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Families covered: Calder of Cawdor (Calder), Calder of Muirtoune

If you search for 'Thane of Cawdor' on the Internet, you will find many articles about William Shakespeare's play about Macbeth who (according to the play) was initially Thane of Glamis then became Thane of Cawdor, murdered King Duncan, and became King of Scotland. Whilst there was indeed a Macbeth who was Mormaer of Moray (which contained Glamis and Cawdor), was probably responsible for the murder of King Duncan, and then ruled Scotland (from 1040 to 1057), the title 'Thane of Cawdor' probably did not exist prior to the 13th century. Thanage in Scotland was a form of feudal lordship whereby the Thane held land from the King directly. The relevant region (within Nairnshire, part of Moray) was originally known as Calder and did not become known as Cawdor until the 13th century. The real 'Thanes of Cawdor', most of whom were Sheriffs and Constables of Nairn, descended from a French / Norman / Flemish knight called ...
Hugh de Candella in Nairn (a 1060)
1. Gilbert de Candella of Calder (a 1104)
A. Alexander de Cadella of Calder (a 1112)
  i. ??
  The next 3 generations are obscure.
  a. ??
  (1) ??
  (A) Donald Calder of Calder, 1st Thane of Cawdor (a 1295) supposed father of ...
  (i) William Calder, 2nd Thane of Cawdor (a 1310)
(a) William Calder, 3rd Thane of Cawdor (a 1372)
  ((1)) Andrew Calder, 4th Thane of Cawdor (d 1405) - continued below --
  (b) Helen Calder
m. Shaw Mackintosh
  Not mentioned by the 'castles' web site identified below but reported by BLG1952 (Mackintosh of Mackintosh) as daughter of the Thane of Cawdor was ...
  (c) Florence Calder possibly of this generation --
m. William Mackintosh, 7th of Mackintosh, 8th of Clan Chattan (d 1386) --
  Mentioned by the 'castles' web site and assumed to be a daughter of the laird of Calder was ...
  (2) Helen de Cadella possibly of this generation --
  m. (1230) Shaw Mackintosh, 4th of Mackintosh (d 1265) --
  b. daughter "daughter of Thane of Calder", possibly of this generation --
m. Muirach, 4th captain of Clan Chattan (d after 1200) --



Andrew Calder, 4th Thane of Cawdor (d 1405) - continued above
1. Donald Calder, 5th Thane of Cawdor (d 1442)
  A. William Calder, 6th Thane of Cawdor (d 1468)
  i. William Calder, 7th Thane of Cawdor (d 1503)
  m1. (1458) Margaret Sutherland (dau of Alexander Sutherland of Dunbeath)
In 1493 William resigned the estates of Cawdor to his son John. When John died with only an infant daughter to succeed him, William tried to have the succession changed in favour of another of his sons but this was refused.
  a. William Calder (vicar of Barevan)
  b. John Calder, 8th Thane of Cawdor (d 12.1494)
  (1) Jonet Calder (d infant)
  (2) Muriel Calder, 9th Thane(ss) of Cawdor (d c1575) --
  Muriel is sometimes reported, eg in TSP (Argyll), as having been born about 13.02.1498. However, if it is true that her father died in 1494 (when she was an infant), such must be incorrect. She was forced by Archibald Campbell, 2nd Earl of Argyll, to marry his son ...
  m. (1510) Sir John Campbell (d 01.05.1546) --
  c. Hugh or Hutcheon Calder, Sheriff of Nairn
  m. ?? Kinnaird (daughter of laird of Culbin)
  (1) Muriel Calder
  m. John Bayne (burgess of Elgin)
  (2) Janet Calder
  m. _ Morrison (burgess of Nairn)
  (3)+ 3 daughters
  d. Andrew Calder
  e. Alexander Calder of Clunas had issue
  m. (06.05.1515) Elizabeth Rose
f. Marjory Calder
  m. (c1480) Alexander Fraser of Philorth
  g. Marion Calder
  m. (1483) Hugh (Hutcheon) Allanson MacIntosh
  h. Margaret Calder
  m. William Dallas, younger of Bathgate
  m2. Jane Keith (dau of Keith of Inverugie, widow of Alan Kinnaird of Culbin)
  ii. Margaret Calder identified in Munro records
  m. John Munro, 11th of Foulis or Fowlis
  B. Hugh Calder
  m. Elizabeth Gordon
  C. Robert Calder of Asswanly (a 1440)
  The 'castles' web site (identified below) reports that there has been confusion about the ancestry of the Calders of Muirstone and confirms that it was this Robert who was progenitor of that family rather than his elder brother Hugh. That web site then reports most of the following descent which is reported by BP1870 (Calder of Muirtoune).
  i. son
  ii. James Calder in Elgin
  a. ?? Calder at Elgin
BP1870 starts with Robert of Asswanle whose second son James moved to Elgin. It shows the following Thomas as son of that James whom it identifies as being alive in 1555 which would contradict the 'castles' web site and suggest that the above was missing out more than one generation. Noting that the phrasing of the 'castles' web site could be interpreted as either supporting that Thomas was son of James or suggesting an intervening generation, we show an intervening generation on the grounds that the dates make this look likely but note that the conflict between the two sources produces some uncertainty.
  (1) Thomas Calder of Sheriffiniln, Provost of Elgin (a 1665)
  (A) Sir James Calder, 1st Bart of Muirtoune
  m. (1673) Grizzel Innes (b 20.07.1654, dau of Sir Robert Innes, Bart of Innes)
  (i) Sir Thomas Calder, 2nd Bart of Muirtoune (b 1662)
  m. (1711) Christian Scott (dau of Sir John Scott, Bart of Ancrum)
  (a) Sir James Calder, 3rd Bart of Muirtoune
  m. Alice Hughes (dau of Admiral Robert Hughes)
((1)) Sir Henry Calder, 4th Bart of Muirtoune (d 1792, Major General)
  m1. (sp?) _ Earle of Beeston
  m2. Louisa Osborne (dau of Admiral Osborne)
  ((A)) Sir Henry Roddam Calder, 5th Bart of Muirtoune (b 1790, d 13.08.1868) had issue
  m. (03.08.1819) Frances Selina Pery (d 11.06.1855, dau of Edmond Henry Pery, 1st Earl of Limerick)
  ((2)) Sir Robert Calder, Bart (b 02.07.1745, dsp 31.08.1818, Admiral)
  m. Amelia Mitchell (dau of John Mitchell of Bayfield)
  ((3)) Alithea Calder
  m. (Robert) Roddam of Roddam (Admiral)
  (ii) Elizabeth Calder (d 31.03.1728)
  m. (1704) Hugh Rose, 15th of Kilravock, Sheriff of Ross (b 01.1663, d 23.01.1732)
  (ii) Margaret Calder probably of this generation
  m1. Alexander Dunbar of Westfield
  m2. (1707) Roderick (Ruairi Mor) Mackenzie of Redcastle (d 29.03.1751)
  D. Alexander Calder had issue in France
  E. daughter
  m. John Hay of Lockloy

Main source(s): www.castles.org/Chatelaine/CALDER.HTM with input from BP1870 (Calder of Muirtoune) as reported above
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