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Families covered: Pynecombe of Northmolton, Pynecombe (Pincombe) of Southmolton, Pote of Clawton, Pomeroy of Colliton, Pomeroy of St. Columb, Pytches (Pitches) of Streatham, Pownoll of Plymouth

_ Pynecombe of Northmolton (a "beginninge of the raigne of K. Henry 7th")
1. John Pynecombe of Northmolton
  A. Christopher Pynecombe of Southmolton
  i. John Pynecombe
2. John Pynecombe of Southmolton
  A. John Pincomb of Southmolton
i. John Pincomb of Southmolton
  m. Amy Dodridge (dau of Richard Dodrige of Barstaple, sister of Judge Dodridge)
  a. John Pincomb of Southmolton (d before 1657, of the Middle Temple)
  m. Mary Carew (d before 20.06.1671, dau of Sir John Carew of Crowcombe)
  (1) Richard of Poughill, Devon (d before 10.04.1658)
  (2) Mary Pincombe
  m. (04.07.1657) John Tuckfield
(3)+ other issue (a 1671) - Elizabeth, Gertrude
3. Thomas Pynecombe of Filley & East Buckland
  A. William Pynecombe
  m. _ Snowe of Anstey
  i. William Pynecombe of Southmolton & East Buckland (b c1566, d 1625, coroner in Devon)
  m. Temperance Pollard (d before 15.06.1637, dau of Hugh Pollard, son of Robert (brother of Sir Hugh) son of Judge Sir Lewis)
  a. William Pynecombe 'of Southmolton' (b c1607, a 1637)
  m. (c02.1628-9) Bridget Worth (dau of Henry Worth of Washfield)
  (1) William Pincombe (bpt 04.02.1629-30)
  m. Gertrude (bur 08.01.1685-6)
  (A) John Pincombe (bpt 29.01.1672-3, bur 23.04.1676)
  (2)+ other issue (a 1637) - Elizabeth (bpt 17.11.1631), Bridget, Temperance
  b.+ other issue
  ii.+ other issue - John, Richard



John Pote of Clawton, Devon (d 15.04.1552)
1. John Pote of Clawton (b c1502, d 29.05.1554)
  m. _ Upcott of Ogbeare
  A. John Pote of Clawton (b c1538, d 15.03.1587)
  m. Charitie Browne (d 18.07.1628, dau of Thomas Browne of Brownes Illers, sister/iher of Sir Thomas, m2. Richard Blagdon)
  i. Leonard Pote of Clawton (b c1568, d 20.11.1634)
m1. Willmot Gifford (dau of Hugh Gifford of Wey by Jane, sister of Richard Bamfield & aunt of Sir Amias)
  a. John Pote (b c1591, a 1633)
  m. Richard(a) Downe (dau/heir of Thomas Downe of Davidstow)
  (1) John Pote of Clawton (d before 09.12.1691)
  (A) Thomas Pote of Clawton (a 1691)
  (2) Leonard Pote of Gunnacot in Clawton (d 12.03.1688)
  m1. (18.04.1666) Margaret Fortescue (bur 01.02.1676-7, dau of Hugh Fortescue)
  m2. (25.08.1680) Elizabeth Pyne (a 1693, dau of Edward Pyne of East Downe)
  (3) Charita Pole (b c1618, a 1628)
  b.+ other issue - Thomas (b c1596, a 1620), Roger (b c1598, a 1628)
  m2. Lettice Wootton of Ingleborne
  m3. Anne Kemp (dau of Thomas Kemp of Blisland)
  B. Richard Pote (b c1546, a 1620, 3rd son)
  i.+ issue - Richard, Hugo
  C.+ other issue (dsp) - Robert, John



Vivian identifies the Arms of the following family as "Or. a lion rampant Gu. within a bordure of the second". It is almost certainly a branch of the family shown on Pomeroy1.
John Pomeroy of Colliton in Newton Ferrers, Devon
m. _ Strowd of Pardnon
1. Andrew Pomeroy of Colliton
  m. Anne Mathewe (dau of Sir George Mathewe of Wales)
  A. William Pomeroy of Colliton
  m. Mary Bevill (dau of John Bevill of Killgarthe)
  i. Andrew Pomeroy of St. Collomb (Columb), Cornwall (bur 22.11.1639)
  m. Jane Hext (dau/heir of Digorie Hext of Launceston)
  a. Anne Pomeroy
m. (27.10.1628) Peter Jenkyn
  b.+ other issue (a 1620) - William (b c1606), Frances
  ii. John Pomeroy of St. Cleer (d before 12.03.1619 in Ireland)
  iii. Jane Pomeroy (a 1618, bur 26.06.1652)
  m. William Cavill of St. Kew
  B. John Pomeroy
  m. Mary Slaninge (dau of John Slaninge of Plimpton mary)
  C. Edward Pomeroy
  m. Julian Forster
  i. Mathew Pomeroy (bur 31.05.1634)
  D. Wilmot Pomeroy
  m. _ Inkleton
  E. Mary Pomeroy
  m. William Leigh of Leigh
  F. Thomazin Pomeroy
  m. _ Pitford



Sir Abraham Pytches (Pitches) of Streatham, Sheriff of Surrey (b 1719-20, d 10.04.1792)
m. (14.12.1758) Jane Hassel ( d 30.03.1796, dau of Robert Prowse Hassel of Wyrardisbury & Croydon)
1. Jane Pytches (d 19.03.1817)
m. (29.09.1779) William Boyce (b c1742, d 17.12.1808, Lt. Colonel)
  A. Henry Pytches Boyce had issue
  m. (1812) Amelia Sophia (Spencer) (d 30.01.1829, dau of George, 3rd Duke of Marlborough)
2. Peggy Pytches (d 1840)
  m. (1783) George (Coventry), Earl of Coventry (d 1831)
3. Sophia Pytches (d young)
4. Penelope Pytches (b 1753-4, d 22.06.1787)
  m. (1783) Sir Robert Sheffield, 3rd Bart
5. Julia Pytches
  m. Rev. William Jolliffe
6. Amelia Pytches
  m. Sir Edward Banks
  A. Margaret Ellen Banks
  m. Gilbert East Jolliffe (cousin)



Israel Pownoll of Portsmouth then Plymouth (a 1694, master shipwright)
m. Judith
1. Philemon Pownoll of Plymouth (d 23.01.1762)
m. (c11.1728) Sarah Acworth (dau of William Acworth & niece of Sir Jacob Acworth)
  A. Jacob Ackworth Pownoll of Plymouth (d 12.10.1791)
  m. (31.12.1754) Mary Stephens (sister of William Stephens MD)
  i. Mary Pownoll (bpt 29.10.1755)
  m1. John Gennys of Whitleigh Hall (d 1781)
  m2. _ Collins
  ii. Catherine Beatrice Pownoll
  m. (14.05.1787) Thomas Nash of London
  iii.+ other issue (a 1787) - Philemon Devit/Devert (bpt 17.03.1757), Jacob Henry, Edward, Sarah Charlotte Avice, Christiana Sophia
  B. Philemon Pownoll of Sharpham, Devon (d 1780, Captain RN)
  i. Jane Pownoll (d 07.03.1822)
  m. Edmund Bastard of Kitley
  C. Avice Pownoll
  m. (01.10.1757) Philip Justice of the Dockyard, Plymouth
  D. Elizabeth Pownoll (d unm)
  E. Sarah Pownoll (d 08.08.1783)
  m. (1758) Charles Proby (Captain RN, Commissioner of Chatham Dockyard)
2. Israel Pownoll of Woolwich (a 1758, master shipwright)
3. Judith Pownoll
  m. Jacob Puckering

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