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Families covered: Gaultier of Angouleme, Gaultier of London, Gennys of Plymouth, Gobion of Gobion, Gobion of Knaptoft

Henry Gaultier of Angouleme
m. Francoise (d before 23.02.1708/9, half-sister of James Guy de Seigno, later in Dublin)
1. James Gaultier of Angouleme, later of London (d before 27.01.1747, Governor of the French Hospital)
  m. Martha Cottilby (dau of Elie Cottilby of Poictiers)
  B. Ann Gaultier (b 28.11.1712, d 01.1737-8)
  m. William Janssen of Hill Street (d 06.06.1768, son of Sir Theodore, Bart, by Williamza, dau of Sir Robert Henley)
  B. Frances Gaultier (b 19.10.1713, d 02.12.1767)
  m. (1746) Samuel Pechell (bpt 16.01.1715-6, dsp 1782, m2. Margaretta Hales)
  C. Catherine Elizabeth Gaultier (b 28.01.1723-4, d before 26.09.1796)
  m1 . Matthew Lobier (d before 22.05.1758)
  m2. Sir John Baptist Zachary Silvestre (b 24.06.1744, d 08.11.1789, m1. Catharine Aletta Everardina D'Aulnis)
  D+ other issue (d young?) - Martha (b 31.10.1714), Marianne (b 25.09.1715), Margaret Marianne (b 12.10.1726)
2. Henry Gaultier, later in London (d before 26.04.1746)
  m. (22.11.1704) Marianne Couvreu (b 25.08.1685, dsp 27.08.1767, dau of Jean Martin Couvreu)
3. Frances Gaultier
  m. Rene de Sauniers de l'Hermitage (d before 02.01.1730)



John Gennys of Plymouth
1. John Gennys of Charles Parish (in Plymouth)
  m. (18.04.1750) Christiana Docton (bpt 1720, bur 28.04.1737, dau of Nicholas Docton of Whitleigh Hall)
  A. John Gennys of Whitleigh Hall (d 1781)
  m. Mary Pownoll (bpt 29.10.1755, dau of Jacob Ackworth Pownoll (by Mary Stephens), m2. ?? Collins)
  i. Mary Gennys (b 1778-9, d 11.04.1824)
  m. (1801) Edmund Henn of Paradise, co. Clare
  B. Christiana Gennys
  m. Robert Fanshawe (b 1739-40, d 04.02.1823, Captain RN, MP)
2. Mary Gennys (d unm c1800)



Hugh Gobion
1. ?? Gobion
  A. Sir Richard Gobion of Gobion in Stapleford, Hertfordshire (a 1154) the first mentioned by Nichols
  i. Sir Anselm Gobion
  a. Hugh Gobion of Knaptoft, Leicestershire (d 1274)
  (1) Richard Gobion of Knaptoft (b c1245, a 1275) generation omitted by Clutterbuck
  (A) Richard Gobion of Knaptoft & Gobion (d 1300)
  m. Margery (a 1312)
  (i) Hawise Gobion, heiress of Gobion
  m. Sir Ralph Boteler of Norbury
  (ii) Elizabeth Gobion, heiress of Knaptoft
  m. Thomas Paynell of Boothby Paynell
  b. Anselm Gobion (a 1235, rector of Knaptoft)

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