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Families covered: St. Leger of Doneraile (Downerayle), St. Leger of Grangemellan, St. Leger in Munster, St. Leger of Park Hill, St. Leger of Ulcombe

The first version of this upper section was developed from data taken from various web sites. It has been replaced by what is reported by BHO but, rather than lose sight of what some sites report for these early generations, we note that some have it that the early generations went as follows: Robert Sancto Leodegario or de St. Leger (a 1066) father of Hugh father of Ralph father of John father of Ralph father of Ralph father of Bartholomew father (by Anabilla) of Ralph (d before 1359) father (by Joan, m 1331) of Arnold father (by Joan) of Arnold father of the Sir John who married Margery Donet (spelt Dannet by the Visitation).
Sir Robert de St. Leger, later of Ulcomb (Kent) (a 1066, "attended William, duke of Normandy, into England")
1. ?? de St. Leger
A. William de St. Leger (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189) succeeded by ...
  i. Ralph de St. Leger (a temp Richard I who r. 1189-1199)
  The descent is not clear over the next few generations. BHO mentions a Ralph (a 1200, 1212) succeeded by another Ralph (apparently a 1292 when he was knighted) with a Ralph (MP. a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377) father of MP Arnold (plus youngest son Thomas of Otterden) with Arnold being father of Sheriff Ralph (a 1386) father of Sheriff John. Berry starts with Ralph (MP in 1347) father of Arnold (MP in 1377) father of Arnold + John + Thomas of Otterden with Arnold being father of Ralph father of John.
  a. Ralph de St. Leger of Ulcomb (a 1212) succeeded by ...
  (1) Sir Ralph de St. Leger of Ulcomb (a 1272, 1299) presumed father or grandfather of ...
  (A) Ralph St. Leger of Ulcomb (a temp Edward III who r. 1327-1377)
  As indicated above, this appears to be the first of the line mentioned by Berry who insers anothe generation, an Arnold (a 1377, MP), before ...
  (i) Arnold St. Leger of Ulcomb
  m. Joane
  (a) Ralph St. Leger of Ulcomb, Sheriff of Kent (a 1386)
  ((1)) Sir John St. Leger of Ulcomb, Sheriff of Kent (d 1441-2) - continued below
  m. Margery Donnett (dau/heir of James Donnett of Rainham (Dannet of Syleham))
  (ii) John St. Leger
  (iii) Thomas St. Leger of Otterden (d 1408-9)
  The following is supported by BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent' (Hasted), vol 5 (1798), 'Parishes - Otterden' ).
  m. Juliana Potyn (dau/heir of Nicholas Potyn of Otterden)
  (a) Juliana or Joan St. Leger
  m1. Henry Aucher of Losenham (not Logenham)
  m2. Robert Capys
  b. Hugh St. Leger of Knolton, Sussex (a 1200) possibly fits here



Sir John St. Legier of Ulcombe (d 1441-2) - continued above the first mentioned by the Visitation
m. Margery Donnett (dau/heir of James Donnett of Rainham (Dannet of Syleham))
1. Sir Thomas St. Leger or Selenger, Sheriff of Surrey & Sussex (d 11.1483)
  m1. ??
  A. son (d young?)
  m2. Anne Plantagenet (d 14.01.1475-6, dau of Richard Plantagenet, 3rd Duke of York)
  B. Anne St. Leger
  m. (c1490) Sir George Manners of Belvoir, etc, 12th Lord Ros (d 23.10.1513)
2. Ralph St. Leger of Ulcomb, Sheriff of Kent, Constable of Leeds Castle (d 1470) BHO & Berry suggest that Ralph was the eldest son
  m. Margaret (or Anne) Tyrell
  A. Ralph St. Leger of Ulcomb
m. Anne Prophet of Sussex
  i. Ralph St. Leger of Ulcombe, Sheriff of Kent the first mentioned by BP1934
  Visitation identifies Ralph's wife as Elizabeth, dau of _ Hawte of the Mote. Berry names her Elizabeth, dau of Richard Hante of Shelvingborne. BP1934 identifies her as ...
  m. Anne Hart (dau of Sir Edward Hart)
  a. Sir Anthony St. Leger of Ulcombe, Sheriff of Kent (a 1540, Lord Deputy of Ireland)
  m. Agnes Warham (dau of Hugh Warham of Malshanger & Croydon, niece of William Warham, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  There has been some confusion between the Williams & Warhams over the next few generations. Visitation shows that Sir Anthony had two sons both called William, the apparent elder being married to Ursula Nevell and the other being married to Isabell Keys (no children shown). BHO & Berry report that the eldest son was Warham who was 'of Ulcomb' and that it was his eldest son Sir William who was Lord President of Munster. We follow BP1934 which shows 2 sons as follows.
  (1)/(2) William St. Leger this line followed by BP1934
  m. Isabell Keys (dau of Thomas Keys)
  (A) Sir Warham St. Leger in Munster (a 1599, Commissioner)
  m. Elizabeth Rothe of Kilkenny (d 17.01.1620, widow of Capt. Humphrey Mackworth then Henry Davells)
(i) Sir William St. Leger in Munster (d 02.07.1642, Lord President of Munster)
  m. Gertrude de Vries ("a lady from Lower Germany")
  (a) Sir William St. Leger (d Newbury 1644)
  (b) John St. Leger of Doneraile (d 31.03.1696)
  m1. (1655) Mary Chichester (dau of Arthur Chichester, 1st Earl of Donegall)
((1)) Arthur St. Leger, 1st Viscount Doneraile (Donerayle) (b c1657, d 07.07.1727)
  m. (24.06.1690) Elizabeth Hayes (d 16.01.1739/40, dau of John Hayes of Winchelsea)
  ((A)) Arthur St. Leger, 2nd Viscount Doneraile (b c1695, d 13.03.1733-4)
  m1. (08.06.1717) Mary Mohun (d 11.1718, dau of Charles Mohun, Lord of Oakhampton, by Charlotte Mainwaring)
  ((i)) Arthur Mohun St. Leger, 3rd Viscount Doneraile (b 07.08.1718, dsp 08.1750)
  m1. (03.04.1738) Mary Sheppard (d 11.08.1738, dau of Anthony Sheppard of Newcastle, Longford, by Elizabeth Allen)
  m2. (03.06.1739) Catharine Skeffington (dau of Clotworthy Skeffington, 4th Viscount Massareene)
  m2. (03.1725, sps) Catherine Sarah Conyngham (bur 02.08.1783, dau of Capt. John Conyngham)
  ((B)) John St. Leger (d unm 1741)
  ((C)) Hayes St. Leger, 4th Viscount Doneraile (bpt 01.01.1701/2, dsp 25.04.1767)
m. (1722) Elizabeth Deane (d 03/4.12.1761/8, dau of Joseph Deane of Crumlin by Margaret Boyle)
  ((D)) Elizabeth St. Leger (d 1773)
  m. Richard Aldworth of Newmarket (b 1694, d 25.04.1776)
Their 2nd son inherited the St. Leger estates and took the name St. Leger. He was later created first Baron then Viscount Doneraile, a new creation.
  m2. Afra Harflete (dau of Thomas Harflete of Trapham)
  ((2)) William St. Leger (d 1673)
  ((3)) Sir John St. Leger of Grangemellan (d 14.05.1743)
  m(2). Lavinia Pennefather (dau of Kingsmill Pennefather of Newpark)
  ((A)) John St. Leger of Grangemellan (Grangemellon) (b 10.04.1726, d 06.1769)
  m. (23.07.1754) Mary Butler (dau of Thomas Butler, Governor of Limerick)
  ((i)) John Hayes St. Leger, Governor of Ceylon (b 23.07.1756, d 1799)
  ((ii)) Thomas St. Leger (b 03.09.1757, d unm)
  ((iii)) Anthony St. Leger of Park Hill (d before 1828) had issue
  m. (31.01.1804) Harriet Chester (d 29.10.1810, dau of Charles Bagot Chester)
  ((B)) Anthony St. Leger of Park Hill (dsp 1786, Major General, 4th son)
  m. (11.1761) Margaret Wombwell (d 1766, dau of William Wombwell of Wombwell)
((C)) Elizabeth St. Leger
  m. (1750) Ralph Burton (Major)
  ((D)) Lavina St. Leger
  m. (1756) George Clarges
  ((E)) Catherine St. Leger (b 1736, d 17.05.1764)
  m. (1758) William Wynyard (Colonel)
  ((F))+ other issue - Arthur, William (d 1748), Barry Matthew
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) of which marriage is not known, were ...
((4)) Mary St. Leger
  m. Randolph Gethin (Colonel)
  ((A)) Sarah Gethin
  m. John Crone
  ((i)) Gethin Crone (rector of Doneraile)
  m. (02.1763) Jane Blackall (dau of James Blackall of Doneraile)
  ((5)) Gertrude St. Leger (d 1734)
  m. (1703) William Langford
(c) Elizabeth St. Leger (d 22.05.1685)
  m. (c01.10.1635) Morrough O'Brien, 1st Earl of Inchiquin (d 09.09.1674)
  (B) Anne St. Leger (d 09.10.1599) probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Pigott of Dysart (d c1643)
  (2)/(1) Sir Warham St. Leger of Ulcomb, Sheriff (d 1599) this line followed by Berry
  Some web sites show that Sir Warham m. Mary Hayward, dau of Sir Rowland Hayward, Lord Mayor of London. Berry shows his wives as Eliza Roethe alias Macworth (see above) and ...
  m. Ursula Nevill (dau of George Neville, Lord of (A)bergavenny)
  Visitation (1574) ends by showing Sir William (presumably should be Sir Warham) & Ursula as parents of Anthony + Henry + 2 daughters. Berry shows them as parents of Sir Anthony + Sir Warham + wife of William Kingsmill + Anne with that Sir Warham father (by Gertrude Wright of Uries, Germany) of Sir Anthony, Sir William (d Newbury), Heyward, John of Doneraile, Ursula, Rowland, Dudley, Francis & Mary. That clearly partly duplicates what we show above. We speculate that it was Henry who was father of the children who are not duplicated above.
  (A) Sir Anthony St. Leger
  m. _ Scott (dau of Sir Thomas Scott)
  (B) Henry St. Leger
  (i) Anthony St. Leger
  m. ?? (b 1639)
  (ii) Heyward St. Leger of co. Cork
  m. Barbara (d 1685, widow of Sir Andrew Barrett)
(a)+ issue - Heyward, Warham, Richard, John
  (iii) Ursula St. Leger (d 1672)
  m. Daniel Horsmonden (d 1654, rector of Ulcomb)
  (a) Warham Horsmonden
  (iv)+ other issue - Rowland, Dudley, Francis, Mary
  (C) Anne St. Leger (b c1555, d 1636)
  m. Thomas Diggs (d 1595)
  (D) (Dorothy) St. Leger
  m. William Kingsmill (d 1650)
  (3) Sir Anthony St. Leger (Master of the Rolls in Ireland) mentioned by BHO & Berry
  m1. Eleanor Markham (b c1546, d 02.02.1598, dau of Richard Markham)
  (A)+ issue - Sir Anthony of Boughton Monchensie, Frances (d infant)
  m2. Mary Southwell (dau of Francis Southwell, m1. Thomas Sydney, m2. Nicohlas George, m3. Sir Conyers Clifford of Bobbing Cour)
(4) daughter
  b. George St. Leger (4th son)
  m. Thomasin Heath (dau of John Heath of Herne)
  (1) Sir Anthony St. Leger (a 1608, Master of the Rolls in Ireland)
  m1. Eleanor Markham (dsp 02.02.1598, dau of Richard Markham of Seggebrooke)
  m2. Mary Southwell (d 19.12.1603, dau of Francis Southwell of Wyndham Hall)
  (A) Sir Anthony St.Leger of Wierton House and Bobbing Court (a 12.1627)
  (2) daughter
  c.+ other issue - Arthur (Prior of Leeds), Edward (dsp), Robert (dsp, in Ireland?)
  Shown as the daughter of a nephew of Sir Anthony 'Proregis in Hibernia' (i.e. the above Lord Deputy) was the undermentioned Johanna.
  (1) ?? St. Leger
  (A) Johanna St. Leger probably of this generation
  m. John Norton of Wyarton
ii. Ann St. Leger
  m1. Sir George Warham
  m2. Edward Thwaytes of Esture
3. Sir James St. Leger of Shipton
  m. Anne Butler (dau of Thomas Butler, Earl of Ormonde)
  A. Sir George St. Leger
  m. Anne Knevet (dau of Sir Edmund Knyvett of Buckenham)
  i. Sir John St. Leger of Annery or Amery (d 1593)
  m. Katherine Neville (dau of George Neville, Lord of Bergavenny)
  a. Frances St. Leger probably of this generation
  m. John Stucley of Affeton (d 15.01.1610)
  b. Mary St. Leger shown by various web sites as fitting here
  m. Sir Richard Granville of Stow
ii. Catherine St. Leger shown by various web sites as fitting here
  m1. George Courtenay, younger of Powderham (dvp)
  m2. Sir John Zouche
  iii. Lath St. Leger sister of Catherine
  m. Sir John Zouche
4. Bartholomew St. Leger
  m. Blanche FitzWilliams
5. Margaret St. Leger (d 01.02.1495/6)
  m. (sp) John Clinton, 5th Lord of Maxstoke or Maxtock (b 1410, d 24.09.1464)
  m2. Walter Hungerford
  m3. Sir John Heveningham
5. Florence St. Leger (d 18.03.1500)
  m1. John Clifford
  m2. John Brokeman of Witham

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : BHO ('The History and Topographical Survey of the County of Kent', vol 5, 'Parishes - Ulcombe'), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p287)
(2) For lower section : BP1934 (Doneraile), Visitation (Kent, 1574, St. Leger), CountyGen (Kent, Berry, p287) with some support from the above-mentioned artice in BHO
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