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Families covered: Pollard of Barbadoes, Pollard of Castle Pollard, Pollard of Ford Abbey, Pollard of King's Nympton, Pollard of Knowston Beample
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Sir Lewis Pollard of Girleston & King's Nympton (b 1465, a 1515, judge)
m1. Agnes Hext (dau of Thomas Hext or Exte of Kingston)
BLG1952, which mentions only Sir Hugh's marriage to Agnes Hext, reports that Sir Lewis had the following children: Sir Hugh, Sir John, Sir Richard, Sir George, 7 other sons, daughter (m. Sir Hugh Stukely), daughter (m. Sir Hugh Courtenay), Philippa (m. Sir Hugh Paulett), daughter (m. Sir John Crocker), and 7 other daughters. Vivian shows Sir Hugh, Sir Richard, Sir John, Robert, Anthony, Sir George, Anne, Philippa, Jane, Elizabeth & Thomazine all by Agnes Hext plus other issue (not named) by his 2nd wife.
1. Sir Hugh Pollard of King's Nympton (a 1536)
  m1/2. Elizabeth Valletort (dau of John Valletort of St. Lawrence, Clist)
A. Sir Lewis Pollard of King's Nympton (a 1548, recorder of Exeter, Sergeant-at-law)
  m. Joan Prust (dau of Hugh Prust of Thorvey, m2. Sir John Perrott)
  i. Sir Hugh Pollard of King's Nympton (a 1568)
  m1. Dorothy Chichester (dau of Sir John Chichester of Yolston)
  a. Sir Lewis Pollard, 1st Bart of King's Nympton (b c1578, a 1641)
  m. Margaret Berkeley (dau of Sir Henry Berkeley of Bruton by Margaret, dau of William Lygon)
  (1) Sir Hugh Pollard, 2nd Bart of King's Nympton (b c1610, d 27.11.1666)
  m1. Bridget de Vere (dau of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford)
(A) daughter
  m2. (c1650) Mary Stevens (bpt 30.10.1619, d before 11.1666, dau of William Stevens of Great Torrington by Grace, dau of John Huddle of Great Torrington, widow of Henry Rolle of Stevenstone)
  (2) Sir Amyas Pollard, 3rd Bart (b c1617, d unm 1693/bur 07.06.1701)
  partner unknown
  (A) Thomas Pollard (b c1681, dsp 09.12.1710)
  m. (25.06.1702) Sarah Prideaux (dau of Jonathan Prideaux)
  (3) Elizabeth Pollard probably of this generation
  m. Sir John Chichester of Hall (b 10.12.1598, d 1669)
  b. Francis Pollard
  c. William Pollard of Barbadoes (a 1638)
  (1) Hugh Pollard of Barbadoes
  m. (1645) Elizabeth Geoffrey
  (A) George Pollard (b 1646, d 1674)
  m. (1670) Elizabeth (Mrs. Pawton of St. Michael's Parish, Barbadoes)
  (i)+ issue - Sarah (b 1672, d 1673), Elizabeth (b/d 1673)
  (B) John Pollard (b 1649)
  m. (1681) Evelyn (bur 1712)
  (i) John Pollard (d 1725)
  m. (1705) Sarah Barry
  (a) Hugh Pollard (d infant)
  (b) John Pollard (b 1710)
  m. (1755) Elizabeth
  ((1)) John Pollard (b 1757, d 30.11.1810)
  m. (1788) Elizabeth Gittens Branch (d 03.09.1838)
  ((A)) Nathaniel Weekes Pollard (b 24.08.1792, d 07.08.1834) had issue
  m1. (1813) Sarah Alleyne Mansfield (dau of William Mansfield, widow of Henry Bush)
  m2. (1830) Jane Williams Culpepper
  ((B)) Samuel Branch Pollard (b 24.08.1792, bur 1798)
  ((C)) William Branch Pollard (b 15.08.1807, d 09.12.1879) had issue
  m. (26.05.1841) Elizabeth Batty (dau of Richard Batty)
  ((D)) Elizabeth Anne Pollard (b 05.11.1797, d 12.07.1860)
  m. (12.06.1832) George William Wells of Demerara (d 26.03.1866)
  ((2)) Armell Henry Pollard (b 1764)
  m. (1797) Jane Weekes Branc
  ((A))+ issue - Armell Henry (b 1797, d 1798), Elizabeth Frances (b 1798)
  ((3)) Emlyn Pollard
  m. (1776) William Harte
  (c) Thomas Curtys Pollard (b 1718, d 1770)
  m. (1748) Ruth Stearn
  ((1)) Thomas Curtys Pollard (b 1749)
  m. (1772) Mary Ann Henry
  ((2)) Ann Stearn Pollard (b 1751)
  m. (1774) Joseph Mayers
  ((3))+ other issue - Walter (b 1755), Ruth (b 1755), Susannah (d unm 1804)
  (d) Emlyn Pollard
  m. (1735) Thomas Pierce
  (ii)+ other issue - Thomas (bur 1720), Eliza (d unm bur 1720)
  (C) William Pollard
  m. (1683) Mary Falmer
  (i) Geoffrey Pollard
  m. (1704) Ann (d 1722, Mrs Penn)
  (a)+ issue - William (d infant), Geoffrey (bpt 1705)
  (ii) Benjamin Pollard (bur 1738)
  (iii) John Pollard (d 1740)
  m. Mary (bur 1733)
  (a) Thomas Pollard (b 1726, 3rd son)
  m. (1775) Caroline Henrietta (Mrs. Bedford)
  (b)+ other issue - John (b 1720), Richard (b 1720, d 1722), Edward (b 1728, bur 1736), William (d 1755)
  (D) Daniel Pollard
  m. (1693) Zyzima Magnalimore ("a Greek lady")
  (E) Richard Pollard (d 1704)
  m. (c1697) Frances (d 1708)
  (i)+ issue - Richard (b 1698, d unm 1730), Mary (bpt 1699)
  (2) Thomas Pollard (bur 1676, 3rd son)
  m. Phoebe (bur 1702)
(A) Francis Pollard (bur 1700)
  m. (c1695) Eliza (bur 1720) +
  (i) issue - Sarah, Joyce (bur 1698)
  (3)+ other issue - Richard (d unm 1681), James (d 1700)
  d. Susanna Pollard
  m. John Northcote of Upton (d 12.1632)
  e. Anne Pollard
  m. (09.04.1604) James Welsh
  f. Gertrude Pollard
m. (20.06.1616) Gilbert Davie
  g. Margaret Pollard
  m1. _ Whiddon
  m2. (26.12.1609) Robert Dodson of Haye
  m2. Elizabeth Speke (bur 01.04.1628, dau of Sir George Speke, widow of John Chudleigh then Sir John Clifton)
  h.+ other issue - Arthur (a 1622), Hugh (a 1622), Robert (bpt 12.03.1598)
  ii. Lewis Pollard
m. Cecil Chichester (dau of Sir John Chichester, widow of Thomas Hatch)
  a. Hugh Pollard
  iii. Thomasine Pollard
  m. Sir George Carew (dsp)
  iv. Frances Pollard
  m. Sir John Uggan of Pembroke
  v. Susan Pollard
  m1. John Copleston
  m2. Sir Anthony Rouse (d 1622)
  B. Elizabeth Pollard
m1. Richard Bury of Colliton
  m2. Henry Dillon of Chimwell
2. Sir Richard Pollard 'of Ford Abbey' (a 1538) shown as 2nd son by Vivian, 3rd of the sons named by BLG1952
  m. Jacquetta Bury (bur 05.05.1545, dau of John Bury of Colliton)
  Vivian indicates that they had issue but does not name any. Sir Richard was identified in 'A History of Ford Abbey' (reported on a web site) as the Sir Richard who became Sheriff of Devon, acquired Ford Abbey (later sold by his son), and was father of ...
A. Sir John Pollard of Ford Abbey, Dorset (b 1527/8, d 1575, MP)
  B. Joane Pollard (bur 05.11.1585) probably of this generation
  m1. John Sibell of Aynesford (Eynsford)
  m2. (c01.1575) Francis Hart
3. Robert Pollard of Knowston Beample 'of Honiton', Devon (bur 26.09.1576) shown as 4th son by Vivian
  m1. Agnes Chichester (bur 28.07.1541, dau of Richard Chichester of Brightley)
  A. Hugh Pollard of Knowston Beample
  m. Dorothy Dillon (dau of Robert Dillon of Chimwell)
  i. Henry Pollard
  ii. Temperance Pollard
m. William Pincombe
  B. Richard Pollard
  C. Lewes Pollard had issue
  m. (11.12.1575) Jane Samford (dau of Christopher Samford)
  m2. Elizabeth Holbeame (dau of John Holbeame of Devon)
4. Anne Pollard
m. Humphrey Moore of Moorehays (d 1537)
5. Jane (probably not Philippa) Pollard
  m. Sir Hugh Stukely of Uffton (presumed to be Affeton)
  Jane is thought (by some) to have had a son by King Henry VIII whilst married to Sir Hugh. That son, Thomas, is shown on the Stukeley page.
6. daughter
  m. Sir Hugh Courtenay of Powderham
7. Jane or Philippa Pollard
  m. Sir Hugh Paulett of Stamford Peverill
8. Elizabeth Pollard (d 21.05.1531)
  m1. Sir John Crocker of Lineham
  m2. Sir Hugh Trevanion
9.+ other issue see note at top of page
m2. _ Donesford
10. Nicholas Pollard (Captain, to Ireland) probably of this generation, presumed of this marriage
  The following comes from BLG1886 (Pollard-Urquhart of Castle Pollard) which identifies Nicholas as "supposed to have been a younger son of Sir Lewis Pollard, of King's Nympton, co. Devon, Judge of the King's Bench".
  A. Nicholas Pollard of Rathyoung Castle aka Castle Pollard, co. Westmeath (b 1567)
  i. Walter Pollard of Castle Pollard (a 1637)
  m. Ismay Nugent (d 1685, dau of Richard Nugent of Cargeen, she m2. Thomas Nugent of Clonlost)
  a. Walter Pollard of Castle Pollard (d 1718)
m. Elizabeth Dillon (dau of Arthur Dillon of Lismullen)
  (1) Dillon Pollard of Castle Pollard (dsp)
  (2) Letitia Pollard
  m. (1696) Charles Hampson of Schecreevy, later Pollard, Sheriff (d 01.08.1729)
  (A) Dillon Pollard of Castle Pollard
m. (01.09.1734) Anna Maria Naper (dau of James Naper of Loughcrew)
  (i) William Pollard of Castle Pollard (d 1790)
  m1. (07.1763) Isabella Morres (dau of John Morres of Bodentown)
  (a) Dillon Pollard of Castle Pollard (d unm 09.1803)
  (b) John Pollard
  m2. (10.06.1782) Sophia Bull (d 1835, dau of William Bull, sister of Rev. William of Dalkey)
  (c) William Dutton Pollard of Kinturk & Castle Pollard, Sheriff (b 10.10.1789, d 25.09.1839) had issue
  m1. (10.05.1811, sp) Frances Rochfort (dau of Gustave Hume Rochfort of Rochfort)
  m2. (01.09.1814) Louisa Anne Pakenham (dau of Admiral Hon. Sir Thomas Pakenham)
  (d) Sophia Pollard (d 1876)
  m. John Hill Forster of Forest, co. Dublin
  (e) Anna Maria Pollard (d 1868)
  m. Mathias Kenny
11.+ other issue see note at top of page

Main source(s): Visitation (J.L. Vivian (1895), Devon, 1531+1564+1620+additions, Pollard of Way), BLG1952 (Pollard formerly of King's Nympton, in Addendum) with some support from BEB1841 (Pollard of King's Nympton), TCB (vol ii, Pollard of King's Nympton) and input as reported above
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