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Families covered: Brockman (later Drake-Brockman) of Beachborough, Brockman (Brokeman) of Witham

John Brokeman or Brockman of Kent
1. William Brokeman or Brockman of Witham & Fryer, Kent
  m. Elizabeth Fryer (dau/heir of John Fryer of Bocking)
  A. John Brokeman or Brockman of Witham (d 22.08.1500)
  m. Florence St. Leger (d 18.03.1500, dau of John St. Leger of Ulcombe, widow of John Clifford of Kent, sister of Sir Ralph)
  i. Thomas Brokeman or Brockman of Witham had issue at Witham
ii. William Brockman (d 1525) this generation omitted by Commoners
  m. Margaret Chapman
  a. Henry Brockman of Newington & Cheriton, 1st of Beachborough, Kent (d 1573)
  m. _ Chilton (dau/heir of Thomas Chilton of Kent)
(1) William Brockman of Beachborough (b 1530-1, d 16.04.1605)
  m. Margaret Clarke (d 05.02.1610, dau of Humphrey Clarke of Kingsworth)
  (A) Henry Brockman of Beachborough (d 27.03.1630)
  m. Helen Sawking (dau of Nicholas Sawking of Lyming)
  (i) Sir William Brockman of Beachborough, Sheriff of Kent (d 06.12.1654)
  m. (28.05.1616) Anne Bunce (dau/heir of Simon Bunce of Linsted & Ottrinden by Dorothy, dau of William Grimsditch of Grimsditch)
  (a) James Brockman of Beachborough (b c1626, bur 22.02.1683, 2nd son)
  m. Lucy Young (d 22.01.1706, dau of James Young of London)
  ((1)) William Brockman of Beachborough (b 1658, d 1741)
  m. Anne Glydd (b c1658, d 1730, dau/coheir of Richard Glydd of Pendhill)
  ((A)) William Brockman (dvpsp)
  m. ??
  ((B)) James Brockman of Beachborough (b 1696, d unm 19.05.1767)
((C)) John Brockman (d unm 1739)
  ((2)) Anne Brockman (bpt 25.01.1652, d 1688)
  m. Sir Miles Cooke (master in chancery)
  ((3)) Elizabeth Brockman (d unm bur 1687)
  (b) Helen Brockman
  m. (1607) Roger Gipps
  (c) Margery Brockman
  m. (27.08.16440 Sir William Hugeson of Linstead (Linsted)
  (d) Ann Brockman
  m. (12.12.1650) Sir John Boys of Bonington (d 1656)
  (e)+ other issue (d unm) - Henry (dvp 1622), Martha (d 03.04.1646), Kaherine (d 1633)
  (ii) Zouch Brockman of Cheriton, Kent (b 1621, d 28.10.1680)
  Commoners shows Zouch as father (by Elizabeth Evering) of William of Cheriton father of Henry of Cheriton father of the Caroline who married Ralph Drake. BLG1952 confuses the issue by showing Elizabeth Collard as mother of Mary, Elizabeth & Caroline, which is clearly wrong given the dates, but does then later identify Caroline as daughter of a Henry. We presume to show as follows.
  m1. Jane (probably not Elizabeth) Evering (d 02.08.1656, dau of Richard Evering)
(a) William Brockman of Cheriton (b 1651, d 1696, 2nd son)
  ((1)) Henry Brockman of Cheriton (b 1685, d 19.03.175)
  m. Elizabeth Randolph
  ((A)) Mary Brockman (b c1715, d unm 1780)
  ((B)) Elizabeth Brockman (b 1716-7, d 03.06.1797)
  m. Rev. Joseph Knapp
  ((C)) Caroline Brockman (d 1801)
  m. (1767) Rev. Ralph Drake, later Drake-Brockman of Beachborough (d 1781) @@ below
  (b)+ other issue including Zouch (b 1650, d 1680)
m2. (03.08.1657) Elizabeth Collard
  (iii) Margaret Brockman
  m. Valentine Norton of Fordwich
  (iv) Helen Brockman
  m. Rev. John Stroute
  (v) Elizabeth Brockman
  m. Robert Curteis
  (vi)+ other issue - Mary, Agnes
  (B) Margaret Brockman
  m. Sir Edward Duke of Aylesford
  (2) John Brockman
  (3) Anne or Julianna Brockman
  m. Thomas Broadnax of Goodmersham
  iii. Margery Brockman probably of this generation
  m. Sir Richard Warre of Hestercombe
2. Mary Brokeman or Brockman
  m. William Knatchbull



Descended from the Drakes of Bletchynglie was ...
Ralph Drake
m. Martha Glydd (dau/coheir of Richard Glydd, sister of Anne)
1. John Drake (younger son)
  m. Anne Hayes
A. Ralph Drake, later Drake-Brockman of Beachborough (b 1723-4, d 11.11.1781, cleric)
  m. (1767) Caroline Brockman (d 1801, dau of Henry Brockman of Cheriton) @@ above
i. James Drake-Brockman of Beachborough, Sheriff of Kent (d 28.01.1832)
  m. (07.06.1786) Catherine Elizabeth Tatton (dau of Rev. William Tatton of Canterbury)
  a. William Drake-Brockman of Beachborough (b 12.08.1788, d unm 03.08.1847, cleric, 2nd son)
  b. Tatton Drake-Brockman (b 07.12.1792, d 28.06.1869, curate of Frant, 4th son) had issue (4 daughters)
  m1. (1825, sp?) Louisa Hawley (d 1837, dau of Sir Henry Hawley of Leybourne Grange, 1st Bart)
  m2. (1840) Anna Holmes (dau of Rev. John Holmes)
  c. Frederick Drake-Brockman of Beachborough (d 12.01.1876, 7th son)
  d. Francis Head Drake-Brockman (b 19.05.1811, d 04.03.1857) had issue
  m. Ellen (d 06.01.1873, widow of James Laidlaw of Dominica)
  e. Charlotte Drake-Brockman (d 27.08.1860)
  m. (23.06.1831) Kenneth Champain Bayley (rector of Acrise, vicar of Weybridge, son of Sir John, 1st Bart)
  f. Lucy Anne Drake-Brockman
  m. (03.06.1828) Rev. Robert Fraser of Cheriton (son of Charles)
  g.+ other issue - James (dvp unm 14.04.1829, Major), Henry Lynch (d 1809), Edward (b 20.12.1789, d unm 05.11.1858, MP), George (b 1809, d unm 17.04.1865, Colonel), others (d young)
  ii. Julius Drake-Brockman (b 1768, d 07.9.1849, rector of Cheriton, vicar of Newington)
  m. (01.1793) Harriet Locke (b c1771, d 1815, dau of Rev. Thomas Locke of Newcastle (co. Limerick))
  a. Julius William Drake-Brockman (d 08.10.1833, Captain)
  m. (1828) Cornelia Ferryman (dau of Rev. _ Ferryman)
  b. Charles Drake-Brockman (RN)
  m. Blanche Drummond
  c. John Drake-Brockman (b 16.12.1797, d 16.12.1797) had issue
  m. (1823) Eliza Stevenson (dau of General _ Stevenson)
  d. Ralph Thomas Drake-Brockman (b 06.10.1801, d 03.03.1877, town clerk of Folkestone)
  m1. Ellen St. Leger (d 1845, widow of _ Yates)
  m2. Rachael Althea Harden Bradshaw
  e. William Drake-Brockman, Mayor of Perth in Australia, (b 16.12.1797, d 28.11.1872) had issue
  m. (1827) Frances Hammersley (dau of Hugh Hammersley)
  f. Henry John Drake-Brockman (b 1808, d 20.10.1884, Lt. Colonel, 7th son) had issue
  m. (1832) Harriet van Someran (d 13.10.1896)
  g. Robert Drake-Brockman in Australia (b 1811, d 1896, 9th son) had issue
  m. (1837) Elizabeth Walcott
  h. Anne Drake-Brockman (d 1885)
  m1. (1822) Rev. Edmund Burke Lewis of Toddington
  m2. Rev. William Randolph
  i. Caroline Drake-Brockman (d 13.11.1889)
  m. Boyle Travers of Belvedere (Captain, son of George of Belvedere)
  j. Harriet Drake-Brockman
  m. (1829) Thomas du Boulay of Walthamstow
k. Frances Drake-Brockman
  m. Rev. H. Boucher
  l.+ other issue - Thomas (b 1807, d 1846, vicar in Sandwich), George, James Newhouse (d 1845, Captain)
  iii. Anne Drake-Brockman
  m. William Thomas Locke of Newcastle, co. Limerick
  iv. Elizabeth Drake-Brockman
  m. John Foster (of the Middle Temple)
  v. Mary Drake-Brockman
  m. William Honeywood of Sibeton (MP)
  vi. Sarah Drake-Brockman
  m. John Blackhouse (rector of Upper Deal)
  B. Anne Drake (dsp 1787)
  m1. William Smith of Heyton
  m2. Rev. George Lynch of Ripple
  C.+ 3 daughters
2.+ other issue - Ralph, 4 daughters

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Drake-Brockman of Beachborough'), Commoners (vol 3, 'Brockman of Beachborough', p367+)
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