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Families covered: Hardres of Hardres

BEB1841 reports that "This ancient family came from Ardres in Picardy, although it is uncertain whether their advent was before or after the Norman conquest.". BEB1841 goes on to quote as follows from Philpot: "The manor of Hardres, in Kent, has long had owners of its own name. We read ... in Domesday Book (of) Robertus de Hardres" who was ancestor of Philip, the first mentioned below. BHO reports that the family which held the manor of Hardres "assumed their name from it" and that it had done so probably as early as 1080.
Philip de Hardres (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. Philip de Hardres (a temp Hemry III who r. 1216-1272)
  m. Grace (dau/heir of Stephen de Herengod of Elmstede)
  A. Sir Robert Hardres of Hardres (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  m. Margaret Estangrove (dau of Sir Richard Estangrove or Estingrave of Kent)
  i. Sir Robert Hardres of Hardres
  m. Jane Boughton (dau of Thomas Boughton of Kent)
  a. Henry Hardres of Hardres
m. Susan Stephens (dau of John Stephens or Septvane)
  (1) Philip Hardres of Hardres
  m. Grace (Granam) Heringwood (dau of Stephen Heringwood or Heringood or Heringolde (son of Sir Richard) by Jane, dau/coheir of Sir Thomas Fitzbernard of Kent)
  (A) George Hardres of Hardres (a 1485)
  m. _ Lucy (dau/coheir of William Lucy)
  (i) James Hardres of Hardres (d 1490)
  m(1/2). Alice Hill (dau of Robert Hill, relict of James Aucher)
  (a) Christopher Hardres of Hardres (d 1536) this generation omitted by the Visitations
  m. Dorothy Paston (dau of Sir John Paston)
  ((1)) George Hardres
((2)) Thomas Hardres of Hardres (d 1550) - continued below
  The Visitations show Dorothy Paston as 1st wife (sp) of Thomas. Provisionally, we follow BEB1841 in showing that Dorothy as Thomas's mother.
  m. Mary Oxenden (dau of Edward Oxenden)
  James may also have married ...
  m2/1. Elizabeth Colepeper (dau of Walter Colepeper of Goudehurst)
  (2) Petronell Hardres probably of this generation
  m. Moyses Harlakenden of Woodchurch



Thomas Hardres of Hardres (d 1550) - continued above
m. Mary Oxenden (dau of Edward Oxenden)
1. Christopher Hardres (dsp, dvp? eldest?)
2. James Hardres of Hardres (dsp after 1573)
3. Richard Hardres of Hardres, Sheriff of Kent
BHO reports that Richard was brother rather than son of Thomas (d 1556 not 1550). Visitation (1592) identifies Richard as Thomas's "eldest Sonne that lyved".
  m. Mary Wroth (dau of Thomas Wroth of Durance (or Enfield))
  A. Sir Thomas Hardres of Hardres (3rd son)
  m. Elizabeth or Ellinor Thoresby (dau/heir of Henry Thoresby of Thoresby)
  i. Sir Richard Hardres, 1st Bart of Hardres (bpt 23.04.1606, bur 25.10.1669)
  m. Anne Godfrey (bur 03.01.1679/80, dau of Peter (not Thomas) Godfrey of Lydd, sister of Sir Thomas)
  a. Sir Peter Hardres, 2nd Bart of Hardres (bpt 15.02.1635, bur 06.03.1673)
  m. Phoebe Barry (b c1636, bur 30.10.1724, dau of Edward Barry of Lydd)
  (1) Sir Thomas Hardres, 3rd Bart of Hardres (b 06.12.1660, d 23.02.1688)
  m. Ursula Rooke (bur 10.01.1707, dau of Sir William Rooke of Horton by Jane, dau/coheir of Thomas Finch of Coptree)
  (A) Sir William Hardres, 4th Bart of Hardres (b 25.07.1686, d 08.07.1736)
  m. Elizabeth Thomas (bur 22.06.1755, dau of Richard Thomas of Lumberhurst, widow of William Disher of London)
  (i) Sir William Hardres, 5th Bart of Hardres (bpt 12.06.1718, dsp 31.08.1764)
m. Frances Corbet (b 1716-7, d 23.02.1783, dau/coheir of John Corbet of Bourn Place by Elizabeth Aucher)
  (ii) Elizabeth Hardres
  m. Rev. David Jones
  b. Dorothy Hardres (or Hardes) (b 1635, d 1664) probably of this generation
  m. William Randolph of Burton (b 1634, d 03.1715)
  ii. Sir Thomas Hardres of Gray's Inn (Sergeant-at-law, 4th son) had issue
  m. Philadelphia
  iii.+ other issue - Thoresby (had issue), Peter (canon at Canterbury Cathedral), Anne
  B. Mary Hardres presumably the Mary who married (apparently twice) ...
  m1. Cheyney Hales of Dungeon (d 18.03.1596)
  m2. Sir George Waller of Groombridge
  C.+ other issue - Thomas (dvpsp), William (dvpsp), Roger, Jane
4. Elizabeth (Isabel)Hardres
  m1. George Harlakenden of Woodchurch
  m2. (28.01.1566) Roger/Robert Harlakenden of Earls Colne

Main source(s): BEB1841 (Hardres of Hardres), Visitation (Kent, 1574 & 1592, 'Hardes or Hardres') with a little support from Visitation (Kent, 1612, 'Harlakenden'), BHO (History & Topographical Survey of Kent, vol 9, Parishes: Upper Hardres), TCB (vol 2, Hardres of Hardres)
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