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Families covered: Appleyard of Burstwick Garth, Appleyard of Dunston, Appleyard of Heslington, Appleyard of York

William Appleyard of Norwich
m. Mary mother of Emma, presumed also of ...
1. Nicholas Appleyard
  m. Mary Thornbury (dau/heir of Thomas Thornbury of London)
  Maddison identifies William as "son and heir" but Visitation (Norfolk) shows John as the elder of those sons.
  A/B. William Appleyard 'of Dunston' of Carleton, Norfolk this line followed by Visitation (Norfolk)
m. Elizabeth Parker
  i. Thomas Appleyard of Dunston, Norfolk
  m. Margaret Bedingfield (sister of Philip Bedingfield of Dichingham)
  a. John Alpyard (Appleyard) of Dunston
  m. Elizabeth Cutts (dau/heir of Robert Cutts of Norwich)
  (1) Henry Alpyard (Appleyard)
  (2) Elizabeth Alpyard (Appleyard)
  m. Jeremy Knight of Aspall
  (3) Anne Alpyard (Appleyard)
m1. (Robert) Beddingfield of Dichingham
  m2. Sir Clement Higham of Barrow Hall
  b. Jane Appleyard
  m1. John Methold of Langford (d before 01.11.1552)
  m2. John Hammond of Ellingham-by-Bungay
  ii. Elizabeth Appleyard
  m. (John) Everard of Gellingham
  iii. Ann Appleyard
  m. John Girlinge of Ylkelsall
  iv. Joan Appleyard possibly of this generation
m. Sir Thomas or John Jernegan of Somerley Town (a 1406)
  v.+ other issue - Thomas, John
  B/A. John Appleyard this line followed by Maddison
  i. Edmund Appleyard of Santoft, Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire (a temp Henry VI who r. 1422-1461)
  m. Dionisia Luddington (dau of Peter Luddington)
  a. John Appleyard
  m. _ Bilton
  (1) John Appleyard of Butterwick, Isle of Axholme (a temp Henry VIII who r. 1509-1547)
m. Margaret Sheffield (dau of Speaker Sir Robert Sheffield by Helen, dau/heir of Sir Robert Delves)
  (A) John Appleyard of Heslington, Yorkshire - continued below
  Maddison notes that one folio identifies John's wife as Margaret, dau of _ Fortham of Grimsby, but nevertheless identifies his wife as ...
  m. Grace Pembroke of Grimsby
  (B)+ other issue - Robert (a 25.10.1496), George, Thomas (Abbot of Thornton)
  C.+ other issue - William (2nd), Elizabeth
2. Emma Appleyard
  m. Henry Grey (son of Thomas of Heton, m2. Catherine, sister of Thomas Mowbray, 1st Duke of Norfolk)



John Appleyard of Heslington, Yorkshire - continued above
m. Grace Pembroke of Grimsby
1. Nicholas Appleyard of North Frodingham in Holderness, Yorkshire (a 07.1545)
  Maddison notes that one folio identifies Nicholas's wife as _ Holdenby but nevertheless identifies his wife as ...
  m. Ann Meynell (dau of William Meynell of Heslington)
  A. John Appleyard of Burstwick Garth
  m1. Katherine Flower (dsp, dau of Sir William Flower of Rutland)
  m2. Katherine Norton (dau of John Norton of Acclom, nephew/heir of Sir Sampston Norton)
  i. Thomas Appleyard of Burstwick Garth (Yorkshire) & East Halton (Lincolnshire) (b 12.01.1580-1)
  m1. Anne Legard (dau of Christopher Legard of Barton & East Halton by Anne, sister of Sir Edward Carr of Sleaford, Bart)
m2. Elizabeth Monketon (dau of Marmaduke Monketon of Cavell, widow of George Booth of Killingholme then John Turner of Barton-on-Humber)
  a. John Appleyard of Burstwick Garth (dsp)
  b. Christopher Appleyard of Burstwick Garth
  m. Griseld Overton (dau of John Overton of Easington Hall, m2. Thomas Williamson)
  (1) Johan Appleyard
  m. _ Salmon (Lt. Colonel, Deputy-Governor of Hull)
  (A) Appleyard Salmon
  c. Sir Matthew Appleyard, Governor of Leicester (b c1607, d 20.02.1669-70, MP, youngest son)
  m. Frances Pelham (b c1617, d 29.12.1683, dau of Sir William Pelham of Brocklesby)
  (1) Christopher Appleyard of Burstwick Garth
  (2) Thomas Appleyard (bpt/bur 07.047.1663)
  (3) Matthew Appleyard
  m. (30.05.1682) Jane Ramsden (dau of William Ramsden of Hull by Anne, dau of Thomas Boynton of Rawcliffe)
  (A) Francis Appleyard (bur 18.12.1751, Captain)
  m. (14.01.1719-20) Ann Taylor (dau of William Taylor of Norwood)
  (i) Jane Appleyard (bpt 31.10.1723, d 1793)
m. George Lawrence (d 1802)
  (ii)+ other issue - Matthew (bpt 27.03.1721), Francis (bpt 20.10.1724, dsp), William (bpt 20.10.1725), Thomas (bpt 26.02.1730), Christopher (bpt 30.12.1736) Ramsden (bpt 13.03.1737-8, bur 09.05.1764), Anne (bpt 06.11.1722, bur 08.11.1722), Margaret (bpt 17.03.1728-9)
  (B) Ann Appleyard (bur 15.01.1693)
m. (31.12.1713) John Lambert of Foxholes (a 1736, rector of Leven)
  (C)+ other issue - Matthew (bpt 20.07.1684, d c1714), Christopher (bpt 28.06.1686, d infant?), Christopher (bpt 01.12.1687, bur 15.01.1693), William (bpt 16.10.1693, bur 17.10.1694), Jane (bpt 23.10.1692)
  (4) Anne Appleyard
  m. Bryan Sunderland of Aikton (b c1653, son of Langdale by Elizabeth Thornhill)
  d. Jane Appleyard
  m1. James Ranson of Fitling (Captain
  m2. Mark Flinton of Garton (d 1658)
  e.+ other issue - Thomas (a 1658, dsp, Captain), Robert (d young), Willoughby (Quartermaster), Margaret, Anne, Katherine
  ii. Jane Appleyard
m. Richard (sb Ralph) Fetherstonhaugh of Stanhope
  iii. Katherine Appleyard
  m. Christopher Parkinson of Sleningford
  iv.+ other issue -
  B.+ other issue - Henry of London, Robert, Barbara (d unm)
2. Thomas Appleyard, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of York (d by 1580)
  m. Isabel Sotheby (dau of John Sotheby of Pocklington)
  A. Thomas Appleyard, Sheriff then Lord Mayor of York (d 1600)
  m. Margaret Jackson (dau of George Jackson of Bedale)
  i. Margaret Appleyard
  m1. William Blades of Sutton-in-Holderness (bur 03.03.1591-2)
  m2. (12.02.1592) William Barber
  B. Peter Appleyard (a 1591)
  i. John Appleyard of Heslington
a. Thomas Appleyard of Gray's Inn (dsp)
  C. Anne Appleyard
  m. Uriah Duncalfe of Ottringham
  D. Philippa Appleyard (a 1572)
  m. _ Reed of Hull
  E.+ other issue - Ellen, Jane, Margaret
3. Ursula Appleyard (a 1572)
  m. John Bellew of Lincolnshire
4. Anne Appleyard (a 1572)
  m1. John Lewes (Lewis), Lord Mayor of York
  m2. John Hildyard of Ottringham
5. Jane Appleyard (d before 04.03.1562)
  m. John Goldwell of Burstwick
6. Elizabeth Appleyard (a 1572)
  m1. _ Montford of Yorkshire
  m2. Ralph Headlam
7. Clare Appleyard
  m. Henry Thurscross, Mayor of Hull
8.+ other issue - Silvester (a 1562), Barbara (d unm)

Main source(s): Maddison's Lincolnshire Pedigrees (1903, Appleyard of East Dalton, co. Lincoln, and Burstwick Garth, co. York), Visitation (Norfolk, 1563+1589+1613, Aplyard)
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