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Families covered: Darell of Littlecote, Darell of Pageham, Darell of Sesay (Sessay)

According to BP1934, "The family of d'Ayrel or Darel or Dayrell or Darell, is mentioned in the roll of Battle Abbey, and takes its name from a village in Normandy."
William Darell of Sesay or Sessay,Yorkshire (a temp King John who r. 1199-1216)
1. William Darell (a 1270)
  m. Ada Percy
  A. Sir Marmaduke Darell (a 1298)
  m. Helen (dau of William de Insula)
  i. Sir William Darell of Sesay (a 1304)
  m. Joan Holtby (dau of Sir William de Holtby)
  a. Sir Marmaduke Darell (a 1358)
m. Cecilia (a 1355)
  (1) Sir William Darell (a 1350)
  m. Elizabeth (a 1356)
  (A) Sir Marmaduke Darell of Sesay (a 1365)
  m1. Johanna Merington (dsp, dau of William Merington)
m2. Alice Pigot (a 1371, dau of Ranulph Pigot, sister of Geoffry)
  (i) Sir William Darell of Sesay or Sessay (a 1370)
  m. Emma (a 1387)
  (a) Marmaduke Darell of Sessay
m. Johanna Bigod (dau of Sir John Bigod of Settringham)
  ((1)) Sir Edmund Darell (d 1438)
  m. Isabella Etton (d 05.1448, dau/heir of George Etton, brother of Sir John of Gllinge)
  ((A)) Sir George Darell of Sessay (d 04.1466)
  m. Margaret Plumpton (d 05.1487, dau of Sir William of Plumpton)
  ((i)) Sir George Darell of Sessay (dsp 1491-2)
  m. Catherine Strangways
  ((ii)) Thomas Darell of Sessay (dsp)
  m. Margaret
  ((iii)) Marmaduke Darell (dsp)
  ((iv)) Joan Darrell
  m. Sir Guy Daunay of Cowick (d 17.08.1522)
  Sessay passed into the Daunay (Dawnay) family.
((B)) Sir John Darell (d 04.1474)
  m. Johanna
  ((C)) Ralph Darell
  (b) William Darell of Littlecote,Wiltshire (a temp Richard II who r. 1377-1399, sub-treasurer of England)
  m. Elizabeth de Calston (da/heir of Thomas de Calston of Littlecote)
  The following is supported by a note in Commoners (vol 3, 'Dayrell of Lillingston Dayrell', p147+).
  ((1)) Sir George Darell of Littlecote
  m1. Margaret Stourton (dau of John Stourton, 1st Lord)
((A)) Elizabeth Darell
  m. John Seymour (b c1450)
  m2. Jane Hawke (Johanna Haut) (dau of Sir William Hawke (Haut) by Margaret, dau of Sir Richard Widvile)
  ((B)) Sir Edward Darell of Littlecote
  m1. Jane or Alice Croft (dau of Sir Richard Croft)
  ((i)) John Darell (dvp)
  m. Jane Fettyplace (dau of John (?) Fettyplace of Shifford)
  ((a)) William Darell, last of Littlecote (a 1587)
  ((b)) Eleanor Darell
  m. Egremund Ratcliffe
  ((ii)) Thomas Darell of Hungerford
The following comes from TCB (vol 1, 'Darell of West Woodhey', p197) which identifies Thomas as "2d s. of Sir Edward Darell, of Littlecote".
  ((a)) Sir John Darell of West Woodhey, Berkshire, Sheriff of Berkshire, Bart (dspm by 1657)
  m1. Anne Chamberlain (dau of Sir Thomas Chamberlain (justice) by Elizabeth, dau of Sir George Fermor)
  m2. Anne Young (dau of William Young of East Woodhey, m2. William Sandys)
  It is not clear which wife was mother of ...
  (((1))) Mary Darell probably of this generation
  m. William Greenwell of Morden
((iii)) Jane Darell
  m. Sir Anthony Hungerford of Down Ampney
  ((iv)) (Elizabeth) Darell
  m. Edward Hungerford
  m2. Mary Radcliffe (dau of Sir John Radcliffe, Lord Fitzwalter)
  ((v)) Elizabeth Darell
  Some web sites show an Elizabeth of this marriage m. Thomas Lawson of Usworth. We show his wife just below ##.
  m3. Alice (relict of Sir Edward Stanhope)
  ((C)) Mary Darell possibly of this generation, of this marriage
  m. Sir Thomas Long of Wraxall and Draycot (d 1510)
  ((2)) Sir Richard Darell (sub-treasurer of England)
  m. Margaret Beaufort (dau/coheir of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset)
  ((A)) Margaret Darell
  m. (by 1483) James Touchet, Lord Audley (b c1463, d 28.06.1497)
((3)) Constantine Darell of Collingborne, Wiltshire
  m. Julia Collingborne (dau of Robert Collingborne)
  ((A)) William Darell of Pageham, Sussex
m. Jane Knotsworth (dau/heir of William Knotsworth of Pageham)
  ((i)) Marmaduke Darell of Pageham (d before 23.07.1558)
  m. Anne Scott (d before 26.10.1573, dau of Richard Scott, niece of Sir Reginald of Scott's Hall)
  ((a)) Mary Darell
  m. Edward Darell of Pageham (d 1573)
  ((B)) Anne Darell probably of this generation
  m. John Erneley of Erneley (a 1490)
  ((C)) Elsabeth (Elizabeth) Darell possibly of this generation (see possible duplication above ##)
  m. Thomas Lawson of Usworth
  ((4)) Florence Darell possibly of this generation (sb a later one?)
  m. Thomas Bruges of Cubberley or Coberley (d 30.01.1492/3)
  (c) John Darell of Calehill, Kent (d 25.10.1438)
  m1. Thomasin or Joane Barret (dau/heir of Valentine Barret of Perry Court)
  m2. Florence Chicheley (d 08.12.1465, dau of William Chicheley, Sheriff of London, niece of Henry, Archbishop of Canterbury)
  (d)+ other issue - Henry, Geoffrey, Alice
  partner unknown
  (ii) Thomas Darell
  b. John Darell
  m. Alice
  c. Thomas Darell
  d. William Darell (a 1358)
  m. Johanna de Dalton (sister of Peter de Dalton)
  (1) William Darell of Daltno
  m. Agnes Attenwelle (dau of William Attenwelle of Dalton)
  (2) Elizabeth Darell
  e. Elizabeth Darell (a 1358)
  m. Alexander de Ledis
  (1) Elizabeth de Ledis (heir)
  B. Geoffrey Darell
  C. Beatrix Darell
  m. Sir John Maleverer of Allerton

Main source(s): BLG1952 ('Darell formerly of Trewornan'), BP1934 ('Darell') with input/support from Visitation (Foster, Yorkshire, 1584/5+1612, 'Darell' (before 'Dawnay of Sessay')), Commoners (vol 1, 'Darehill of Calehill', p133) and as reported above
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