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Families covered: Ingram of Barrowby, Ingram of Irvine, Ingram of Temple Newsom

Henry Ingram of London (d 1612)
m. Anne Galthorpe
1. Sir William Ingram of York (d 24.07.1623)
  m. Catherine Edmonds (dau of John Edmonds of Cambridge)
  A. Sir William Ingram of Little Catall (dsp 1670, 2nd son)
  m. Katharine Greville (dau of Sir Edward Greville)
  B. Arthur Ingram of Knettingley
  m. Katharine Caley (dau of Edward Caley)
  i. William Ingram (d young)
  ii. Arthur Ingram (Groom of the Privy Chamber to King Charles II)
  m. Ellenor Gascoigne (dau/coheir of Henry Gascoigne of Thorp on the Hill)
  a.+ issue - Wiliam, Arthur, Essex
  iii. William Ingram of Thorp on the Hill
  m. Jane Goodrick
  a.+ issue - William, Evereld, Goodricke
  iv. Dorothy Ingram
  m. George Booth
  v. Katharine Ingram
m. William Saville
  vi. Hesse Ingram
  m. P. Wilkinson, Mayor of Hull
  A.+ other issue - Hugh of London, Anne (d unm)
2. (Sir) Arthur Ingram of Temple Newsom, Sheriff of Yorkshire
  m1. Susan Brown (dau of Richard Brown of London)
  A. Sir Arthur Ingram of Temple Newsom, Sheriff of Yorkshire (d 04.07.1655)
m1. (1622) Elizabeth Slingsby (bur 25.05.1647, dau of Sir Henry Slingsby, Bart of Red House)
  i. Thomas Ingram (dsps)
  m. Elizabeth Payler (dau of Watkinson Payler)
  a.+ twins ("dyed with their Mother")
  ii. Henry Ingram of Temple Newsom, 1st Viscount of Irvine (bpt 08.04.1641, bur 13.08.1666)
  m. (06.1661) Essex Montagu (d 10.1667, dau of Edward Montagu, Earl of Manchester, by Essex Cheeke)
  a. Edward Ingram, 2nd Viscount of Irvine (b 1662/3, d 16.09.1688)
  m. (c1686) Elizabeth Sherard (d 01.03.1746/7, dau of Bennet Sherard, 2nd Lord of Leitrim)
(1) Katherine Ingram (b c1686, d 06.11.1688)
  b. Arthur Ingram, 3rd Viscount of Irvine (bpt 25.01.1665/6, d 21.06.1702)
  m. (10.1685) Isabella Machel (b 25.10.1670, d 21.07.1764, dau of John Machel of Hills)
  (1) Edward Machel Ingram, 4th Viscount of Irvine (b 26.12.1686, d unm 07.05.1714)
  (2) Richard Ingram, 5th Viscount of Irvine (b 06.01.1687/8, dsp 10.04.1721)
  m. (14.05.1718) Anne Howard (b before 1696, d 02.12.1764, dau of Charles Howard, 3rd Earl of Carlisle)
  (3) Arthur Ingram, 6th Viscount of Irvine (bpt 21.12.1689, d unm 26.05.1736)
  (4) Henry Ingram, 7th Viscount of Irvine (b 30.04.1691, dsp 04.04.1761)
  m. (before 06.1737) Ann Scarborough (d 20.03.1766, dau of Charles Scarborough of Windsor)
  (5) George Ingram, 8th Viscount of Irvine (bpt 19.11.1694, d unm 14.04.1763, prebendary of Wesminster)
  (6) Charles Ingram (b c1698, d 28.11.1748, General, 7th son)
BE1883 reports that Charles was father of his brother's successor as Viscount but nevertheless (wrongly) identifies him as the 9th Viscount. Accordingly, BE1883 numbers his son as the 10th Viscount.
  m. Elizabeth Scarborough (dau of Charles Scarborough of Windsor)
  (A) Charles Ingram, 9th Viscount of Irvine (b 19.03.1726/7, d 19.06.1778)
  m. (c06.1758) Frances Gibson or Shepherd (b c1734, d 20.11.1807, natural dau of Samuel Shepherd of Exning)
  (i) Isabella Anne Ingram-Sepherd
  m. (1776) Francis Seymour-Conway, 2nd Marquess of Hertford (b 12.02.1743, d 28.06.1822)
  (ii) Frances Ingram-Sepherd (b c1761, d 29.09.1841)
  m. (03.1781) William Gordon (son of Cosmo George, Duke of Gordon)
  (iii) Elizabeth Ingram-Sepherd (d 17.05.1800)
  m. (02.08.1782) Hugo Meynell of Hoar Cross
(iv) Harriet Ingram-Sepherd
  m. (16.09.1789) Henry Hervey Aston of Aston (d 23.12.1798, Colonel)
  (v) Louisa Susan Ingram-Sepherd (b c1766, d 22.11.1857)
  m. (05.06.1787) Sir John Ramsden, Bart of Byrom (bpt 01.12.1755, d 15.07.1839)
  (B) Isabella Ingram
  m. (17.03.1761) Frecheville Ramsden (bpt 11.04.1715, d 24.12.1804, Lt. Governor of Carlisle)
(7)+ other issue - John (b 04.1694, dvp?), Thomas (b 09.02.1697, d 05.1698?), William (b 09.07.1701, a 06.1702?)
  iii. Arthur Ingram of Barrowby (a 1712)
  'Pedigree of Ingram of Rudby and Temple Newsom', a short pedigree in 'The History and Antiquities of Cleveland' (John Walker Orr, 1846, p466+), supports the following but shows this Arthur as son of Sir Arthur (by Catherine Fairfax) son of Hugh of London.
  m. Jane Mallory (dau of Sir John Mallory of Studley)
  a. Thomas Ingram (dvp 19.02.1703)
  m. Frances Nicholson (dau of John Nicholson of York, m2. John Wood)
  (1) Arthur Ingram of Barrowby (d(sp?) 05.1708)
  (2) Thomas Ingram (d young)
(3) Frances Ingram
  m. Sir John Dryden of Canon's Ashby, 7th Bart (dsp 21.03.1770)
  b. Arthur Ingram, later of Barrowby (a 1712)
  m. Elizabeth Barns
  (1) Isabella Ingram (d 12.04.1799)
  m. George Cary (d 11.04.1792, General)
  c. Elizabeth Ingram 
  m. (1709) Anstrupus Danby of Swinton (b 1680)
  d.+ other issue - Mallory (d young), Henry (d young), John (d young), Mary (d unm), Katharine (d unm)
  iv. Elizabeth Ingram (bur 17.09.1661)
  m. (08.04.1641) Robert Rich, 2nd Earl of Holland, 5th Earl of Warwick (b c1620, bur 16.04.1675)
  v. Anne Ingram
  m. Henry Stapylton (dsp 1674, son of Robert of Wighill)
m2. Catherine Fairfax (dau of Thomas Fairfax, Viscount of Emeley)
  BE1883 (Ingram) identifies Catherine as relict of Robert Stapylton and Sir Matthew Boynton and reports that she later married William Wickham. However, this appears to confuse her with her aunt, Catherine (dau of Thomas, 1st Viscount).
  vi. Catherine Ingram (dsp 04.04.1715)
  m. Sir Charles Nevile of Amber (b 1631, dsps 18.11.1692)
  B. John Ingram (dsp)
  m1. Anne Calverley (dau of William Calverley of Eccleshill)
  m2. Dorothy Fairfax (dau of Thomas, Viscount Fairfax)
  C. Elizabeth Ingram
  m. (1624) Sir Simon Bennet, Bart (dsp 21.08.1631)
  m2. Alice Ferrers of London
  D. Sir Thomas Ingram of Sheriff Hutton (d 1671, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster)
  m. Frances Belasyse (dau of Viscount Fauconberg)
  i. Mary Ingram (d infant)
  m3. Mary Grevile (dau of Sir Edward Grevile of Milcote)
  E. Lionel Ingram (d young)
3. Margaret Ingram possiby fits here
  m. Emanuel Cole

Main source(s): 'Ducatus Leodiensis' (Ralph Thoresby, 1715, p230), BE1883 ('Ingram of Irvine') with some support from TCP ('Irvine')
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