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Families covered: Clarke of Jamaica, Clarke of Sanford, Clarke of Woodchurch

The original patronymic of this family was Woodchurch. The family was often referred to as Clark (however spelt) 'alias Woodchurch'.
Peter Clerke or Clarke alias Woodchurch
m. Eleanor Rowling (dau of Peter Rowling)
1. Sir John Clarke of Woodchurch, Kent (a 1356)
  m. Mildred or Margaret Delahay (coheir)
  A. Henry Clarke
  m. Matilda/Maud Echingham (dau of _ Echingham (or Ichingham) of Echingham)
  i. Robert Clarke of Woodchurch
  m. Katherine Edingham (dau of Richard Edingham of Edingham in Woodchurch)
  a. William Clarke of Woodchurch (b 1386/7, d 1473)
  BIFR1976 mentions reports that the following family "claims descent from Thomas Woodchurch & Anne, dau of Sir Walter Hervey, Mayor of London" who are shown on the continuation above but then reports that "A connected descent, however, can only be traced from" this William.
  m1. (sp) Juliana Roberts of Glassenbury
  m2. (sp) Bennet or Benedicta Ashburnham (dau of _ Ashburnham of Ashburnham)
  m3. Elizabeth Winterborne (dau/heir of William Winterborne or Winterbourne of Sandhurst)
  Wotton & Visitation (Kent) reported that William had his children by Elizabeth, none by Bennet. Visitation (Warwickshire) shows the children as by Benedicta. BIFR1976 reports that the first 2 wives dsp.
  (1) Robert Clarke
  m. _ Hales (dau of _ Hales of Halden)
  (A) William Clarke
(i) John Clarke
  Wotton reported that the line of John's grandfather failed so it is presumed that John dsp.
  (2) John Clarke of Fauconhurst 'of Woodchurch'
  m. Rebecca Godfrey (dau/coheir of Thomas Godfrey of Fauconers Hurst (Fauconhurst or Falconhurst) in Allington)
  (A) Humphrey Clarke of Kingsworth (b 1500, d 1579)
  m. Margaret Mayney (dau of John Mayney or Maney of Biddenden (Mayne of Bridenden))
  (i) Humphrey Clarke of Buckford
  m. Margaret West (dau of Sir George West, father of William, Lord Delawar)
  (a) Humphrey Clarke 'of Woodchurch'
  m. Mary Markham (dau/heir of Abraham Markham of Great Markham (son of Geffrey))
((1)) Dorothy Clarke probably the Dorothy who married ...
  m. Sir George Howe of Cold Barwick
  ((2)) other issue (a 1619) - Francis (b c1600), Susanna, Elizabeth
  (b) Elizabeth Clarke
  m. Henry Hargrave of London
  (c) Anne Clarke
  m. John Wroughtborie of Oxfordshire
  (ii) Edward Clarke (d young?)
  (iii) Walter Clarke of Ratcliffe (Buckinghamshire) & Buxford (Kent)
  m. Elizabeth Edolph (dau of Simon Edolph of St. Radigans by Ann Culpeper)
  (a) Sir Simon Clarke, 1st Bart (b 1579, d c1642) - continued below
m1. Margaret Alderford (dau/coheir of John Alderford of Abbot's Salford)
  m2. (sp) Dorothy Hobson (dau of Thomas Hobson of Cambridge, relict of William Hay of Gilmorton)
  (b) John Clarke (3rd son)
  m. Mary Randall of Dunkirk
  ((1)) John Clarke
  (c) Humphrey Clarke of London (dsp)
  m. Cecily Nicholls (dau of Christopher Nicholls of London)
  (d) Anne Clarke
m. Abel Barnard
  (e)+ other issue - Martin (dsp), Miochael, Walter (dsp), Zacharias (dsp), Anna (dsp)
  (iv) Margaret Clarke
  m. William Brockman of Richborow and/or Newington
  (v) Elizabeth Clarke
  m. Richard Tucke (Cock?) of Aldington
  (vi) Johanna Clarke
  m1. Reginald Knight
  m2. Thomas Graunt
  m3. Sir Walter Ascough
  (vii) Lettice Clarke
  m1. Martyn Culpeper ('son of William of Wigsell')
  m2. Sir Robert Purslow
  (B) Henry Clarke (b 1500?)
  m. Alis Tomsett (dau/heir of Thomas Tomsett)
  (i) John Clarke
  m. _ Scot of Kent
  (a) Elizabeth Clarke
  ii. Henry Clarke
2. Henry Clarke (dsp)



Sir Simon Clarke of Broom Court, Salford Priors & Newbold Revell (Warwickshire), 1st Bart (b 1579, d c1642) - continued above
m1. Margaret Alderford (d 02.05.1617, dau/coheir of John Alderford of Abbot's Salford by Elizabeth, dau of Peter Dormer of Newbottle)
1. Sir John Clarke, 2nd Bart (b c1605, dsp c1679)
  m1/2/3. Anne Williams (d 01.09.1653, dau of John Williams of Marnehill & London, sister of John)
2. Peter Clarke of London (b c1611, d 1639, Captain, 4th son)
  m. Elizabeth Corbyson of Warwickshire
  A. Sir Simon Clarke of Sanford & Moore Hall (in Wigsford), 3rd Bart (b 1635/c1639, d 10.11.1687)
  m. Mercy Brace (dau of Philip Brace of Doverdale)
  i. Sir Simon Clarke, 4th Bart (b c1662/7, d 1718)
  m. _ Castle (dau of Rev. _ Castle or Castell, sister of Henry of Greenford)
a. Sir Simon Peter Clarke, 5th Bart (dspm 1736, RN)
  ii. Philip Clarke (b c1669)
  m. Arabella Lucy (dau of Kingsmill Lucy, son of William, Bishop of St. David's)
  a. Sir Simon Clarke of St. Catherine's in Jamaica, 6th Bart (d 07.02.1770)
  m. Mary Bonny (d 1762, dau of Philip Bonny of Jamaica)
  (1) Sir Simon Clarke of Hanover in Jamaica, 7th Bart (b 02.11.1726, d 02.11.1777)
  m. (21.07.1760) Anne Houghton or Haughton (d 1800, dau/coheir of Philip Houghton or Haughton of Jamaica by Catherine, dau of Joseph Tharpe of Jamaica)
  (A) Sir Philip Houghton (Haughton) Clarke of Kingston, Jamaica, 8th Bart (b 1761, d unm 12.05.1798)
  (B) Sir Simon Houghton (Haughton) Clarke of Kingston, 9th Bart (b 07.11.1764, d 28.08.1838, MP) had issue
m. (09.04.1814) Catharine James (d 13.08.1837, dau of John Haughton James of Jamaica, cousin)
  (C) Catherine Houghton (Haughton) Clarke (b 1773)
  m. (20.05.1801) William Fitzroy (brother of George, 2nd Lord Southampton)
  (2) Anne Clarke
  m. John Beggs of Jamaica
  (3)+ other issue (dsp) - George of Spanish Town in Jamaica, Kingsmill (d 1765), Woodhcurch, Arabella, (d unm), others (d young)
  iii.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Mary
3. Woodchurch Clarke of London (b 1615, d1685)
  m. Mary Good (dau/heir of Thomas Good of Redmarley D'Abitot)
4. Elizabeth Clarke (b c1612)
  m. Mark Parker
5.+ other issue (dsp) - Walter, Thomas, Thomas
m2. (sp) Dorothy Hobson (b c1615, d 08.11.1699, dau of Thomas Hobson of Cambridge, relict of William Hay of Gilmorton)

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