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Families covered: Featherstone of Featherstone, Fetherston (ffetherston) of Packwood

See also the family of Fetherstonshaugh of Fetherstonhaugh. We view much of the following as questionable!
William Featherstone of Featherstone
m. _ Dialperita (dau of John Dialperita of Hunslet)
1. Walter Featherstone
  m. _ Scargill (dau of Sir John Scargill)
  A. Richard Featherstone
  m. _ Nevil (dau of Sir Ale.. Nevil of Chevet)
  i. Robert Featherstone
  m. Mary Wentworth (dau of John Wentworth of Empsal)
  a. Richard Featherstone of Featherstone
m. _ Beston
  (1) Robert Featherstone
  m. _ Nopton of Armlay
  (A) John Featherstone 'of Featherstone'
  m. (Elizabeth) Woodrove (b 1345?, dau of Robert Woodrove of Woolley)
  (i) Simon Featherstone (dsp)
  (ii) Isabel Featherstone
  m. Walter Frost
  (B) Elizabeth Featherstone
  (2) Simon Featherstone
  b. John Featherstone of Camsal
  m. _ Boswell (dau of John Boswell of Newhall)
  (1) Simon Featherstone
  B.+ other issue - Elizabeth, Jane
2.+ other issue - William, John



The pedigree in MGH spells the following family's name as "ffetherston". Apart from for the first generation, we use the more modern "Fetherston".
John ffetherston of Packwood (a 1463)
m. Emmotta
1. Thomas Fetherston of Packwood (a 1505)
  m. Margeria
  A. William Fetherston of Packwood (a 1511)
  B. John Fetherston of Packwood (a 1511)
  m. Elizabeth Turner (dau of William Turner by Dionis, dau/heir of John Smith of Haseley)
  i. Thomas Fetherston (dsp)
  ii. William Fetherston of Packwood
  m. Anna Linold of Chadswich (m2. _ Butler of Budbrooke family)
  a. John Fetherston of Packwood
  m. Johana Benett (dau/heir of John BEnett of Rowington)
  (1) John Fetherston of Packwood (a 1637)
  m. Isabella Woodward (dau of John Woodward of Butlers Marston)
  (A) Thomas Fetherston of Packwood (a 1662, 3rd son)
  m. Johanna Woodward (a 1662, dau of Richard Woodward of Dassett Parva)
  (B) Dorothea Fetherston
  m. John Phillipps of Studley
  (C) Mary Fetherston
  m. (1663) Thomas Grove of Rowley
  (D)+ other issue - John (dsp), Stepehen (dsp), William, Isabella
  (2) Francis Fetherston
  m. Sara Abell (dau/heir of _ Abell of Sustock)
  (3) William Fetherston
  m. Johanna Phillips (dau/heir of Thomas Phillips (of Worcestershire?), relict of Edward Phillipps of Studley)
  (4) Thomas Fetherston (bur 21.06.1645)
  m. Elizabeth (dau of Willifield? of Kingsnorton)
  (5) Elizabeth Fetherston
  m. Thomas Harborne of Knolle
  (6) Alice Fetherston
m. Henry Palmer of Kingsnorton
  b. William Fetherston
  c. Briggita Fetherston
  m. John Palmer of Aston Cantlowe
  d. Alicia Fetherston
  m1. Thomas Wheigha of Knoll
  m2. Anthony Palmer of Knoll
  e. Elizabeth Fetherston (bur 02.02.1594/5?) possibly of this generation
  m. William Holbeche of Corleymore (bur 06.05.1583)

Main source(s):
(1) For upper section (first uploaded to a Temporary page on 28.07.12) : Walker's Yorkshire Pedigrees (1942, 'Featherstone of Featherstone and Frost of Ackton'), FMG (Continuation ('Hunter's Pedigrees', 1936), 'Featherstone of Featherstone and Frost of Ackton', p60)
(2) For lower section : MGH (NS1, vol 2 (1876, #XIII, March 1870), 'Geneologia Familie de ffetherstone de Packwood, com. Warr.', p259+)
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