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Families covered: Aucher of Bishopsbourne (Bourne), Aucher of Losenham, Aucher of Otterden (Ottringden)

BEB1841 reports that "The family of Aucher, eminent in ancient times in the counties of Essex, Kent, Sussex, and Nottingham, "derived" (we quote Hasted) from Ealcher or Aucher, the first Earl of Kent".
Thomas Aucher of Losenham, Kent
1. Nicholas Aucher of Losenham (a temp Edward II who r. 1307-1327)
  m. _ Oxenbridge of Bread
  Visitation (Kent, 1619) & Berry start with this Nicholas and show him as father of the Henry who m. Elizabeth Diggs. However, BEB1841 says it was Nicholas's elder son (unnamed) who was Henry's father.
  A. ?? Aucher
i. Henry Aucher of Losenham
  m. Elizabeth Diggs (dau of John Diggs of Barham)
  a. Henry Aucher of Losenham and/or Ottringden, Kent
  m1. Isabella At Towne of Throwleigh
  (1) Thomas Aucher of Losenham
(A) Henry Aucher of Losenham
  m. Elizabeth Guldeford (dau of Sir John Guldeford of Halden)
  (i) Anne Aucher (a temp Henry VII who r. 1485-1509)
  m. Walter Colepeper (son of Sir John by Agnes Bedgebery)
  (2) Robert Aucher ancestor of Auchers of Westwell
  (A)+ issue - Henry, James
  m2. Joan or Juliana (probably not Mary) St. Leger (dau/heir of Thomas St. Leger of Otterden, son of Sir Ralph of Ulcomb)
  (3) Henry Aucher of Otterden or Ottringden, Kent (a 1431) this line followed by Berry
  m. Alicia Boleyn
  (A) John Aucher of Otterden (d 23.04.1503)
  m. Alice Church
  (i) Jacob (James) Aucher of Otterden (Ottringden) (d 06.01.1508) - continued below
  m. Alice Hills (dau of Thomas Hills of Eggarton)
  (ii) William Aucher (dsp)
  (iii) Marmaduke Aucher
  m. Alice Gilbole (dau of John Gilbole)
  (iv) Elizabeth Aucher
  m. Thomas Berham or Barham of Sisinghurst
  (v) Jane Aucher
  m. Thomas Corbet
  (a)+ issue - John, Richard, Mathew, Thomas, Isabell
  (B) Henry Aucher
  B. William Aucher
  i. Christina Aucher
  m. Arnald de Alkham



Jacob (James) Aucher of Otterden (Ottringden) (d 06.01.1508) - continued above
m. Alice Hills (dau of Thomas Hills of Eggarton, m2. James Hardres of Hardres)
1. Sir Anthony Aucher of Otterden (Ottringden), Bishopsbourne & Hautsborne (d 1557)
  m. Affra Cornwallis (d 1557, dau of William Cornwallis of Norfolk)
A. John Aucher of Otterden (Ottringden)
  m. Ann Kellaway (dau of Sir William Kellaway)
  i. Joan Aucher
  m. Sir Humphrey Gilbert
  a.+ issue - Sir John (dsp), Otho
  B. Edward Aucher of Bishopsbourne
  m. Mabel Wrothe (dau of Sir Thomas (sb Robert?) Wrothe)
  i. Anthony Aucher of Bishopsbourne or Bourne
  m1. (sp) _ Berham (dau of Robert Berham or Barham of Teston)
  m2. Margaret Sandys (bur 13.10.1590, dau of Edwin Sandys, Archbishop of York)
  a. Sir Anthony Aucher of Bourne, Sheriff of Kent (bur 24.07.1637)
  m. Hester Collet (dau/coheir of Peter Collet of London)
  (1) Sir Anthony Aucher, 1st Bart of Bourne (b c1614, bur 31.05.1692)
  m1. Elizabeth Hatton (bur 19.09.1648, dau of Robert Hatton)
  (A) Anthony Aucher (dvp bur 12.09.1673)
  m. Elizabeth (d/bur 12.09.1684?)
  (B)+ issue (dvp)
m2. Elzabeth Hewitt (dau of Sir Thomas Hewitt or Hewett)
  (C) Sir Anthony Aucher, 2nd Bart of of Bourne (bur 14.03.1694)
  (D) Sir Hewitt Aucher, 3rd Bart of of Bourne (d unm bur 04.06.1726)
  (E) Elizabeth Aucher (b c1682, d 1764)
  m. John Corbett 'of Bourn Place'
  (i) Catharine Corbett
  m. Stephen Beckingham
  (a) Rev. John Charles Beckingham of Bishopsbourne
  ((1)) Louisa Beckingham
  m. (1802) Edward Taylor of Bifrons
(ii) Elizabeth Corbett (dsp)
  m. Thomas Dinward
  (iii) Frances Corbett
  m. Sir William Hardres, Bart of Hardres (dsp 31.08.1764)
  (iv) Antonina Corbett
  m. Ignatius Geoghegan
  (v) Margaret Hannah Roberta Corbett
m. William Hougham of Barton Court
  (F) Hester Aucher
  m. Ralph Blomer (prebendary of Canterbury)
  (i) daughter
  m. _ Benson of Canterbury
  (a) Edward Beckingham Benson (rector of Deal)
m. Frances Bennet (a 1828, sister of Earl of Tankerville, widow of Rev. Richard Sandys)
  ((1)) issue (dsp?)
  (ii) Anne Blomer
  m. James Teale
  (a) Isaac M. Teale
  (b) Mary Teale
  m. Sir Charles Shipley (Major General)
  (iii)+ other issue
  (2) Collet Aucher (bur 17.10.1618)
  (3) Hester Aucher
m. Edmond Bowyer (son of Benjamin of Camberwell)
  (4) Elizabeth Aucher probably of this generation
  m. Roger James
  b. Edwin Aucher of Willesborough
  m. Mary Gibbon (d 1679, dau of John Gibbon of Bourne)
  (1)+ issue (a 1619) - Anthony, Margaret, Hester, Elizabeth
  (5)+ other issue including John (d 1701, prebendary of Canterbury)
  c. Elizabeth Aucher
  m1. Sir William Hammond of St. Albans Court (d 1615)
  m2. (1624) Walter Balcanqual (Dean of ROchester)
  d. Margaret Aucher
  m. Sir Roger James
  e. Hester Aucher probably of this generation
  m. Richard Sandys of Downe Hall (Colonel)
  ii. Elizabeth Aucher
  m. Sir William Lovelace of Bethersden (d 1629)
  C. William Aucher of Nonnington (dsp, 4th son)
  m. Alice Monins (dau of Edward Monins or Monninges)
  D.+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Susannah
2. Susan Aucher
  m. James Aucher

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Aucher of Bishopsbourne) with some support from CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p222+), Visitation (Kent, 1574 & 1619, Aucher)
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