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Families covered: Sheffield of Buckingham, Sheffield of Butterwicke, Sheffield of Mulgrave, Sheffield of Normanby

Sir Robert Sheffield (a temp Henry III who r. 1216-1272)
m. Felicia Terneby (heir)
1. Robert Sheffield
  m. Anne Goure (dau of Sir Simon Goure)
  A. Sir Robert Sheffield (a temp Edward I who r. 1272-1307)
  BE1883 mentions Sir Robert and identifies his wife as Genette, heiress of Butterwicke, and then jumps to the Sir Robert who was Speaker of House of Commons. Peck provides the intervening generations (as shown). However, We are not convinced by it, not least because the parents of the Speaker are not as reported by HoP ("Robert Sheffield") and the date for the connection to the/an heiress of Butterwick does appear to be of a later generation. However, there were different estates around Butterwick so it is quite possible that there were members of this family in that area before there was a marriage with a Butterwick heiress. We show the intervening generations reported by Peck but do so in italics to indicate our lack of faith in them and show an incomplete descent as an alternative.
  m. Genette Lownde (dau/coheir of Alexander Lownde of Butterwicke)
  i. Robert Sheffield
  m. Eleanor Burnham (dau of Thomas Burnham)
  a. Robert Sheffield (a 1442, MP)
  m. Catharine Beltoft (dau/coheir of Sir Roger Beltoft)
  (1) Robert Sheffield (a temp Edward IV who r. 1461-1483, MP)
  m. Margaret Staunton (dau of Sir Thomas Staunton of Yorkshire)
  (A) Robert Sheffield 'of Butterwick (in the Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire)'
  m. Isabel Moyne (dau/heir of Sir Ulster Moyne)
  (i) Sir Robert Sheffield of Butterwick (a 1487, Speaker of the House of Commons, recorder of London) - see below
  i. ?? Sheffield
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Sheffield
(1) Thomas Sheffield of Butterwick (Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire)
  (1) Visitation (Walter Metcalfe, Lincolnshire, 1592, Sheffield) starts with a Thomas of Butterwick, shown as father of Robert ("heir, of whom the Lord Sheffield is descended") and John. We presume that the Robert mentioned was the following one.
(2) HoP ("Robert Sheffield") identifies the parents of Speaker Sir Robert as follows but the HoP entry for the Speaker's father has not yet been seen.
  (A) Robert Sheffield of South Cave (Yorkshire) & Butterwick (d 18.08.1502)
  m. Jane Lownde (dau of Alexander Lownde of West Butterwick)
(i) Sir Robert Sheffield of Butterwick (b by 1462, d 02.1518, Speaker of the House of Commons, recorder of London)
  m. Helen Delves (dau of Sir John Delves of Hilderston and/or Doddington)
  (a) Sir Robert Sheffield of Butterwick (d 15.11.1531)
  BE1883 & Peck report only one wife for Sir Robert, Margaret Zouche, but TCP (Sheffield) reports that his 1st wife, mother of Edmund, was ...
  m1. Jane Stanley (dau of George Stanley, Lord Strange)
((1)) Edmund Sheffield, 1st Lord Sheffield of Butterwicke (b 22.11.1521, d 31.07.1549)
  m. (before 31.01.1537/8) Anne Vere (bur 14.02.1571/2, dau of John Vere, 15th Earl of Oxford)
  ((A)) John Sheffield, 2nd Lord (b c1538, d 10.12.1568) - continued below
  m. (c1562) Douglas Howard (b c1545, bur 11.12.1608, dau of William Howard, Lord of Effingham)
((B)) Frances Sheffield
  m. _ Metham
  ((C)) Eleanor Sheffield
  m. Denzill Holles (d 12.04.1590)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Sheffield
  m2. Margaret Zouche (dau of Sir John Zouche of Codnor, m2. ?? Cavendish)
  Probably of this generation, but (if so) by which wife is unknown, were ...
((2)) Elizabeth Sheffield (d 05.1573)
  m. Thomas Monson of South Kelsey
  ((3)) Eleanor Sheffield
  m. James Ducie
  ((4)) Margaret Sheffield
  m. Thomas Watton of Addington
  (b) John Sheffield of Beltoft in Isle of Axholme, Lincolnshire (d 06.11.1526)
  ((1)) Jane Sheffield
m. _ Sleford
  ((2)) Anne Sheffield (bur 27.08.1601)
  m. William Ferne (a 1568, 1585)
  m2. Anne
  (ii) Margaret Sheffield possibly of this generation
  m. (before 1496) John Appleyard of Butterwick
  (B) John Sheffield of Croxby (3rd son) possibly of this generation
  m. Joan Thoresby (d 1530, dau/heir of John Thoresby of Croxby)
  (C) Margaret Sheffield (a 09.1525) possibly of this generation
  m. Hamon Sutton (d 22.12.1501)



John Sheffield, 2nd Lord Sheffield of Butterwicke (b c1538, d 10.2.1568) - continued above
m. (c1562) Douglas Howard (b c1545, bur 11.12.1608, dau of William Howard, Lord of Effingham)
1. Edmund Sheffield, 1st Earl of Mulgrave (b 07.12.1565, d 10.1646)
  m1. (before 13.11.1581) Ursula Tyrwhitt (d before 04.08.1618, dau of Sir Robert Tyrwhitt of Kettleby)
  A. Sir John Sheffield (dvp 12.1614, 2nd son)
  m. Grizel Anderson (dau of Sir Edmund Anderson)
i. Edmund Sheffield, 2nd Earl of Mulgrave (b c12.1611, d 24.08.1658)
  m. (04.1631) Elizabeth Cranfield (b c1608, d 1694/5, dau of Lionel Cranfield, 1st Earl of Middlesex)
  a. John Sheffield, 1st Duke of Normanby, 1st Duke of Buckingham (b 08.09.1647, d 24.02.1720/1)
  m1. (18.03.1685/6, sp) Ursula Stawel (d 13.08.1697, dau of Colonel George Stawel of Cothelstone)
  m2. (12.03.1698/9, sp) Catherine Grevile (d 07.02.1703/4, dau of Fulke Grevile, 5th Lord Brooke)
m3. (16.03.1705/6) Catherine Darnley (b 1682, d 14.03.1743, natural dau of King James II)
  (1) Edmund Sheffield, 2nd Duke of Buckingham & Normanby (b 03.01.1715/6, d unm 30.10.1735, 3rd son)
  (2)+ other issue - John (b 26.09.1710, d 16.12.1710, 'Marquess of Normanby'), Robert (b 11.12.1711, d 01.02.1714/5, 'Marquess of Normanby'), daughter
  p. Mrs Lambert
  (5) Sir Charles Herbert, later Sheffield, 1st Bart of Normanby (d 05.09.1774)
  The following comes from BP1934 (Sheffield).
  m. (25.04.1741) Margaret Diana Sabine (d 06.01.1762, dau of General Joseph Sabine)
(A) Sir John Sheffield, 2nd Bart of Normanby (dsp 12.02.1815)
  m. (03.04.1784) Charlotte Sophia Digby (d 15.12.1835, dau of Hon. William Digby, Dean of Durham)
  (B) Sir Robert Sheffield, 3rd Bart of Normanby (d 26.02.1815, rector of Flixborough, vicar of Burton, 3rd son)
  m1. (1783) Penelope Pitches (d 22.06.1787, dau of Sir Abraham Pitches)
  (i) Sir Robert Sheffield, 4th Bart of Normanby, Sheriff of Lincolnshire (b 25.02.1786, d 08.11.1862) had issue
  m. (08.12.1818) Julia Brigida Newbolt (b c1800, d 28.10.1875, dau of Sir John Newbolt)
  (ii) Penelope Sheffield (d unm 15.11.1808)
m2. (03.12.1796) Sarah Anne Kennett (d 14.09.1858, dau of Rev. Brackly Kennett)
  (iii) Charles Sheffield (b 19.10.1797, d 20.02.1882, rector of Flixborough) had issue
  m. (02.11.1820) Lucy Smelt (d 15.02.1857, dau of Col. Smelt)
  (iv) Agnes Anne Sheffield
  m. (31.08.1824) Henry Lyttleton Neave (dsp 04.08.1873, vicar of Epping)
  (v) Margaret Jane Sheffield (d 25.02.1852)
  m. (24.11.1831) Rose Henry Fuller (commander RN)
  (vi) Mary Emily Sheffield (d 19.01.1872)
  m1. (1820) Samuel Fortnum Fox of Sandford Park
  m2. (1859) Adam Schoales of Southampton
  (vii) Maria Ursula Sheffield
  m. (16.10.1827) Rev. R. Fitzherbert Fuller
  (viii) Charlotte Cecilia Sheffield (d 16.05.1883)
  m1. (15.05.1830) H.H. Jackson of Hartfield
m2. (11.12.1845) Bernard Hale
  (C) Anne Diana Sheffield
  m. Thomas Cox (Lt. General)
  (D)+ other issue (d unm) - Charles (bur 31.05.1790), Alicia Caroline, Sophia Maria
  partner unknown (could be Mrs. Lambert)
  (6) Mary Sheffield (d 26.10.1729)
  m. Arthur Annesley, 4th Lord Altham (b c1689, d 16.11.1727)
  ii. Robert Sheffield probably of this generation
  a. Triphena Sheffield (bur 14.03.1723-4, heir)
  m. John Morgan of Kinsthorpe
  iii. Magdalen Sheffield probably of this generation
  m. (1625) Walter Walsh of Castlehoyle (d 1647)
  iv. Triphena Sheffield probably of this generation
  m. George Verney
B. Sir Edmund Sheffield (3rd son)
  i. Ursula Sheffield apparently of this generation
  m. (29.01.1633-4) Richard Hutton of Poppleton (bpt 05.04.1613, d 08.04.1648)
  C. Margaret Sheffield shown by BP1934 (Grace) to have been sister rather than aunt of 2nd Earl Mulgrave
  m. Walter Walsh of Castle Hoel
  i. Ursula Walsh (2nd dau)
  m. John Bryan of Bawnmore
  a. Elizabeth Bryan
  m. Oliver Grace of Shanganagh (Gracefield) (d 08.06.1708)
  D. Elizabeth Sheffield
  m1. Sir Edward Swift of Rotheram (dsp)
  m2. Sir John Bourchier
  E. Mary Sheffield (bur 04.06.1619)
  m. (1607) Sir Ferdinando Fairfax, 2nd Lord of Cameron (b 29.03.1584, d 13.03.1647-8)
  F. Frances Sheffield
  m. Sir Philip Fairfax
  G. Triphena Sheffield
m. George Verney
  H.+ other issue - Charles (d unm), William, Philip, George, 4 daughters
  m2. (04.03.1618/9) Mariana Irwin (d by 1676, dau of Sir William Irwin or Erwin or Urwyn)
  G. James Sheffield (d 1664)
  The following connection comes from a note in TCB (vol 3, Cambell of Clay Hall).
  m. Jane Cokayne (dau of Sir William Cokayne)
  i. Robert Sheffield of Kensington, Middlesex
  m2. (before 06.1668) Mary Fanshawe (bpt 07.11.1635, bur 01.12.1701, dau of Thomas, 1st Viscount Fanshawe of Dromore (by Elizabeth, dau of Sir William Cokayne, Lord Mayor of London), widow of Sir Thomas Cambell, 1st Bart of Clay Hall)
  P. Margaret Sheffield
  m. Symon Thelwall of Plas-y-Ward
  Q.+ other issue - James (d 1664), Thomas, Robert, Sarah
2. Elizabeth Sheffield (bur 02.04.1601)
  m. Thomas Butler 'the Black Earl', 10th Earl of Ormonde, 3rd Earl of Ossory (b c1532, d 22.11.1614)

Main source(s): BE1883 (Sheffield of Butterwicke, Mulgrave, Normanby, Buckingham) with some input/support for the upper section from 'A Pedigree of the Sheffields, Barons of Butterwick, etc.' in 'A Topographical Account of the Isle of Axholme' (W. Peck, vol 1, 1815, p82), a little input/support for the lower section from TCP ('Sheffield (of Butterwick)'), TCP (Mulgrave), TCP (Buckingham), and other input/support as reported above
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