a 1690), Elizabeth (d unm)
  (2) Elizabeth Tesdale (d 1673)
  m. Isaac Colt of Salisbury
  (3)+ other issue - John (a 1695), Thomas
  c. Joshua Tesdale, Mayor of Abingdon (b 1595, d 1643, surgeon)
  m. Jane
  (1) Christopher Tesdale of Abingdon (surgeon)
  m. Lydia Bottlemaker (dau of Jasper Bottlemaker of Faringdon)
  (A) Jasper Tesdale (a 1695)
  (B) Christopher Tesdale
  m. Mary Meaks (dau of John Meaks)
  (2) Joshua Tesdale (a 1695)
  m. Jane Dickinson (dau of William Dickinson of Fitzharris Farm)
  (A)+ issue - Joshua, William, Jane, Mary
  (3) Thomas Tesdale of London (d c1680)
  (A) Thomas Tesdale (a 1695, soldier)
  m. Frances Green of Abingdon
  (B) Elizabeth Tesdale (a 1695)
  (4) Elizabeth Tesdale
m. George Eaton of Abingdon
  (5)+ other issue - Frances (b 1630, a 1695, d unm?), Hannah
  d. Elizabeth Tesdale (b 1591)
  m1. Thomas Goodwyn
  m2. Jonathan Hawe
  e.+ other issue - Benjamin (b 1583, a 1637, Mayor of Abingdon), Martha (b 1578, d unm), Ann (b 1585, d unm), Frances (b 1598)
iv.+ other issue - Thomas (d 1537), Lionel (d 1537), William (d 1537), John, Margery, Joan, Alice
  B. Thomas Tesdale of Fitzharris in Sandford Deanley (b 1507, d 1556)
  m1. (1534) Cecilia Hyde of Culham (d 1545)
  i. Elizabeth Tesdale (b 1535)
  m. Richard Bennet
  ii.+ other issue (d 1545 "of the plague") - Thomas (b 1537), John (b 1539), Francis (b 1543), William (b 1545), Margery (b 1541)
  m2. Joan Knapp (dau of WIlliam Knapp of Harcourt)
  vii. Thomas Tesdale (b 1547, d 1610)
  m. (10.06.1567) Maud Stone (b 1545, d 1610)
  viii. daughter
  m3. Ann Molins of Mackney (widow of Thomas Bennet of Clapcot)
  ix.+ other issue - son, John (dsp 1572)
  C. Richard Tesdale of Abingdon (b 1509, d 1597, sadler)
  i. Richard Tesdale (d 1602, Governor then Master of Christ's Hospital)
  m. Mary Meadows Chickin (possibly sister of Richard Cheekyn (Mayor), m2. Richard Curtin (Mayor))
  a. Elizabeth Tesdale (d 1638)
  m. Richard Dewe of Harwell, Sheriff of Berkshire
  (1)+ 14 children
  D. Margery Tesdale (b 1511)
  m. _ Matkins of London
  E. Elizabeth Tesdale (b 1517)
  m. (1541) Thomas Dringe
  i.+ issue - Thomas 9b 1542), Jasper (b 1544)
  F.+ other issue - Jone (bur 08.11.1549), Ann
3. son in Northamptonshire had issue

Main source(s): 'A History of Pembroke College, Oxford' by Douglas Macleane (1897, 'Pedigree of the Tesdale Family', p172+) with thanks to a contributor (CV, 17.08.15) for bringing it to our attention
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