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Families covered: Arden of Cudworth, Arden of Drayton, Arden of Hanwell, Arden of Park Hall, Arden of Radbourn (Rodbourn), Arden of Spratton, Arden of Sulgrave, Arden of Wappenham

BLG1952 does not mention the illustrious Saxon descent reported in the upper section of this page. It comes wholly from Commoners and is shown for its interest value rather than in the belief that it is reliable.
Siward, lord of Wallingford
1. Guy, later Earl of Warwick (d 927)
  m. Felicia (dau of Rohand, Earl of Warwick)
  A. Reynborn, Earl of Warwick
  m. Leonetta (dau of King Athelstan)
  i. Wegent, Earl of Warwick
  a. Ufa, Earl of Warwick (a 974)
  (1) Wolgeat, Earl of Warwick
  Wolgeat's "hereditary successor" was the undermentioned Wigod. We presume that Wigod was his nephew but the connection could have been more distant.
  (2) ??
  (A) Wigod
  m. ?? (sister of Earl Leofrick of Mercia)
  (i) Alwyne - continued below



Aelfwine or Alwyne, Sheriff of Warwickshire (a temp Edward the Confessor who r. 1042-1066) - continued above
1. Thurkill or Turchill of Warwick or of Arden (d c1100)
  m1. ??
  A. Siward de Arden of Cudworth, etc
  m. Cecilia
  i. Hugh de Arden (dsp)
ii. Henry de Arden (a 1166) the first mentioned by Baker (albeit "descended from Turchill de Warwick"), generation omitted by Lipscomb
  m. Oliva
  a. Thomas de Arden of Cudworth, Warwickshire (a 1207)
  Commoners shows this Thomas as the husband of Eustachia de Pinkney. We follow BLG1952 & Baker in inserting the additional generation.
  (1) Thomas de Arden of Cudworth & Spratton (d by 1232)
  m. Eustachia de Pinkney (widow of Savaricus de Malaleone)
  (A) Sir Thomas de Arden of Ratley (Rotlay, Warwickshire) (a 1286)
  b. Herbert de Arden mentioned by Lipscomb
  b. William de Arden of Radbourn, Warwickshire
  Commoners jumps from this William to the Sir John shown below as father of Rose & brother of Sir Henry, adding a note that: "For the intermediate line refer to Dugdale's Warwickshire; in which, however, appear some discrepancies."
  m. Galiena
  (1) Thomas Arden of Drayton, Oxfordshire (a 1204) this line from Baker & Lipscomb, not mentioned by BLG1952, see #1# below
  m. Lucia
  (A) Sir Robert Arden of Drayton, Wappenham & Sudborough (d 1331)
m. Nichola
  (i) Sir Giles Arden of Drayton & Wappenham (a 1356) generation given by Baker, omitted by Lipscomb
  (a) Sir Giles Arden of Drayton & Wappenham
  m. Philippa
  ((1)) Margaret Arden
  m. Sir Lewis Greville (d 28.08.1438)
  (b) Nichola Arden mentioned by Lipscomb, could be a generation earlier
m. Ralph Basset of Weldon
  (B) Sir Thomas Arden of Hanwell (Oxfordshire) & Spratton (a 1287)
  m. Rose Vernon (dau of Ralph Vernon)
  (i) Thomas Arden of Hanwell & Spratton (a 1354)
  m1. Rose
  (a) Rose Arden
  m. Sir John Swinford of Spratton (d 1372)
  m2. Elizabeth (widow of Walter de Rydware)
  (b)+ other issue (dsp) - Thomas, Alan, Alice
  (ii) Ralph Arden (a 1290)
  #2# This is the Ralph who is shown by BLG1952 below.
  (2) William de Arden of Radbourn (Rodbourn)
  m. Avice de Kyngston (dau of Robert de Kyngston)
  (A) William Arden of Rodbourn this line from Baker, not mentioned by BLG1952
  (i) William Arden of Rodbourn (a 1349)
  (a) William Arde, last of Rodbourn (a 1369)
  (B) Sir Thomas de Arden of Hanwell & Cudworth this line from BLG1952, not mentioned by Baker
  m. Riese
  (i) Thomas de Arden of Hanwell & Spratton 
  #1# BLG1952 says of this line only that Thomas's "male line became extinct". Previously, with a clear caveat that it was "highly speculative", we showed this as the Thomas who was father of Sir Robert (m. Nichola) & Sir Thomas of Hanwell. We now accept that Lipscomb is supported by Baker and show that Thomas above.
  (ii) Ralph de Arden (a 1290) see #2# above
  (a) Ralph de Arden of Cudworth
  m. (c1323) Isabel (dau of Anselm de Bromwich)
  ((1)) Sir John de Arden of Cudworth & Pedimore (a 1360, dspm)
((A)) Rose Arden
  m. Thomas Pakeson
  ((2)) Sir Henry de Arden of Sulgrave and Park Hall (d c1400)
  m. Ellen
  ((A)) Sir Ralph Arden of Park Hall (d 1420)
  m. Sybil
  ((i)) Robert Arden of Park Hall, Sheriff of Leicestershire & Warwickshire (b c1412, d 12.08.1452)
  m. Elizabeth Clodshall (dau of Richard Clodshall)
  ((a)) Walter Arden of Park Hall (d 05.08.1502)
  m. (c1457) Eleanor Hampden (dau of John Hampden of Hampden)
  ((B))+ other issue (dsp) - Geoffrey of Wappenham, William of Sulgrave
  iii. Herbert de Arden mentioned by Lipscomb, possibly a generation later
  iii. Letitia de Arden mentioned by Lipscomb, possibly a generation later
m. Geoffrey Savage
  B.+ other issue - Peter (monk), Ralph
  m2. Leverunia, heiress of Kingsbury
  D. Osbert de Arden of Kingsbury
  BLG1952 (Arden) reports that it was Osbert's granddaughter Amice who conveyed Kingsbury into the Bracebridge family but Commoners (vol i, Bracebridge of Atherstone Hall) identifies her as his daughter. As Commoners also provides details of Osbert's son and his daughters, thereby appearing to have investigated the relationships more closely, we follow Commoners.
  i. Osbert de Arden of Kingsbury
  a. Adeliza de Arden (dsp)
  m. Simon de Harcourt
  b. Amabil de Arden
  m. Robert FitzWalter
  ii. Philip de Compton (a 1204, 1235)
  Philip (and Peter) are identified as of this generation by Collins (see the continuation).
  iii. Peter
  iv. Amice de Arden, heiress of Kingsbury
  m. Peter de Bracebridge
2.+ other issue - Gudmund, Chebelbert

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section : Commoners (vol i, 'Arden of Longcroft')
(2) For lower section : BLG1952 ('Arden formerly of Longcroft') with input/support from 'The History and Antiquities of the County of Northampton' (George Baker, vol 1, 1830, 'Arden, Chambre, Maxe and Inguersby', p66+), Commoners (vol i, 'Arden of Longcroft', p636+), Lipscomb (Bucks, vol 1, 'Pedigree of Greville ...', p267)
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