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Families covered: Murray of Annandale, Murray of Broughton, Murray of Cockpool, Murray of Drumstinchall, Murray of Ryvel (Ryvale)

Cuthbert Murray of Cockpool and Ryvel (Ryvale) (d 1493)
m. (before 1460) Marjory or Mariote Menzies (possibly dau of Menzies of Weem?)
1. Sir John Murray of Cockpool, Ryvel, etc. (d c1527)
  m. ??
A. Cuthbert Murray of Cockpool, Ryvel, etc. (d before 16.01.1541)
  m. Janet Jardine (d 01.1541, m2. John Carruthers of Holmains)
  i. Sir Charles Murray of Cockpool, Ryvel, etc. (b 1528, d 22.05.1605)
  m. (after 28.01.1547-8) Margaret Somerville (dau of Hugh, Lord Somerville)
  a. Sir James Murray of Cockpool, Ryvel, etc. (2nd son)
  m. Janet Douglas (dau of Sir William Douglas of Hawick) wife of Sir James, presumed mother of ...
  (1) Margaret Murray probably of this generation
  m. (1622) Sir Robert Grierson of Lag (d 1654)
(2) Elizabeth Murray probably of this generation
  m. John Grierson of Capenoch (brother of Sir Robert of Lag)
  (3) daughter
  partner(s) unknown
  (4)+ other issue - Janet, James
  b. Sir George Murray (4th son?)
  partner unknown
  (1) Janet Murray
  m. Andrew Murray of Murraythwaite
  c. Sir David Murray of Clonyaird (d 16.08.1613)
  m. Marion Maclellan (who m2. John Reddik of Dalbeatie)
  partner unknown
  (1) Charles Murray
  d. Charles Murray (d 01.11.1605)
  m. Giles
  (1) Agnes Murray
  m. _ Lindsay of Rascarroll
  (A) Henry Lindsay
  m. Bessie Geddes
  (i) Marion Lindsay
  m. Robert Butterwell of Coalfield
(a) George Butterwell
  (ii) Agnes Lindsay
  m. Robert Maxwell of Woodhead
  partner unknown
(2) Margaret Murray
  e. Sir Richard Murray, Bart of Cockpool (dsp 1636)
  f. John Murray of Lochmaben, 1st Earl of Annandale (d 09.1640)
  m. Eliza Shaw (dau of John Shaw of Boich of family of Sauchie)
  (1) James Murray, 2nd Earl of Annandale, 3rd Viscount Stormont (dsp 28.12.1658)
  By special entail, James inherited the title of Viscount Stormont from Sir Mungo Murray of Drumcairn. On his death it passed to David Murray, Lord Balvaird.
  m. Jean Carnegie (d 03.1671, dau of James Carnegie, 2nd Earl of Southesk)
(2) Sophie Murray
  partner unknown
  (3) Marie Murray
  g. Nichola Murray
  m. Robert Maxwell of Crustane and Kirkhouse (d 1583)
  h. Margaret
  m. Robert Macbrair of Almagill
i.+ other issue - Cuthbert (dvp before 08.05.1577), Adam (a 10.1577, vicar of Troqueer), Robert (vicar of Anwoth), Archibald
  ii. Agnes Murray
  m. (1538) Simon Carruthers of Mouswald
  iii. Margaret Murray
  m. (11.1547, div 07.05.1565) Herbert Irving
  B. Patrick Murray
  m. Janet Campbell (relict of James Maitland of Auchengassell)
  C. Blanche Murray
  m. John Carruthers of Holmains (d 19.08.1580)
  D. Elizabeth Murray
  m1. Robert Crichton, Lord of Sanquhar (d before 16.10.1520)
  m2. (before 07.1527) Herbert Maxwell
  E. Agnes Murray (a 1560) --
  m1. Ninian Maculloch of Cardoness
  m2. James Kennedy of Blairquhan --
  partner unknown
  F. David Murray of Drumstinchall (a 1526) possibly father of ...
  i. ?? Murray
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  a. ?? Murray
  (1) John Murray of Drumstinchall (a 1618)
  (A) ?? Murray
  (i) Adam Murray of Drumstinchall (a 1662)
  (a) ?? Murray
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  ((1)) ?? Murray
((A)) Alexander Murray, last of Drumstinchall (a c1750)
2. Mungo Murray of Broughton
  A. ?? Murray
  Uncertain on number of intervening generations.
  i. ?? Murray
  a. David Murray of Broughton (d c1602)
(1) George Murray of Broughton
  m. (10.1583) Isabel Vans (dau of Sir Patrick Vans of Barnbarroch)
  (A) ?? Murray possibly John Murray, father of Isobel & Marian
  (i) Richard Murray of Broughton, Cally and Killybegs (a 1678, MP)
  m. Anna Lennox (dau of Alexander Lennox of Cally)
  (a) John Murray of Broughton (MP)
(b) Alexander Murray of Broughton (MP)
  m. Euphemia Stewart (dau of Earl of Galloway)
  ((1)) James Murray of Broughton (d 30.04.1799, MP)
  m(1). (12.04.1752) Catherine Stewart (dau of 7th Earl of Galloway)
  ((A)) daughter (dsp 1777)
TSP reports that James had only 1 daughter by Catherine Stewart but the dates suggest that the following Ann was also his daughter, so we presume that he married twice.
  m2. ??
  ((B)) Ann Murray (d 25.10.1807) probably of this generation
  m. William Stewart of Shambellie (b 12.01.1750, d 19.01.1844)
  ((2)) ?? Murray presumed connection
  ((A)) Alexander Murray of Broughton (dsp 15.07.1845, MP)
  m. (18.07.1816) Anne Bingham (d 28.10.1850, dau of Richard Bingham, 2nd Earl of Lucan)
  (ii) Isobel Murray possibly of this generation
  m. Anthony Stewart of Balsmith
  (iii) Marian Murray possibly of this generation
  m. Alexander Conyngham of Mount Charles (d 03.09.1660, Dean of Raphoe)
3. Esota Murray (a 12.1536)
  m. Herbert Corry, younger of Newbie
4. Marion Murray
  m. (div) Thomas Kirkpatrick of Closeburn
5.+ other issue - Charles, Cuthbert (d before 1521), Gavin, George, Elizabeth

Main source(s): TSP (vol I, Murray, Earl of Annandale)
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