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Families covered: Lovell of Barton Bendish, Lovell of East Harling, Lovell of Hills Hall, Lovell of West Dereham

Visitation reports that "descended of Sir William Lovell, knt, Earl of Ewe [EU], slain in Normandy temp. Hen. 1." was ...
Ancelow (Andrew?) Lovell (a temp Henry II who r. 1154-1189)
1. Sir Thomas Lovell in Norfolk (a 1192)
  m. _ Bendish (dau/coheir fo John Bendish of Barton Bendish)
  A. John Lovell of Barton Bendish, Norfolk (a 1216)
  i. John Lovell of Barton Bendish (d 1274?)
  a. William Lovell of Barton Bendish
The Harleian Editor indicates concern with the inconsistency of some of the dates mentioned in the Visitation for these generations. An additional concern is that there may be a generation or two missing. RHG shows the following Thomas as son of William (a 1357) son of John (d 1328) son of John (a 1315). We do not know whether this supports the above other than with regard to the dates or provides intervening generations.
  (1) Thomas Lovell of Barton Bendish (d 1415)
  m1. Jone Muswell (dau/heir of Robert Muswell)
  (A) Nicholas Lovell of Wroughton, later of Barton Bendish (a 1420)
  RHG shows Nicholas (d 1453) as (elder) brother of Ralph of Beauchamp (a 1453, had issue), the following Thomas, William of Langford, John of Cleye (b after 1407), Alice & Beatrice. Provisionally, we follow Visitation in showing the following Thomas as son rather than brother of Nicholas.
(i) Sir Thomas Lovell of Barton Bendish (a 1449)
  RHG shows Thomas as father of Thomas (m. Ann, dau of Robert Tappes of Norwich) and the following Ralph. Provisionally, we show the children as reported by Visitation.
  m. Cecilia Orrell
  (a) Sir Ralph Lovell of Barton Bendish (a 1469, d before 1488)
  m. Joan
  ((1)) Sir Gregory Lovell of Barton Bendish (a 1504)
  m. Margaret Brandon (d by 1504, dau of Sir William Brandon, sister of Charles, Duke of Suffolk)
  ((A)) Sir Thomas Lovell of Barton Bendish (a 1526)
  m. Catherine Woodhouse (dau of Sir Thomas Woodhouse of Kymberley)
  ((i)) Thomas Lovell (dvpsp)
  m. Elizabeth Dethick (dau of John Dethick of Wormegay)
  ((ii)) Margaret Lovell
  m. John Carsey or Karsey of Reresby, Lincolnshire
  ((B)) Sir Francis Lovell of Barton - continued below
  m. Ann Ashbye (dau of George Ashbye of Hertfordshire)
((C)) Gregory Lovell of Martin Abbey (d 15.03.1596, cofferer to Queen Elizabeth)
  The following comes partly from Visitation (Surrey, 1530+1572+1623, Lovell).
  m1. Joan Whithead
  ((ii)) Elizabeth Lovell
  m. Poynings Heron of Edgcombe
  m2. Dorothy Greene (dau of Michell Greene)
  ((ii)) Sir Robert Lovell
  m. Jane Roper (dau of John Roper, Lord Tenham)
  ((iii)) William Lovell of Enfield
  ((a)) Thomas Lovell of Hills Hall, Norfolk
  m. Anne
  (((1))) Thomas Lovell of Hills Hall
  m. _ Martyn
  (((A)))+ issue - Thomas, Thomas, Edward
  (((2))) William Lovell
  (((3))) Francis Lovell
  m. Elizabeth Tilney (dau of Robert Tilney of Wilford Bridge)
  ((iv)) Henry Lovell
  m. Anne Mascall (dau of James Mascall)
  ((v))+ other issue - Thomas ,William, Gregory
  ((D)) Margaret Lovell
  m. _ Willoughby
((E)) Catherine Lovell
  m. John FitzLewes
  ((F)) Bridget Lovell
  m. John Lynnolds
  ((G))+ other issue - John, Dorothy (nun)
  ((2)) Sir Thomas Lovell (d 1524, Chancellor of the Exchequer)
m1. Eleanor Radcliff (dau/coheir of Jeffry Radcliff of Fransden)
  m2. Isabel Roos (dsp, dau of Edward (sb Thomas?), Lord Roos of Hamlake)
  ((3)) Sir Robert Lovell of Hingham (d 1519/22)
  m. Ela Conyers (dau of Thomas Conyers)
  ((A)) Ursula Lovell
  m. William Hussey
  ((B)) Margaret Lovell
  m. Anthony Gurney
  ((C)) Ela Lovell
  m. John Bilsby
  ((D)) Elizabeth Lovell
  m1. John FitzLewes
  It appears that Elizabeth also married ...
  m2. (21.02.1512-3, sp) Thomas Manners, 1st Earl of Rutland (d 1543)
  (b) Rowland Lovell of Deram (?), Norfolk
  m. Mary (dau of Sir William Patye?)
  ((1)) Thomas Lovell of Sewsberye & Amerstole
  m. Catherine (dau of Sir Blensigars of Egam)
  ((2))+ other issue - William, George, Richard
  (c)+ other issue - Walter, John
  m2. Alice



Sir Francis Lovell of Barton - continued above
m. Ann Ashbye (dau of George Ashbye of Hertfordshire)
1. Sir Thomas Lovell of (East) Harling, Norfolk (d 23.03.1567)
  m. Elizabeth Paris (d before 04.07.1595, dau of Sir Philip Paris of Lynton)
  A. Thomas Lovell of Harling
  m. Alice Hudleston (dau of Sir John Hudleston of Sawston)
  i. Sir Francis Lovell 'of East Harlyng'
m. Ann Cary (dau of Sir John Cary, Lord Hunsdon)
  ii. Charles Lovell of Spridlington, Lincolnshire apparently of this generation
  Thanks to a contributor (GD, 12.03.16) for advising us that the mother of Alice was Charles's 2nd wife, Elizabeth Le Gros, identifying 'Plantaganet Ancestry' (by Douglas Richardson, 2nd Edition, p611) as the source.
  m1. ??
  m2. Elizabeth Le Gros (dau of Sir Thomas Le Gros)
  a. Alice Lovell this connection kindly brought to our attention by a contributor (SMcL, 17.03.08)
  m1. (25.05.1637) Sir George Grymes, 1st Bart of Peckham (bpt 10.02.1604/5, dvp bur 15.10.1657)
  The above-mentioned 'Plantaganet Ancestry' suggests that Alice also married ...
  m2. Sir Andrew Kniveton ## see here ##
b. Elizabeth Lovell probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  m. Charles Yaxley of Yaxley (a 1664)
  m3. Mary (m2. George Nevile of Auburn & Thorney) widow of Charles
  iii. Eleanor Lovell (d 12.12.1604) probably of this generation
  m. (c19.07.1598) Sir Edward Waldegrave, 1st Bart (d after 1647)
  B. Philip Lovell of West Dereham (d 29.01.1616-7)
  The following comes from Visitation (Norfolk, 1664, Lovell).
  m. Eleanor (widow of John Dobbs of Garboldisham)
  i. George Lovell of West Dereham (b c1586)
  m. Elizabeth Downes (dau of _ Downes of Bodney)
  a. John Lovell of East Harling (b c1610)
  m1. Emme Buckworth (dau of Everard Buckworth of Wisbech)
  (1) George Lovell of East Harling (dsp before 29.12.1693)
  m. Catherine Caton (dau of Henry Caton of Holton, m2. John Smith of Holton)
  (2)+ other issue - Charles of Lincolns Inn (dsp 1693), Ann (dsp)
  m2. Dyonis Skipwith (dau of Edmund Skipwith of Fordham)
  (4) John Lovell of Roudham (b c1644, d 20.08.1710)
  m. Katherine Humbertsone (dau of Humberstone or Christopher March of Roudham)
  (A) John Lovell of New Buckenham (dsp)
  m. Mary March (dau of Robert March of Fordham, m1/2. Thomas Barber of Denver)
  (B)+ other issue - Dionis, Elizabeth, Ann
  (5) Dyonis Lovell
  m. Humberstone March of Roudham (dsp 1708)
b. Anne Lovell
  ii. Thomas Lovell had issue
  m. Elizabeth Futter of Thompson
  iii. Ellen Lovell
  m. Thomas Bray
  iv.+ other issue - Francis, Philip (dsp), Frances
  C. Catherine Lovell
  m. Francis Baxter
  D. Ellen Lovell probably the Eleanor who married ...
  m. John Shelley of Michelgrove (d 27.08.1592)
  E. Awdrye Lovell probably the Audrey who married ...
  m1. _ Cooke of Melton
  m2. William Fincham of Fincham (dsp 1571-2)
  F.+ other issue - Robert, Francis, Henry, Edmund, Thomas, Anne
2. Dorothy Lovell
  m1. _ Vernon
  m2. _ Blunt
3. Eleanor Lovell
  m. Francis Sturgis
4. Bridget Lovell
  m. Thomas Hodgson
5. Catherine Lovell
  m. Leonard Spenser of Worsted
6. Elizabeth Lovell
  m1. (Henry) Reppes of (West Malton in) Marshland
  m2. (sp) Sir Henry Weston of Sutton Place (b 1534/5, d 11.04.1592, MP)
7. Mary Lovell
  m. _ Markham
8. Amphillis Lovell
  m. Thomas Deerham of Norfolk
9.+ other issue - Gregory, Francis

Main source(s): Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Lovell) with input/support for the upper section from RHG (vol 2, 'Pedigree of Lovell of Barton Bendish', p442) and otherwise as reported above
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