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Families covered: Duppa of Hollingbourne, uDppa of Kington, Duppa of Whitney

MGH starts its article with "It is surprising how little is known of the family relations and of the descent of so distinguished a prelate as Brian Duppa, Bishop successively of Chichester, Salisbury, and Winchester" and the provides a sketch tree that starts with 3 brothers, as shown below. Note that the following appears to be speculative.
?? Duppa in Herefordshire
1. Thomas Duppa (a 1560)
  m. ?? (a 1560)
  A. John Duppa of Kington (d(vp?) 1560)
  m. Sybill
  i. John Duppa (b after 1540?, a 1560) identified as possible ancestor ot the undermentioned Sir Thomas
a. ?? Duppa
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  (1) ?? Duppa
  (A) Sir Thomas Duppa in Herefordshire (b 1619, d 1694, Usher of the Black Rod)
2. David Duppa of Kington (a 1560) possibly father of ...
A. Jeffrey Duppa identified in Wikipedia ("Brian Duppa") as father of ...
  i. Brian Duppa, Bishop of Chichester then Salisbury then Winchester (b 10.03.1589, d 26.03.1662) dates from Wikipedia
  m1. ?? (Croft) (aunt of William Salter)
  m2 (23.11.1626) Jane Killingtree
3. John Duppa of Whitney (d by 1589) the first mentioned by Commoners
m. Anne
  A. Robert Duppa of Whitney
  m. (c1590) Blanche Whitney (dau of Eustace Whitney of Clifford)
  Commoners suggests that Bishop Brian was descended from this marriage but, following MGH, we disregard that.
  i. ?? Duppa mentioned by MGH
  ii. John Duppa mentioned by MGH, possibly the John of Whitney who married ...
  m. Catherine Garnons (dau of Robert Garnons of Garnons)
  iii. ?? Duppa unnamed younger son, identified by MGH as possible ancestor of the Hollingbourne family
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations. Possibly of the next generation was ...
  a. Robert Duppa of Castleton, Wiltshire
  (1) Baldwin Duppa, 1st of Hollingbourne, Kent (b c1650, d 0912.1737)
  m. Joan Beckford (dau of Richard Beckford of London)
  (A) Baldwin Duppa of Hollingbourne, Sheriff of Kent (b c1682, d unm 30.11.1764)
  (2) Eleanor Duppa
  m. Richard Hancorn @@ just below



Commoners identifies the following Richard as "the descendant of a family which appears to have been possessed of a small landed property, in Herefordshire, temp. Elizabeth".
Richard Hancorn
m. Eleanor Duppa (dau of Robert Duppa of Castleton) @@ just above
1. Richard Hancorn (d 1750)
  m. Martha (d 1777)
  A. Richard Hancorn, later Duppa of Hollingbourne (d 1790)
  m. _ Baas (heiress, " a lady of German extraction")
  B. Baldwin Hancorn, later Duppa of Hollingbourne (d 1798)
  m. (1762) Martha Gutch ("a lady of ancient descent in Cornwall")
  i. Baldwin Duppa Hancorn, later Duppa of Hollingbourne (b 11.1763, d 05.04.1847) had issue
  m. (29.11.1800) Mary Gladwin (d 28.06.1837, dau of Major General Gladwin of Stubbing Court)
  ii. Richard Hancorn (d unm)
  iii. Martha Hancorn
  m. William Higgins of Middlewood, Herefordshire
  a.+ issue - William, Robert, Maryanne
  C. Martha Hancorn

Main source(s): Commoners (vol 4, 'Duppa of Hollingbourne', p483+) with input for the upper section from MGH (NS4 vol 2, 1908, 'Bishop Duppa', p40+) and support for the lower section from BLG1952 ('Duppa De Uphaugh of Hollingbourne')
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