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Families covered: Thirlwall of Newbiggin, Thirlwall of Thirwall (Thirlewall of Thirlewall)

William, baron of Thirlwall
1. Bricius de Thirlwall
  A. Thomas de Thirlwall possibly father of ...
  i. John de Thirlwall of Thirlwall possibly father of (or the same person as) ...
  a. John de Thirlwall of Thirlwall (a 1379)
  m. (by 1333) (Christiana) Swinburne (dau of Sir William Swinburne of Capheaton)
  (1) John Thirlwall of Thirwall (a 1369)
m. Christina
  (A) John Thirlwall of Thirwall possibly father of ...
  (i) Rowland Thirlwall of Thirwall (Thirlewall of Thirlewall) (a 1433) the first mentioned by the Visitation
  (a) Richard Thirlwall
  m. Mud Whitfield (dau of John Whitfield of Whitfield)
  ((1)) Lancelot Thirlwall of Thirlwall
  m. Janet Errington (dau/coheir of George Errington of Houghton)
  ((A)) Robert Thirlwall of Thirlwall (a 1542, 1568)
  m. Eleanor Featherstone (dau of Alexander Fetherstone of Fetherstonehalgh)
  ((i)) Lancelot Thirlwall (dvp c12.1582) - continued below
  m. Thomasine Heron (dau of Sir George Heron of Chipchase)
  (2) Philip Thirwall ancestor of families named Philipson
  b. Richard de Thirlwall, Mayor of Berwick (a 1333, d by 1355?)



Lancelot Thirlwall of Thirwall & Newbiggin (dvp c12.1582) - continued above
m. Thomasine Heron (dau (sb sister?) of Sir George Heron of Chipchase)
1. Richard Thirlwall of Thirlwall (d before 14.10.1628)
  m. Frances Carleton (dau of Thomas Carleton of Carleton)
A. Richard Thirlwall of Newbiggin and Cooks House (bur 19.02.1653/4)
  The connection between this Richard and the Richard we show as his father is not certain. He may have been the same person as the Richard shown below as son of Ralph of Over Hall.
  i. John Thirlwall of Newbiggin (bur 30.01.1699/1700)
  m1. Eleanor (a 1686)
  a. William Thirlwall of Newbiggin, Thirlwall & Wardrew (a 1675,1702, d before 11.11.1710)
  m1. (after 21.09.1686) Frances Salkeld (bur 20.12.1696, dau of Sir Francis Salkeld of Whitehall)
  (1) Mary Thirlwall (a 1752, d unm, nun)
  m2. (04.1699) Lucy Warwick (dau of Thomas Warwick of Warwick)
  (2) Eleanor Thirlwall (fdsp 14.12.1777)
  m. (by 1738) Matthew Swinburne (son of Sir William of Capheaton, Bart)
  (3) Cecilia Thirlwall (bur 27.01.1701/2)
  b.+ other issue - John (bur 27.03.1654), John (bur 04.06.1686)
  m2. Mary (bur 21.01.1699/1700)
  ii. Frances Thirlwall possibly of this generation
  m. Gilbert Park of Wharton
2. Robert Thirlwall (dsp before 1608, receiver of Hexham)
m. (01.12.1579) Isabella Errington of Corbridge (m2. George Errington of the Linnell's Mill)
3. Ralph Thirlwall of the Over Hall
  m. Margaret Ridley (dau of John Ridley of Walltown)
  A.+ issue (a 1615) - Lancelot, Richard, Robert
4. William Thirlwall
  m. Elizabeth Swinborne (dau of Thomas Swinborne of Capheaton, widow of William Aynsley of Shaftoe)
A.+ issue (a 1615) - John, Thomas, George, Robert, William
5. George Thirlwall of Rothbury & Harbottle (a 1618)
  m. Margaret Selby (dau of Thomas Selby (of Biddleston?))
  A. Francis Thirlwall (a 1615)
  B. John Thirlwall of Rothbury (bur 25.11.1663)
  m. (c11.1663) Jane Reay
  C. William Thirlwall of Rothbury Hall (a 1615, 1661)
  i. Mary Thirlwall (bur 20.03.1660/1)
6. Mally Thirlwall
  m. Roger Widdrington of Colwell (d 1597-9)
7. Eleanor Thirlwall
  m. Sir Ephraim Widdrington of Ritton
8.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Ursula, Janet

Main source(s): 'History of Northumberland' by Rev. John Hodgson (part 2, vol 3, 1840, 'Haltwhistle Parish - Thirwall Pedigree', p145+), Visitation (George Marshall (1878), Northumberland, 1615, 'Thirlewall') with input/support for the lower section from 'A History of Northumberland' (vol 4, John Crawford Hodgson, 1897, 'Thirlwall of Thirlwall and Newbiggin', p35)
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