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Families covered: Vaus (Vans) of Barnbarroch, Vaux of Dirleton

Probably connected to the family of de Vaux or de Vallibus dealt with in 'Vaux1' was ...
?? de Vaux (to Scotland temp King David who r. 1124-1153)
1. William de Vaux of Dirleton (a 1214)
  A. John de Vaux of Dirleton
  i. Alexander de Vaux of Dirleton
  a. John de Vaux of Dirleton
  (1) William de Vaux of Dirleton (d 1392)
  m. Catherine Douglas (possibly dau of Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas)
  (A) William de Vaux (dvp)
  (i) daughter --
  m. John de Halyburton (d Nisbet 08.1355) --
  Possibly also a son of William was ...
  (B) John de Vaux or Vaus of Barnbarroch (a 1384) - continued below



John de Vaux or Vaus of Barnbarroch (a 1384) - continued above
1. John Vaus of Barnbarroch (d before 1456)
  The Vans site suggests that John's wife, Elizabeth Kennedy, was daughter of the Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure who became the 1st Lord Kennedy. Having regard to the dates, we suggest that her father was the Gilbert of Dunure who was grandfather of the 1st Lord.
  m. Elizabeth Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy of Dunure)
A. Robert Vaus of Barnbarroch (d after 06.03.1459)
  m. Euphemia Graham (dau of Malise Graham, 1st Earl of Menteith)
  i. Blaise Vaus of Barnbarroch (d before 26.02.1482)
  m. Elizabeth Shaw (dau of Sir John Shaw of Haillie)
a. Patrick Vaus of Barnbarroch (d 1528)
  m. Margaret Kennedy (dau of 2nd Lord Kennedy)
  (1) John Vaus of Barnbarroch (d Pinkie 1547)
  m. Janet McCulloch (dau of Sir Simon McCulloch of Myrtoun)
  (A) Alexander Vaus of Barnbarroch (d 1568)
  m1. Janet Kennedy (dau of an Earl of Cassillis)
  (i) Helen Vaus (b 1557, d c1597)
  m. Alexander McKie of Whitehills
  m2. (sp) Euphemia Dunbar (dau of Sir John Dunbar of Mochrum)
(B) Sir Patrick Vaus or Vans of Barnbarroch (d 22.12.1597)
  Sir Patrick is the undoubted ancestor of all those descended from the Ulster branch of this family, including many who took the name Vance.
  m1. Elizabeth Kennedy (dau of Sir Hew Kennedy of Girvan Mains)
  (i) Isobell Vans
  m. (10.1583) George Murray of Broughton
(ii) Margaret Vans
  m. (1568) John Dunbar in Orchardton
  (iii) Janet Vans
  m. (11.1584) William Adair of Mulhil and Genoch ## see here ##
  (iv) Grissell Vans (b 1563)
  m1. (c10.1578) John Kennedy of Barwhanny
  m2. (by 1594) John McDouall of Logan (d 1618)
  m2. (04.1573/4) Catherine Kennedy (dau of Gilbert Kennedy, 3rd Earl of Cassilis)
(v) Sir John Vans of Barnbarroch (b c1574, d 06.1642)
  m. Margaret McDowall (dau of Uchtred McDowall of Garthland)
  (vi) Patrick Vans of Lybrack (b c1576, d 1637)
  m. Margaret McLellan (dau of Sir Thomas McLellan of Bomby)
  (a) ? John Vans (rector of Kilmacrenan) had issue
  (b) Margaret Vans
m. William McLellan of Colin
  (vii) Robert Vans of Campford (d c1656) had issue
  m. Rosina Agnew (d before 1649, dau of Sir Patrick Agnew, 1st Bart of Lochnaw)
  (viii) Alexander Vans (a 1626)
  (ix) Eupheme Vans
  m. Alexander Baillie
(x) Elizabeth Vans
  m. John Shaw of Sornbeg
  (xi) Catherine Vans (a 1655)
  m. William Houston
  (xii) Jean Vans
  m. William or John Gordon of Craichlaw
  (xiii) Florence Vans
  m. Homer Maxwell of Carnsalloch
  (xiv) Mary or Margaret Vans
  m. John McDowall of Freugh
  partner unknown
  (xv) John Vans in Capenach (d after 1629)
  (2) Alexander Vaus
(3) Margaret Vaus
  m. Sir Patrick Dunbar of Clugston
  b. George Vaus, Bishop of Whithorn
  c. Ninian Vaus
  (1) John Vaus
  d. Margaret Vaus
  m. Thomas Ahannay of Capenoch
  ii. daughter
  m. Uchtred MacDowall of Garthland (d c1470)
  iii. daughter
  m. William Adair of Kinhilt
  iv. Mariotta Vaus
  m. (1469) Quentin Agnew of Lochnaw (d 1494)
  v. Margaret Vaus
  m. Hugh Campbell of Corsewall
  vi.+ other issue - Thomas (ambassador), George (d 1508, Bishop of Galloway), Patrick (prior of Whithorn), William or Alexander, John
  B.+ other issue - John of Lochslin, James

Main source(s): the Vans Family Archive at http://homepages.rootsweb.com/~vfarch/ (with the kind permission of James Vans of Barnbarroch)
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