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Families covered: Gaynsford of Cashalton (Carshalton), Gaynsford (Gainsford) of Crowhurst, Gaynsford of Idbury, Gaynsford of Linfield

John Gainsford of Crowhurst, Surrey (a 1338, 1348)
m. Margaret
1. John Gainsford of Crowhurst
  m. Christine
  The above came from VCH (Surrey, vol 4, Crowhurst). The Visitation started with ...
  A. Sir John Gainsford or Gaynsford of Crowhurst (a temp Henry V who r. 1413-1422)
i. John Gaynsford of Crowhurst (d 09.07.1450)
  a. Sir John Gaynsford of Crowhurst (d 1460)
  m1. Anne Wakehurst (dau of Richard Wakehurst)
(1) Sir John Gaynsford of Crowhurst
  m. Anne Worsley (dau/heir of Otwell Worsley = Ottewell Worseley)
  (A) Sir John Gaynsford of Crowhurst, Sheriff of Surrey (d 1540)
  m1. Catherin Covert (dau of William Covert of Sussex)
  (i) Anne Gaynsford
  m. Avery Randall of Badlesmer
m2. Anne Haute (dau of Richard Haute of Kent, widow of ?? Payton)
  (ii) Mary Gaynsford
  m1. Sir William Courtney of Devonshire
  m2. Sir Anthony Kingston of Cadleigh
  (iii) Catherine Gaynsford
  m. Sir William Finch of Kent
(iv) Anne Gaynsford
  m. George Zouch of Codnor
  (v) Rose Gaynsford
  m1. George Puttenham or Putnam of Sherfield
  m2. William Sackvyle of Blechingly
  m3. Anne Fynes (dsp, dau of Thomas Fynes, Lord Dacres)
  m4. Joan Poliver (dau of John Poliver or Pullin of London)
  (vi) Thomas Gaynsford
  m. (Elizabeth) Aylyff (dau of ?? Aylyff or Alfey by dau of Sir John Shaa)
  (a) John Gaynsford (dsp 1559)
(b) Anne Gaynsford
  m. _ Foster
  (vii) Dorothy Gaynsford
  m. _ Carwitham
  (viii)+ other issue - Jane (nun), Scisseley (nun)
  m5. Audrey (Ethelred) Shaa (dau of Sir John Shaa, widow of William Aylyff)
  (x)+ other issue - John (dsp), Mary, Ursula, Audrey, Julian
  m6. Grace Warham (or Dorham) of Kent
  (xv) Erasmus Gaynsford of Crowhurst
  m. (Jane) Carlton of Kent
  (a) John Gaynsford of Crowhurst (a 1623)
  m. Joan Cholmely (dau of Richard Cholmely of Blechingly)
  ((1)) Erasmus Gaynsford of Crowhurst (a 1669)
  m. Elizabeth Dayne (dau of Richard Dayne)
  ((A)) John Gaynsford of Crowhurst
  m1. (1669) Ann Gape
  ((i)) Elizabeth Gaynsford
  m. Henry Christmas
  m2. ??
((ii)) ?? Gaynsford of Crowhurst (dsp)
  ((iii)) ?? Gaynsford of Crowhurst (dsp)
  ((iv)) Mirabella Gaynsford
  ((2))+ other issue - John, Giles, Jane, Frances
  (xvi) Anne Gaynsford
  m. _ Fynes
  (xvii) other issue - Arthur, George
  (B) George Gaynsford (4th son)
  m1. Elizabeth Alsey (sb Alphew?) (coheir) George's 2nd marriage (as she m2 William Brograve)?
  (i) Alice Gaynsford
  m. Robert Colman of Callais
  m2. Margaret Gardner
  (ii) Arthur Gaynsford
  m. Joane Goden
  (C) Margaret Gaynsford
  m. Richard Wethill of Essex
  (D) Catherin Gaynsford
  m. _ Oxenbridg
  (E) Constance Gaynsford
  m. _ Marrow
  (F) Joyce Gaynsford
  m. _ Lee
  (G) Isabel Gaynsford
  m. _ Colepeper
  (H) Lettice Gaynsford
  m. Henry Noake
  (I)+ other issue - Nicholas (dsp), Ottewell
  m2. Catherine Rekell
(2) George Gaynsford of Hampton Poyle, Oxfordshire
  m1. _ Croxford (dau/heir of Thomas Croxford of Kidlington)
  (A) Augustin Gaynsford of Idbury, Oxfordshire
  m. Elizabeth Ralegh (dau of Edward Ralegh of Thornborough)
  (i) Edward Gaynsford of Idbury
  m. Alice Nowers (dau/coheir of Edmond Newyeres of Nowers, son of John of Tackley)
  (a) John Gaynsford of Idbury
  m. Margaret Annesley (dau of Edmond Annesley of Cornwall in Oxfordshire)
  ((1)) Alice Gaynsford probably the Alice who married ...
  m. Peter Cobb of London (a 1624, draper)
  ((2))+ other issue - Christian, Anne, Lucy, Margaret
  (b) Margaret Gaynsford
  m. Robert Bigg of Westwell
  (c)+ other issue - Edmond (dsp), Edward (dsp), Mary, Margery, Joan, Catherine
  (B) Henry Gaynsford
  m2. Anne Warham (dau of William Warham, widow of Sir William Read of Borstall)
  m3. _ Harcourt (sister of Sir Robert Harcourt)
  (C)+ other issue - William Robert
  (3)+ other issue - William, John, Amy, Mary
  b. William Gaynsford
  m. Joan Simon (dau of John Simon by Margaret, dau of John Gubyon)
  (1) Richard Gaynsford of Linfield, Surrey (dsp 22.03.1483)
  (2) John Gaynsford of Blackfield
  m1. ??
  (A) Jane Gaynsford
  m. _ Barley of Havering in the Bower, Essex
  (i) Jane Barley
  m. _ Whitton
m2. ??
  (B) John Gaynsford of Newington Butts
  (i) William Gaynsford of Linfield
  (a) Sir William Gaynsford of Linfield (a 1588)
  m. ?? of Sussex
  ((1)) Sir Thomas Gaynsford
  m. Margaret Home
  ((2)) Catherine Gaynsford
  m. Henry Draper of Kent ## see here ##
  ((3)) Elizabeth Gaynsford
  m. Edward Gaynsford in Leicestershire @@ below
  ((4))+ other issue - John, Anne
(b) Thomas Gaynsford (dsp 1587)
  (C) Elizabeth Gaynsford
  m. John Saxilby of Gobions
  (3) Elizabeth Gaynsford
  c. Nicholas Gaynsford 'of Carshalton' (a 1492)
  m. Margaret Sydney of Sussex
  (1) John Gaynsford of Cashalton (Carshalton), Surrey
m. Joan Moresby (d 1497, dau/heir of Raffe (sb Reynold) Moreseby of Allington)
  (A) Robert Gaynsford of Cashalton or Carshalton (b 1476)
  Described by BP (Cavan) and Visitation (Kent, 1574, Moyle) as of Allington Castle, Kent.
  m1. Margaret Moyle (dau of John Moyle of Eastwell)
  (i) Henry Gaynsford of Cashalton
  m. Catherine Wilford (dau of James Wilford)
  (a) Robert Gaynsford of Cashalton
  m. Jane Catesby (dau of Sir Richard Catesby)
  ((1)) John Gaynsford of Carshalton (Carshalton) (a 1588)
  m. Mary Hawley (dau of Jerom Hawley of Brentford)
  ((A)) John Gaynsford (a 1588)
  (b) Henry Gaynsford of London (goldsmith)
  m. Mary Johnson
  ((1))+ issue - Thomas, Mary
  (c) Francis Gaynsford of Bassingborne in Tackley, Essex (4th son)
  m. Joan Wiberd (dau of John Wiberd)
  ((1))+ issue - Samwell of London, Thomas (ds;), Frances (dsp)
  (d)+ other issue - Nicholas, Catherin, Anne, Alice
  (ii) Robert Gaynsford of Cottered, Hertfordshire
  m. Mary Cornwall (dau of _ Cornwall of Stebbing)
(a) Robert Gaynsford
  m. Joan Reding of Southwark
  ((1)) William Gaynsford
  m. Alice of Peckham
  ((A)) John Gaynsford
  ((2))+ other issue - Thomas (dsp), Robert
  (b) Walter Gaynsford of Hertfordshire
  ((1)) Edward Gaynsford 'in Leicestershire'
  m. Elizabeth Gaynsford (dau of Sir William Gaynsford of Linfield) @@ above
  (c) Scissely Gaynsford
m. _ Pottinger in Southamptonshire
  (d)+ other issue - Giles (dsp, Captain), Henry, Edward, Dorothy, Anne, Mary, Elizabeth
  (iii) Joan Gaynsford
  m. Nicholas Wolured of London
  (iv) Margaret Gaynsford
  m. Walter Lambert (d 09.1545)
  m2. Agnes Barker (dau of Thomas Barker of Steyne, widow of _ Holdenby, m3. _ Muschamp)
  (v) Ellen Gaynsford
  m. John Muschamp of Micham (Mitcham)
  (B) John Gaynsford (dvp before 10.08.1486)
  (C) Margaret Gaynsford
  m. Andrew Ferby of Paul's Cray Hill
  (2) Margaret Gaynsford
  m. Robert White of Southwarnborough
  (3) daughter
  m. _ Clifford of Kent
  (4) Elizabeth Gaynsford
  m. Thomas Ellinbridg (d 1497)

Main source(s): Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Gaynsford & Gainsford) with some support/input from VCH (Surrey, vol 4, Crowhurst)
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