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Families covered: Carruthers of Mouswald

BLG1886 (Carruthers of Dormont) reports that the name, which is Gaelic, was Ruther in the reign of David I (who r. 1124-1153). Various web sites show the derivation as from Rydderch. The prefix Car came from the word 'caer' which means fort.
William de Carruthers
1. ?? de Carruthers
  A. John de Carruthers (a 1320)
i. Thomas Carruthers, 1st of Mouswald (a 1333)
  m. Joan (dau of Robert de Applenden or Applyden)
  The jennahawk web site shows Thomas as father of William and Sir Nigel Carruthers with William as father of John. However, BLG1952 identifies his successor William as Thomas's brother and John & Sir Nigel as brothers of both.
  ii. William Carruthers, 2nd of Mouswald (a 1349)
  a. Robert Carruthers, 3rd of Mouswald (a 1361)
  (1) Simon Carruthers, 4th of Mouswald
  (A) Andrew Carruthers, 5th of Mouswald (d before 09.1438)
  m. Elizabeth Dinwoodie
(i) John Carruthers, 6th of Mouswald (d c1454, captain of Lochmaben Castle)
  (a) Archibald Carruthers, 7th of Mouswald (d 1484) - continued below
  m1. ?? Johnstone (dau of John Johnstone of that ilk)
  m2. Marion Scott
  (b)+ other issue - Sir Simon, James, John
  (ii) Simon Carruthers of Searigg
  (a) Henry Carruthers
  (B)+ other issue - Simon, Nigel
  iii. John Carruthers (a 1349) probably father or uncle of ...
  a. Roger Carruthers, 1st of Holmains (d before 1425-6) --
  iv. Sir Nigel Carruthers (d Neville's Cross (Durham) 17.10.1340, Chamberlain to the Regent)
  B. Simon de Carruthers (a 1296, parson of Middlebie)



Archibald Carruthers, 7th of Mouswald (d 1484) - continued above
m1. ?? Johnstone (dau of John Johnstone of that ilk)
m2. Marion Scott
Not known which wife was mother of ...
1. Sir Simon Carruthers, 8th of Mouswald (d 1504)
  m1. Isabella Scott (dau of David Scott of Buccleuch)
  m2. ?? Douglas (dau of ?? Douglas of Drumlanrig)
Not known which wife was mother of ...
  A. Simon Carruthers, 9th of Mouswald (b c1491, d 04.1531)
  m. (1516) Katherine Carlile (dau of William Carlile, Lord)
  i. Simon Carruthers, 10th of Mouswald (b 1517, d 07.1548)
  m1. (1538) Agnes Murray (dau of Cuthbert Murray of Cockpool)
  a. Janet Carruthers
  m. (c1560) Thomas Rorison or Roreson of Bardannoch
  b. Marion Carruthers (b 30.11.1541, d 1564-8)
  m2. (1544) Marion Johnstone (d 25.09.1570, sister of John Johnstone of that ilk)
  B. Archibald Carruthers in Hetlandhill
  C. Ellen Carruthers
  m. (17.02.1502) Adam Carlyle (son of Adam of Brydekirk)
2. William Carruthers

Main source(s): http://members.cox.net/jennahawk/carruthers.html with a little support from BLG1952 (Carruthers of Dormont)
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