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Families covered: Sibell of Chimbhams, Sibell (Sybill) of Eynesford (Aynsford), Sibell of Farningham, Sibell of Kingsdown
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John Sibell
m. _ Gill (heir)
1. John Sibell
  m. Margaret Champnes (dau/coheir of William Champnes)
  A. John Sibill of London (d 08-9.1401)
  m. Margaret
  i. Nicholas Sibill in Kent (d before 09.09.1465)
  m. Joane Sommer (heir)
  a. Thomas Sibill or Sibell of Chimham's or Chimbhams in Farningham (d 06.11.1519)
This appears to be the Thomas who, according to BHO (The History and Topographical Survey of Kent, vol 2, Parishes: Farningham), acquired Chimbhams in Farningham, Kent, and died in 1519 and whose "descendant" (in fact, so it appears, his son) Nicholas (died c1547) whose son/heir was Thomas of whom BHO reports: "From this name the manor of Chimbhams went, by a female heir in marriage, to Hide".
  m. Agnes
  (1) Nicholas Sibell of Kingsdown & Chimbhams in Farningham (d c1547)
  (A) Lawncelett Sibell of Kingsdown (d c1554)
  m. ?? (b c1537)
  (i) Anne Sibell (b c1552, a 1595)
  m. John Hope of Eynsford (a 1595)
(B) Thomas Sibell of Chimbhams (d c1553)
  m. Mary Cornwall (dau of Thomas Cornwall of Stebbing)
  (C) Edward Sibell of Sevenoaks (d before 02.04.1592)
  m. Dorothy
  Thanks to a contributor (CV, 09.06.10) for drawing our attention to Archaeologica Cantiana which reports that Edward dsp but adds a note that Philipot suggests that he had a dau/heir who married _ Hide. Visitation (Wiltshire, 1623, Hyde) identifies the wife of Lawrence Hyde of Gussage St. Michaell & Westhatch as Anne, widow of Matthew Colthurst, dau of Nicholas Sibell of Chimbhams. This leaves us uncertain on how that Anne fits into this family. Provisionally we follow Philipot's suggestion and place her here. However, this is speculative.
  (i) Anne Sibell (d before 09.07.1606) see note just above
  m1. Matthew Colthurst of Claverton
  m2. Laurence Hyde of Gussage St. Michael & Westhatch (d 07.06.1590)
(D) Nicholas Sibell (dsp)
  (2) Margaret Sibell
  m. George Sharland
  b. John Sibill of Eynesforde & Gravesend (Kent) & Hocking (Essex) (d 04-5.1502)
  m. Margaret Langley
  (1) Thomas Sibell of Eynsford or Aynsford (bur 04.09.1549)
  m. Isabell Coldall (dau/heir of Robard Coldall or Cowdale by _ Caves or Cares)
(A) John Sibell of Aynesford (Eynsford) (bur 04.11.1574)
  m. Joane Pollard (bur 05.11.1585, dau of Sir Richard Pollard of Foord, m2. Francis Hart)
  (i) William Sibell (bpt 30.07.1564, dvp bur 06.07.1573)
  (ii) Elizabeth Sibell (bpt 02.01.1566)
  m. (1582) Sir Robert Bosville of Eynsford
  (B) Elizabeth Sibell
  m. R. Mericke
  (C)+ other issue - Mary, Jane, Dorothy, Agnes
  c.+ other issue - Nicholas of Chimham's, William
  ii. Thomas Sibill 'of Sandwich' of Bromley, Kent (d before 04.07.1421)
  m. Margaret
  a. Margaret Sibill
  m. Raulfe Bowthe (Booth) of Sunbdrige Manor (d 1485)
  iii. John Sibill or Sybbylle

Main source(s): Archaeologica Cantiana (vol 26, 1904), Visitation (Kent, 1574, Sibill)
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