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Families covered: Gernons of Gernon (Garnons of Garnons), Gernons of Malmeshill Gamage, Garnons of Trelough

Descended from Robert de Gernon (a 1086) was ...
William de Gernons of Malmeshill Gamage (a 1351)
1. Roger de Gernons
  Visitation shows the following Richard as son of William (sic, possibly error for Roger as he is shown as having brother also called William who dsp and who may have been the William shown below as the royal chaplain) with both Williams being sons of John son of Roger (brother of Margery) son of John son of Robert son of John son of Walter.
  A. Richard de Gernons
  i. William de Gernons (a 1410)
m. Agnes Greenway (dau/heir of William Greenway (of Stretton Sugwas?))
  a. Richard de Gernons
  m. Joanna Chamberlayne (dau/coheir of William Chamberlayne)
  (1) John Gernons of Malmeshill Gamage
  m. Margaret Gilbert (dau of William Gilbert by Ann Winston of Trewyn)
  (A) Nicholas Gernons of Gernon (Garnons of Garnons), Sheriff of Herefordshire (d 11.12.1608)
  If that date is to be believed, either Nicholas must have been very old when he died or a generation has been omitted.
m. Alice (dau/heir of Watkin ap Harry (son of Milo ap Harry of Bacton))
  (i) John Gernons of Gernon (Garnons of Garnons)
  m. Elizabeth Cole (dau of Stephen Cole)
  (a) Robert Garnons of Garnons (a 1608)
  m. Elizabeth West (dau/coheir of Richard West of Hertfordshire)
  ((1)) Thomas Garnons of Garnons (d c1670)
  m. Elizabeth Dansey (dau of William Dansey of Brinsop)
  ((A)) William Garnons of Mansel Gamage (d unm 1657)
  ((B)) Robert Garnons of London (b c1617, d 1680)
  m. Elizabeth Browning (dau of _ Browning of Yealmpton)
  ((i))+ issue - Robert, Matthew, James
  ((C)) John Garnons of Hereford (b c1622, a 1683)
  m. Dorothy Lewis (dau of Thomas Lewis of Hereford)
((i))+ issue (a 1683) - Thomas (b c1653), Robert (b c1659), Bennet (b c1663), Edward (b c1667), Simon (b c1669)
  ((D)) Thomas Garnons of London (d 1683)
  m1. Dorothy Duppa of Eardisley
  m2. Elinor Rawlins of Cusop
  ((E)) James Garnons of Hereford
  m. _ Lawrence
  ((2)) Catherine Garnons
m. John Duppa of Whitney
  ((3)) Elizabeth Garnons
  (b) Joan Garnons
  m. Philibert Burghill of Marden
  (c) Sarah Garnons
  m. Robert East.
  (d) Alice Gernons possibly of this generation
  m. Rhys Lewis of Gladestry (b by 1532, MP)
  (e)+ other issue - Paul, John, Sibyl, Judith
  (ii) Thomas Gernons (bur 10.02.1608-9)
  (a)+ issue - John, Christopher
  (iii) James Gernons or Garnons of Trelough in Saint Devereux (bur 29.02.1603)
  m. Mary Baskerville (dau/coheir of James Baskerville of Netherwood, widow of John Scudamore of Thruxton)
(a) Roger Garnons of Trelough (d before 07.09.1663)
  m. Anne Masters (dau of Robert Masters of Burghill by Winifed Cornewall of Buckland)
  ((1)) James Garnons of Trelough & Aymestrey (b c1629, d before 19.04.1684)
  m. Mary Palmes (dau of Sir Bryan Palmes of Ashwell)
((A)) William Garnons of Trelough (b c1669, d 20.12.1725)
  m. Anne Nourse (d 25.07.1747, dau of John Nourse of Weston-sub-Pentard, relict of Richard Smyth of the Dyffrin)
  ((i)) William Garnons of Trelough (b 16.02.1710-1, d 15.02.1797)
  m1. Sarah Phelps (dau of Thomas Phelps of Dursley by Mary, dau of John Arundel of Dursley)
  ((a))+ isssue - William (b 08.11.1748, dsp), Thomas (b 23.10.1749, dsp 02.1834), Sarah (b 22.11.1750, d 12.02.1808)
  m2. (12.06.1769) Annabella Hoskyns (d 06.101784, dau of Sir Hungerford Hoskyns of Harewoods, Bart)
  ((d)) Annabella Garnons
  m. Robert Williams of Aberbran
  (((1))) Thomas Williams (a 1872, Dean of Llandaff) had issue
  m. Elizabeth Davies (dau of Richard Davies, archdeacon of Brecon)
  (((2)))+ other issue - Annabella, Cassandra
  ((ii)) Mary Garnons (b 1705)
  m. Philip Nourse of Bristol (grandson of John)
  ((iii)) Lettice Garnons (b 1711-2)
  m. Rev. Richard Gomond of Dippersmore in Kilpeck (son of James)
  ((iv))+ other issue (dvp) - James (d 1711), William (d 1708)
  ((B)) Frances Garnons (b c1664)
  m. Francis Plowden of Lady Horton
  ((C)) Anne Garnons (b c1666)
  m. Francis Du Prat of London
  ((2))+ other issue - Henry, Mary, Frances, Ann, Phillis
  (b) Henry Garnons of Pembridge
  m. (07.09.1633) Anne Hopwood
  ((1)) Thomas Garnons (d infant)
  (iv) Christopher Gernons (bur 24.12.1642, vicar of Eye, 5th son)
  m. (1597) Margaret Cooper of Eye
  (a) John Gernons (d 1666?, vicar of Eye)
  (b) Grace Gernons
  m. Thomas Perks of Leominster
  (v) Andrew Gernons (7th son)
  m. (1583) Alice Garway of Pembridge
  (vi) Joan Gernons
  m1. Thomas Carpenter
  (a) Mary Carpenter mentioned by Visitation but not by Robinson, confused with ## below?
  m. Thomas Webbe
  (b) Jane Carpenter mentioned by Visitation but not by Robinson
  m. Bartholomew Mason
  m2. William Hyde mentioned by Visitation but not by Robinson
  (vii) Elizabeth Gernons
  m. John Hyde
  (viii) Mary Gernons mentioned by Robinson but not by Visitation, confused with ## above?
  m. Thomas Webb
  (ix) Elynor Gernons mentioned by Visitation but not by Robinson
  m. Walter Dryver
  (x)+ other issue - Richard, Ralph
  (B) John Gernons or Garnons
  m. Margery Carwardine (dau/heir of John Carwardine)
(i) William Garnons of Blackmere
  Robinson indicates that William was MP for Hereford in 1508, which date must be wrong! sb 1608? The Harleian editor shows this William as another son of Nicholas Gernon (above) but does so in italics and in brackets, indicating that William is not shown there in the original Visitation record. We follow Robinson in showing him here.
  m. Joan Winston (dau of Walter Winston)
  (a) Mabella Garnons (coheir)
  m. Thomas Clarke (recorder of Hereford)
  ((1)) James Clarke (d 1640)
  m. Mary Palmes (dau of Sir Francis Palmes)
  ((A))+ issue - Thomas (dsp), Sir Clement
  ((2)) Eleanor Clarke
  m. Richard Capell
  ((3))+ other issue - Thomas, John (recorder of Hereford)
  (C) Elizabeth Gernons
  m. John Penbrugge or Pembridge ## possibly here? ##
2. William de Gernons (chaplain to King Edward III who r. 1327-1377)

Main source(s): Robinson (Hereford, Garnons of Garnons and Trelough) with some support from Visitation (Herefordshire, 1569, Gernons)
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